Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Raw Feeding

As promised to "Roxy's Mom" in my earlier blog, I wanted to just give a little info about
"Raw Feeding"....she is switching to a raw foods diet for her Roxy who suffered from bladder stones. As in all diets there are pros and cons to everything....my opinion is whatever works for you and the health of your cat is what you should do....my  Bobo lived to the grand age of 18 eating a diet of kibble and commercial canned cat food as well as many, many pieces of chicken, peas, broccoli and various other cooked meats that he got from me while I was cooking just because he was so adorable!

I wasn't familiar with a raw food diet until "Roxy's Mom" mentioned it so I went straight to Wikipedia to get enlightened.

"Raw Feeding" is the "practice of feeding domestic cats (and dogs) a diet primarily of uncooked meat, edible bones and organs". People who support raw feeding feel that the "natural" diet that an animal in the wild has is what it is meant to eat. Some of what they believe the benefits to be are that it "gives the animal a healthier coat, cleaner teeth and breath, reduced stool volume and odor and better overall health."

Those who oppose raw feeding feel that it presents a "risk of nutritional imbalance,  intestinal perforations and foodborne illnesses posed by the handling and feeding of raw meat and bones" and that these risks would outweigh any benefits. The bottom line from Wikipedia is that "few studies have been done to support the numerous beneficial claims of a raw diet".

I am a huge believer in the role genetics plays both with animals and in reference to humans. I remember when Bobo was a kitten and my vet examined him for the first time, he had said that cat was given "an amazing gene pool and that he would dance on all of our graves". A cat living until the age of 18 having eaten kibble, canned cat food and various homecooked goodies along the way, with NO major health concerns until he was about 16, (which were heart related and not caused by his diet) isn't to shabby....


  1. (Roxy's mom)
    Thanks for doing the blog about raw food, Caren! It was very informative and very neutral. I appreciate you showing both sides of the story.

    Anyone wishing to get more details about the raw food diet should visit:


    Another good resource is a book, “Your Cat: Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life” by Elizabeth Hodgkins, D.V.M., Esq. Also, the local raw food company that I use is “The Pet Beastro” in Madison Heights (248-548-3448.) They have been most helpful and patient in answering all my questions and getting us started on the right track.

    Roxy has been on the raw food diet for about 2 weeks now. I immediately noticed many of the advantages that you listed above, like her improved coat and reduced stool odor and volume. She has recovered completely from her surgery and is racing around the house again, to my relief. She seems very happy and content, which is all any of us kitty mommies can ask for.

    Cats are obligatory carnivores and I remain convinced that this diet will be the best for her health. Time will tell if her stones return and if the diet has made a difference. I guess I just had such a big “ah-ha” moment when I visited the Pet Beastro and have become so excited about the raw food that I want to share it with as many people as possible. I appreciate you listening and showing an interest in getting some unusual information out there for us cat lovers.

  2. I recently read that it's a good idea to mix up the type of food you give your cat so that they have some variety. Is this true? I've tried three types of different wet cat food and they won't eat any of it. I normally feed them dry food.

  3. Hi Rad!
    Actually I never have heard that it is suggested to mix up "types" of food, "flavors" yes...but not foods by different brands. I do mix up the flavors of wet food that I feed my cat, and he also gets dry food (I use Halo for his dry food) and he eats Whole Foods 365 wet cat food. If you mix up BRANDS of wet food the cat can get the runs. If you are worried about your cats eating too much dry food you can add a little water to it and soften it and see if they like it.
    Thanks for reading and commenting! Sorry I have been unable to blog since March 9th....I have to get my rear in gear! If there are any topics you would like to have covered just let me know or feel free to share any stories etc.