Friday, April 9, 2010

Feline Fun Facts

Happy Friday All!!

Here are some interesting cat facts that I found for this week:

"A Cat's brain is more similar to a human's brain than that of a dog"
-Maybe those who are so staunchly anti-cat feel intimidated?
-I am thinking that this is why cats seem so much more discriminating than dogs
-wonder if this is where the phrase "you are being "catty" comes from? You never hear anyone say you are being "doggie"!!

"A Cat will almost never meow at another Cat. Cats use this sound for humans"
-Cats communicate when they are hungry, they greet us with a meow and  even seem to have a "questioning" tone....we will find out more about what these "meows" mean in a future blog.

"A Cat can sprint at about 31 miles per hour"
-I remember witnessing this myself for the first time when I was taking my first cat (Bobo) for a walk on his leash. (yes, on a leash!) We had ventured to another part of the apartment complex that we lived in that he was unfamiliar with.  He decided he had had enough of our "walk" and began dragging me to more familiar territory. I lost hold of the leash and witnessed him speeding  with the acceleration of a Puma or Cheetah in the wild back to our front door. We often forget that our cats have inherited fleetness of foot from their feline ancestors in the wild.

Be sure to check back next Friday for more Feline Fun Facts!

Have a "Purrrrrrrfect" Weekend!!!


  1. love it!!! especially the brain part, I'm convinced they use 100% of their grey matter to foil us at every turn :) Ms Z.

  2. Very interesting facts! Just think about being "catty" though. It's not a compliment, even if human and cat brains do have some similarities. Then again being called a b**ch is even worse!

  3. "Anonymous" I agree completely with you and thought about the word "catty" in more depth after I posted the I guess humans and cats are able to be more petty and back-biting than dogs!!! And yes about the "B" word!