Thursday, April 22, 2010

Carpet Clawing Dilemma (Part 2)

'I LOVE MY CAT, I LOVE MY CAT, I LOVE MY CAT" if I keep saying this then maybe he will be able to leave all of his Nine Lives available in his kitty life bank for future use but believe me he is pussyfooting around on thin ice!!

Thanks to all for your suggestions from the first part of this post, I hope to be implementing some of them soon or should I say not soon enough???

Last night was night 3 of "Operation Aluminum Foil", at first when I went to sleep it was working......then at about 2am "Houdini" struck again......"scratch, scratch, scratch-scratch-scratch!!" I woke up and yelled to my husband "DO SOMETHING WITH HIM!!" Poor Cody and my poor husband. He staggered in a still sleeping blind state (without his glasses) groping in the dark for the furry felon. He grabbed him and put him in the spare bedroom, (yes our vet Dr.Lewis advised against this since cats are nocturnal creatures but sorry Dr.Lewis the room is big and has a litter box and he would be in there for all of 2 hrs til my husband would get up for work and I felt a "time out" was in order and I have a funny little habit of liking to be asleep at 2am.)

4am. My husband gets up for work, feeds Cody and our dog (Dakota), he carefully puts the foil back down outside of the bedroom door in an attempt to not have Cody wake me. My cat is a genius. I am shocked and actually start to fnd it rather humorous as I hear jingling and something hitting the door. Cody had taken his little orange colored plastic "9 Lives" ball  (how ironic and yet appropriate), complete with bells inside of it (for an even more annoying affect) and was swatting it along the aluminum foil barrier my husband had carefully replaced. He was able to swat it hard enough to keep slamming the door, SWAT, JINGLE, SWAT, SLAM, JINGLE, JINGLE........mission accomplished....I was awake...again.........who says cats aren't as smart as dogs?

This is all out war!


  1. Yes, they are diabolical creatures, when we tried tin foil, smokey tugged and pulled his blankie over it and then proceeded to , well, this IS a family blog..., Sadly concuring, Ms. Z.

  2. Ha!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! But no matter what we still love them!! Too cute about Smokey!!!