Monday, April 12, 2010

"The Standing Cat"

Up until this past week I thought my cat was one of the most talented cats on the planet, that is until I ran into the video of "The Standing Cat", for those who haven't seen this yet here is the link, enjoy!!!!!!!

 My cat can perch precariously on the very tippy top of a chair (and with his pot belly that never ceases to amaze me) but STAND on his hind legs and for a long period of time? Noooo way!!!!!!
After seeing this video all over Facebook, television, etc. I was curious as to just who this cat with the sturdy gams is and I was able to paw up some information.

French journalist Aude Baron has offered the following info which I found on

"The cat's name is Rocky. He is 2 years old and his owners are French (Daisy and Yann). Rocky used to stand up because he couldn't see the birds through the windows, and wanted to, so he stood up. Why does he raise his leg in the middle of the video? Probably because there was a bird outside, according to Daisy, or maybe a dog wandering around. Rocky hates dogs. He doesn't stand up too often anymore because Daisy and Yann moved their stuff, so now Rocky can see everything without having to go bipedal. He's also able to sit on his bottom like a human" (which my cat Cody can do as well)

So, that is the story behind the video.................HAPPY MONDAY!


  1. I want to know what that cat is looking at! There must be like 100 birds and 100 mice out there and they are deep fried and just waiting for that cat to feast!

    Also the cat looks like there is nothing in the world that would ever anger him.

  2. Hi Caren, This is Karen Workman, author of The Dog Blog. I have an email I think might be of interest to you for the blog. Can you email me at so I can forward it to you?

  3. That cat could play center for the Tulsa Shock.