Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Cody!!!

You are my chubby gray snuggle bug, my fearless, food-crazed, fun feline!! You patiently put up with your “ Sheltie brother” Dakota, allowing him to sniff you in places no respectable cat should be sniffed, you are his playmate and nemesis all rolled into one!! I love how you watch his antics with an expression of feline superiority on your face, a look of “what’s up with this guy?” You are a firm believer of “dogs drool, cats rule!!”

You march to your own drummer, the word “no” virtually means nothing to you, if you want it you are going to get it, no ifs ands and buts about it!

From the time you were a tiny kit you just couldn’t get close enough pushing your tiny little body into my neck, my own furry little boa! You don’t realize that now you are 13lbs….you STILL have to get just as close as you possibly can and I love it.

You are our little congenial cat, all who enter our home you think are here for YOU!

Don’t change dear Cody, your Dad, Dakota and I love you more than you can imagine!!

Have a happy, happy, kitty treat filled, toy mouse chasing, Sheltie teasing, sun lazing, fun filled birthday!!!!!


  1. Very cute and loving tribute to your cat! I have an unrelated question-A friend of mine just lost her beloved cat of 13 years and is considering adopting a new cat. She's looking to adopt a young declawed cat, because that was what she had before and she doesn't want her new furniture destroyed. There is currently a very small selection of already declawed homeless cats. Is it hard to train a cat not to scratch on furniture? Or is getting an already declawed cat the way to go?

  2. Hi and thanks so much for commenting!
    I am so sorry for your friend's loss of her 13 yr old cat, I know how hard that is because I lost my 18 yr old almost 3 yrs ago.

    I am sure if your friend contacts her local humane society or various pet adoption associations she can find a cat who is declawed. I doubt she will find a kitten but I would bet she could find one a year old or older....cats live long lives so anything under age 7 would be considered "young" in my book.

    Personally I am against declawing.....and most vets are as well. Neither of my cats have had a significant scratching problem.

    I did a blog entitled "Cat Scratch Fever" which should answer many of yours and your friend's questions. Refer to the blog listings next to the blog you just read and you should be able to find it. If not let me I said it is unnatural for a cat to be declawed and places it in enormous danger if it should ever get out.

    Please let me know if you find my older blog to be helpful or if you cannot locate it.

    Thanks so very much again!

  3. Dearest lady of the cat chats, congrats on your beautiful kitty, what a great pic!! Hope you enjoy many happy years together!! -Ms. Z.

  4. I read "Cat Scratch Fever" and it did answer my questions. Unfortunately my friend is not quite the "animal person" I am and will only consider a declawed cat. Her previous cat came declawed and that's all she wants again. She does know that declawing is not considered to be in the cat's best interest, but is willing to take her chances at a shelter and has been visiting them regularly.
    Thank you for directing me to your previous post.

  5. "Ms. Z" thank you! It is an old pic but thanks just the same!

  6. "Anonymous" I completely understand. There are some people who are just adamant about having a declawed cat. I am certain your friend will have luck visiting the shelters....also...there is Craig's List, many pet stores (Petco and Petsmart as examples) that have "adoption days" and have cats that are older who may be declawed as well.
    In this economy unfortunately I have heard of many instances of people not being financially able to keep their pets and are forced to give them up so you never know.
    I hope you will continue to read my blog and please direct your cat loving friend to it as well!
    If either of you have any further questions I am more than willing to answer them!!! (also ideas for future blogs are more than welcome!) All the best to you both! Keep me posted as to what happens! :)