Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Fun!! I'm On Fire!!!!!!

Photo created by Nellie's Mom
from Cat From Hell

I look pretty scary don't I? Don't be frightened! It's only ME, Cody!! That fiery photo was created for me by Nellie's Mom from Cat From Hell in honor of the:

that they have given me! 

In order to accept this award (which I am honored to receive) I have to tell you 8 unusual things about me. This is gonna be tough!!

1) Hell's Kitchen is one of my favorite shows.
Photo from Wikipedia

2) I have no desire at all to go outside. Mom had tried to take me out on two different occasions. I wanted NO PART of it! With temps over 100 degrees for much of the summer, I am one smart kitty!

3) Mom doesn't like when I walk on the top of our oven. I know I am not permitted to do it, but I can't control myself. All of those wonderful smells just entice me too much! Mom is afraid because we have a ceramic cook top which stays hot for a period of time even when it is turned off. She is afraid I will burn my kitty paws.

4) Speaking of paws, Mom says I use my paws the way people use their hands! She says I am the most tactile cat she has ever met! (Whatever THAT means!)

5) I don't play by myself much. Mom doesn't understand it because she tells me that Grandpa Bobo used to amuse himself for HOURS with various toys. I have TONS of toys, mom says TOO MANY, that I rarely play with. I only like interactive toys, my mice and my 4-legged furry Sheltie toy, my brother, Dakota.

6) I don't mind taking medicine. Mom STILL can't believe it. I occasionally have to take medicine for my allergies and I eagerly take it! Mom sings this silly little song she made up called "It's Medicine Time" trust me it won't be released anytime soon and I come running into the kitchen for my medicine!

7) When watching TV with Mom I will only sit on the arm of the couch and it MUST be on the left side of Mom. I won't sit anywhere else when Mom is watching TV on the couch. Sometimes I will hold her hand with my paw, sometimes I even sit ON HER SHOULDER but I will only sit on her LEFT side.

8) I don't hiss. Not a bit. The FIRST and ONLY time I ever hissed was when Dakota first came to live with us. Of course I had to hiss then, he had to be made aware of just exactly WHO the boss was around here!!! He learned that lesson FAST. I  never had a need to hiss work was done!

Sorry this is so blurry!
It was taken a loooong time ago!

So here we go again, I am offering this award to any kitty who hasn't had it! You're all HOT in my book!

Rabbit-flavored meows,



  1. A big concats to you on your fiery award! Pretty cool about sitting on the left're a mancat who knows what he likes. MOL
    We think (scratch that - we KNOW) you're a pawsome kitteh to know!

  2. Concatulations on your award, Cody! I totally get the "handy" part because I am that way too!

  3. Congratulations, Cody. We enjoyed reading the eight unusual things about you. Purrs!

  4. Congrats on the award Cody,That Nellie is a great gal,me and mum love her too

  5. This is Diego!! I sit on Rumblemum's shoulder TOO! Maybe we are related!

  6. Lovely Cody!! You are sizzling!! Yay for your fiery award! Awww you are a good kitty to take you medicines and play with your gorgeous brother Dakota! Take care

  7. Big cogratulations Cody..Luv's yoo in the fire :)
    Mollie x

  8. Now we know 8 more things about you! Congratulations on your Fiery Award, Cody!

  9. Congratulations and great answers. Have a great Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Congratulations on your award, Cody! How nice to learn a few more things about you.

  11. Cody, you are one hot kitty. Love the part about you sitting on the left of Mom while watching TV. Guess you must be a left handed kitty. Take care and have a super week end.

  12. Congrats you hottie! Loved your answers, they were cool in a hot way!

  13. Oh Cody! I know that Queen penelope thinks you are hot! But I think you are cool! You are one riocking cat! I can't believe you take your medicine with no fuss though.
    Your Pal

  14. @Kozmo, I think she is pretty darned "hot" too!!! MOL!! Please thank your Mom for that INCREDIBLE graphic, I love it!! Yeah, Mom thinks I am pretty strange about the meds too! Love Cody

    @Brian "cool in a hot way" you always say the most clever things! Thank you!

    @Marg never thought about that! Maybe I am a left-pawed kitty! You have a great weekend too! Love, Cody

    @Ingrid thank you!!

    @Yvonne thank you!!

    @Molly thank you! You have a great Friday and a great weekend!

    @The Furries thank you!

    @Mollie thank you! We love it too thanks to Nellie's Mom!

    @Old Kitty thank you!! Mom thinks I am pretty crazy MOL! Hugs to you and Charlie! xoxoxo

    @Diego OMC I love it! Maybe we are??????

    @speedy thank you!! Nellie is a great gal, who doesn't love her???

    @The Musings thank you!!!
    @Sparkle thank you!! We are "handy" because we are super intelligent! :)

    @Kim awww thank you! Ohhhh I AM a "mancat who knows what he wants!" MOL!

    @Chey thank you!!

  15. Concatulations! And that's pawsome stuff that you shared today.

  16. Concatulations Cody! You truly are one hot that artwork Nellie's Mom did for you to celebrate your newest "bling"!

    Kitty Hugs from your Pal Sam

  17. Concats Cody, you hunka hunka burning cat!

  18. Whiskers was a very tactile cat and could use his paws to open cabinets and he would sometimes scoop food up with his paws and put it in his mouth. ~Socks

  19. Wow Cody -- not only a ring of fire but a HEART shaped ring of fire!! That looks really cool. I don't blame you for not wanting to play by yourself -- it's so much fun playing with Mom, Dad or Dakota!

  20. Cody you are smokin'!! Well done on the award :))) I loved your 8 unusual things xox

  21. Cody, concats on your award cause you're one hot kitty.My Mom just loves that you sit on your Mom's left side. You're a brave good kitty taking your meds.

  22. You and I are a lot alike in that neither of us likes to play alone. We like to play with our humans. M says I must not have had much of a kittenhood cuz I don't know how to play by myself. "he he - why should I when I have the oomans trained),

  23. Cody
    We all think you're "hot" in a very good way!
    Concats on your award.


  24. Congratz on your cool , um I mean HOT, award Cody!!!
    It's fun to learn a few new things about you. I'm sure you'll find this surprising....but I DO hiss. HA! I didn't hiss when I was a kitten, but as soon as I became a teenager.... well, I'm sure you can guess the rest.

    xo, Katie

  25. Concatulations on your HOT award, Cody! Angel Graphite (the kitteh in dad's avatar) used his paws like hands, too, so we really like that fact about you.

  26. Congratulations Cody we think you are one hot kitty too :-) I know what your mum means about the ceramic cook top we used to have one and it freaked me out....GAH!

  27. Congrats on your award, Cody! Just so you know, Parental Unit is insanely jealous that you like to take your medicine...maybe she should start singing...

  28. Maxwell: YOU TOO? Momma sez the same about me - that I'm "tactile." It's due to our high intelligence, I understand!

  29. well Cody, you must know I think you are always, HOT HOT HOT!! In my book!! And I don't play much by myself either...I run all over the house...but I dont use toys much unless Mom is connected to the other end...MOL...please forgive me for not having been a regular visitor. We do read you and Dakota everyday, I promise to at least leave a furriendly 'like'...we will be moving in a few weeks and things are sort of hectic around here...paw pats, Savannah