Saturday, April 17, 2010

Zack's "Precious" Message....

It is hard enough to lose a pet when it passes of old age, it is another thing entirely to have your pet die suddenly at the still vital age of 7, which is how old Zack Flewelling's cat "Precious" was when it died suddenly just a few weeks ago.

Zack Flewelling, age 12 of Clarkston, possesses caring and sensitivity at his young age that many much older than he will ever attain.

Back track to approx. April 11thth when Zack's Dad Jerry was relaxing at home while his wife (Jennifer) and kids ran to the store.  He noticed Precious meowing more than usual, not in a "feed me" kind of way, it was more like a "low growling". When Jerry went to scoop her up "she was like water, there was nothing to her, she was totally limp and very cold but aware."

They rushed her to the vet where they discovered that Precious was in renal failure. The vet also wanted to know if Precious had gotten into any rat poisoning or "was there anything else she could have ingested"?

When the doctor left the room Jennifer's eyes spotted a bulletin board with a sign that said "DANGER! Easter Lilies are toxic to cats and dogs" Her heart sunk. They had had an Easter Lily plant on their table for a week now which they had paid no mind because Precious ate the houseplants "all the time". Jennifer called Jerry at home and had him photograph the Easter Lily with his cell phone. Sure enough, many leaves were gone and there were teeth marks in them, Precious had "eaten it, and alot of it".

The Flewellings and the vet tried everything but there was nothing that could save Precious, she passed early the following morning.

Speaking to Zack who is devastated by the loss of his dear "Precious", there is no hint of anger, just a young man with a thoughtfulness and depth beyond his years. When asking Zack what the message was that he wanted to relay about Precious he said "I wanted an article to be put in the paper to let people know that plants do not come with "warnings" like other dangerous things do", he continued, "there are many poisonous plants out there, Easter Lilies and tomato plants", just to name a few.

Zack is right, there are literally hundreds of plants that are poisonous to both cats and dogs and on most lists these plants are not identified by a photo which makes it that much harder to know which plants are safe and which are not.

Zack said that "his mission now is to spread the word to other cat owners (and dog owners as well) that plants should come with a warning", (as well they should, or they can be researched online or researched at the library or bookstores to find out if they are toxic to animals). Zack would "love to spare anyone else the pain" that he is experiencing after having lost his beloved and dear cat, Precious,  by making them aware that toxic plants exist and to keep them away from cats and dogs.

Zack's cat may have been named "Precious" but Zack, with his unselfishness and caring for others by wanting this message relayed for the safety of their pets, is quite "Precious" himself.

****NOTE:if you suspect your animal may have ingested a poisonous plant or other poisonous item the symptoms can range from seizures and foaming at the mouth to vomiting and coma. DO NOT WAIT FOR SYMPTOMS TO APPEAR. Immediate medical attention is necessary.


  1. Im am so proud of you Zach for spreading the word! You are a Loving Soul and we love you :)Aunt Tina

  2. What a wonderful, caring young man you are Zach. We are so proud of you. Thinking of helping others while still grieving for Precious. Hopefully this will bring much needed awareness to others. We love you! Tom, Jen, Samantha, Emma, and Tommy.

  3. I am touched by Zack's deisre to educate people of dangers to animals. He is an amazing young man that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Jen & Jerry you must be so proud =)

    Tina Fay (your old Bus driver)

  4. Zack,

    your Uncle Jack and Aunt Heather and Gianna and Brooklyn love you and Danny so much. We are all very proud of you and we will help spread the word as well.


    Uncle Jack

  5. Dear Zack,

    Thank you for educating others during such a difficult time. We were so sorry for your loss, and Precious will never be forgotten. Take care.

    With much love,

    Adam, Amber, Gavin and Sawyer