Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why Do Cats Gravitate To Those Who Don't Want Them Near?

We all know someone who is allergic to cats or just doesn't care for them and sure enough when the person visits your home who does the cat go to? B-I-N-G-O........the one or two people in the room that frankly wish the cat would have nothing to do with them.

In the case of my current cat, Cody, this really isn't true. Cody is a "people" cat. He thinks that everyone who enters our home is there to see HIM. He is curious, social, loving and  brave and will proudly march into the room and greet whomever has just entered. He doesn't seem to have the internal radar that most cats have of scoping out the person who doesn't want him near them, he goes to those who love cats as well as those who are on Team Dog.

Most cats will however go to individuals who could care less about them. Why? When I researched the subject I found that most cats are uncomfortable being stared at, the more people in a room who are staring at him the more vulnerable and uncomfortable the cat becomes. As a means of keeping himself safe the cat will gravitate to the one individual (or individuals) who are not paying attention to him, that becomes a respite from those who are pawing all over him.

So the next time you have friends over who are allergic to cats or just don't like them, encourage them to pretend that they do, it is almost a sure-fire guarantee the cat will then choose to have nothing to do with them....unless of course you come to our home and meet Cody!


  1. That is so interesting! I always wondered about that! I used to be the allergic person in the room that the cat always gravitated to. Fortunately in recent years I rarely have had an allergic reaction and appreciate any attention the cat deems to give me!

  2. This is also true in humans as well as cats... think about it.

    if there where aliens looking down at us they would be surprised to see that most cats on earth are not easily angered over a loss of food or dirty litter box's.

    also here is a special treat for all the fish loving cats out there...

    Once considered an imported delicacy, sardines now have a humble reputation. They aren’t one species of fish. Instead, sardines are any of dozens of small, oily, cold-water fish that are part of the herring family that are sold in tightly packed cans.

  3. Doesn't that go with all animals: Jeff - http://www.cat-toure.com

  4. Jeff you are probably correct but I haven't witnessed it as much with dogs as I have with cats. Cats seem to do it allll the time!
    Thanks for leaving a comment!
    I checked out your website and LOVE IT!!
    I am also following you on Twitter and Facebook.....pass my blog info on to the cat lovers that you know!

  5. Anonymous, I am sure the cats that "give you attention" love the fact that you seem to be tickled to receive their attention!