Monday, April 26, 2010

A Cat Website That Is Truly The "Cats' Meow"

Prepare to be "me-wowed!!!!" Ok, right, "me-wowed" is not a word, but in "kitty speak" it is a term that means to be "bowled over, engaged, amazed, thrilled, etc., etc.," and that is exactly how I felt when I stumbled upon the most amazing and comprehensive website for cat lovers I have ever, ever seen.....the name of the site is "Lisa's Cat Lover's" (look for a link at the bottom of this blog).

Looking for cat quotes, cat photos, games, figurines, home decor, rescue organizations, gifts for the cat lover, links to other cat websites? "Lisa's Cat Lover's" is the place to go, trust me, you must check out this site but be warned, set aside an hour or so to allow you to actually sit back and prowl the many delights she has posted here you will be purring with delight as you peruse this website!!

"Lisa's Cat Lovers" is a true labor of love not only from Lisa but from her valued "page members" and many others who have contributed to this award winning gem. Did I say "award winning"? Yep I sure did! Lisa's site has won the "Whiskers N Tails" award, the "I Love Cats Award" and the "Purrfect Site" award, (all coveted awards in the online cat world!) The site is dedicated to two of her now "Angel" kitties "Taz and Mickey"...I was particularly touched by this quote of Lisa's on her site in her dedication to Taz and Mickey because she touched the core of how all of us feel about the best cat friends that we have loved and lost, her words are exactly how I feel and felt about my sorely missed Bobo:

"In loving memory of Taz and Mickey. You were such true and great friends. You comforted me when I cried. You made me smile and laugh. Your purr always warmed my heart. You cuddled with me. You always loved me for who I really am. I will always miss you and remember you with the warmest memories."

They say some of the best things that one creates in life are created as a result of having a deep passion for the subject. This website is a true example of that belief. Come on in and pussyfoot around Lisa's site.....I dare you to NOT "feel the love"!!!

"Lisa's Cat Lovers Pages"


  1. On a separate note... (sorry)

    can cats eat fried chicken? I know they like birds, and chicken is a bird. So say for instance KFC fried chicken or something? Because I love to eat it, and it would be wounderful to share a meal with my beloved kitty "mr. curly chips"!

  2. Nice just made my day. This was have such a way with words. Thanks for adding the part that it is composed of the contributions of many cat lovers. It is the contributors that make it so wonderful :) Purrs form Lisa Cat Lover's Pages members: Lisa, Larry, Amy, Nancy, Lynda, Terri, Paula, Andrew 'Drew' and Darlene.