Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday- Surprises, coincidences and the joy of an unexpected kindness

There are  many things that I love about blogging.  One of the things that I love the most are the people who read Cat Chat!   It boggles my mind that I have readers in countries all over the world and that in the U.S. I am fairly certain that I have at least one reader in each of the fifty states. Everyone who blogs can say the same. But have you ever wondered about having readers in your own back yard? What if you were merely going about the business of  completing your daily errands and happened upon someone who recognized not only your name, but your BLOG?  I had this happen a few weeks ago and I was literally blown away!

 I  was visiting my local bank  and the  teller was reading my deposit slip and  said, "Caren Gittleman! I know YOU! YOU write Cat Chat!! I LOVE your blog!!!"  I stood there dumbfounded. I have readers everywhere but never once have I met anyone locally who not only recognized my name, but tied it to Cat Chat!  I felt like a celebrity!

Then, a couple of weeks ago my husband came home from the bank with a bag, no he didn't rob the bank and says, "This is from ______ she said to give this to you."

I opened the bag to find these!
She included a note
that said:
"The left paw raised means wealth,
the right paw raised means protection"
What made me gasp in surprise was the unexpected gift AND  the coincidence that just a week or so earlier I had sent nearly the EXACT kitties  to a dear blogging friend for her birthday. Then out of the blue, someone gives ME the SAME kitties!

They couldn't have come at a better time. I hadn't been feeling well the entire summer, and I was  about to have my next lithotripsy . I was overcome with having received the most unexpected and touching thought and gift from someone that I barely knew.

A few days later my new friend emailed me and told me that since she is a huge cat lover, she has all sorts of kitty items that she had picked up through the years and had no room for, she asked if I would like some.

 Here are a few of the  treasures that she sent home with my husband for me.

I ADORE this lamp!
You can't see but it is a CAT!
It is so pretty lit as it is now
It leaves a most beautiful
image on the wall 

A "gray kitty" Suncatcher
I have it hanging in my kitchen
She said the kitty
reminded her of Cody

In her lovely email I learned that my new friend has had 14 cats and 6 female Siberian Huskies!  Currently she has 6 cats and 2 huskies.

 She mentioned that as we would imagine a "small fortune has been spent over the years taking care of 20 pets" but they have all "so enriched her life and given her joy, love and companionship" that she couldn't imagine not having them. She went on to say that "being broke when she retires won't really matter!"
It is the unexpected connection, the unexpected surprise, the unexpected kindness that one shows to another that are gifts that money can't buy. I am thankful to know such a thoughtful and caring person and hope that one day I can warm her heart and face with the glow of being the recipient of an unexpected act of kindness,  the way she warmed mine!
What about you?

What surprises, coincidences or unexpected acts of kindness have you been the recipient of lately or have you recently given these gifts to another?

Tell me, I would love to read about them!



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  2. How exciting to be recognized. I don't think we've ever been recognized (except by Sparkle at BlogPaws but you sort of expect that at BlogPaws). Sometimes people have given us neat things when we meet other bloggers though.

  3. Caren:

    I haven't received any gifts from blogging, except a few follows; but I did receive some homegrown catnip for the cats from a reader of Kitty Tales (Facebook page). I was astounded!

  4. I've had a couple experiences like that, one as recent as last Friday night. I felt the same way as you. It took a bit for it to compute. Isn't it wonderful when we meet people for whom we might have made a difference?

  5. That's wonderful! It must have made you feel and warm and fuzzy inside. What a fantastic feeling. A gift in of itself, huh? You know... most of my peep's friends don't even read my blog. You'd think they would but they don't. You're very lucky, indeed.

  6. That is so awesome!

    My human has been recognized at cat shows or other cat-related functions as "Sparkle's human" a few times, but nothing as really nice as this.

  7. Isn't that lovely!! What a sweet lady, to take care of so many kitties.

    You (and now she) have fans all the way in New Zealand!

  8. What a lovely story about meeting new friends :)
    Me and mom have meet some of our blogfurriends IRL , but it was no surprice since they have decided to meet at a catshow :)

  9. Wow..that must have given you a glow in your heart :) What a lovely lady and how kind of her to give you those gifts, I love the cat lamp..If ever you run put of room for it..remember me..LOL :)
    Have a great day
    Big Hugs xx

  10. What a lovely story!! I hope you are soon feeling better and your summer improves!!

  11. Gosh that must have been really nice. How very cool. We are pleased for you as it must have been a real thrill and also all the lovely goodies too. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. See?? We're not the only ones who adore you and Cody - there are people everywhere who love your words AND deeds. Here's to a very special lady who deserves that recognition and then some!

    Love and Hugs,
    Pam and Sam

  13. oh my... what an amazing story.... I can't imagine how happy / shocked / excited you felt when she recognized your name / blog.... you are famous my friend!!!

  14. What a wonderful experience - on so many levels! Cat people are the best!

  15. You must have felt like a celebrity! I love those "lucky" cats, I never knew the paws had different meanings though.

  16. How wonderful to be recognised! You don't have to feel like a celebrity as you are already a CELEBRITY! We all love you and Cody and of course Dakota too (I'm sure you have already known it very well : ))

    So happy for you and it's always sweet to meet and make friends with people who loves animals.

    I didn't know that there are different meaning in those paws either; there are many "lucky" cats sold over here too. Lian bought one back to London from her previous visit as her husband loves the arm waving cat a lot.

  17. Oh Caren, that is such a great story and couldn't have happened to a nicer person. That is just terrific. I have had a nice gift from a good blogger friend lately. The blogging world is just awesome. Everyone is so supportive but I bet that was so special to have someone in the bank say something. That is so great.

  18. Oh how lovely!!! Awwww yay for such wonderful thoughtful new pals!!! I'm always always humbled when bloggie friends send me and Charlie gifts out of the blue - it's so so so lovely! Take care

  19. Once when Fisher was still writing her column in the paper, I was talking to someone about it and a nice man chimed into the conversation and exclaimed, "You are Ask Fisher?" Your story is really cool - congratulations!

  20. That is pretty cool to be recognized. What away a cute gift
    Benny & Lily

  21. What a beautiful story! How wonderful to know you've touched one of your readers. That is so very special.

    We've only been recognized at BlogPaws which was a huge thrill. But just last week we received an unexpected package from a fellow blogger. Something VERY yummy which we'll be blogging about soon.

    (((purrs))) hope you are feeling well...we know your heart is!
    Katie & Glogirly

  22. @Chey that is STILL cool! I'm not sure if Sparkle would recognize ME at BlogPaws lol PS:I LOVE YOU SPARKLE!! xoxoxo

    @Random Felines thank you I was so surprised!

    @Benny & Lily yeah we were pretty blown away. Thanks!

    @Fisher and Staff now THAT is cool!!

    @Old Kitty the key was that I didn't know her! It is always nice to get surprise things but from someone you don't even know I was just stunned! xoxoxo

    @Marg yep it was!! That reminds me, if you see know I am mailing you something (because I mentioned it) but I haven't gotten my fat butt to the Post Office...hoping to tomorrow......I am sooooooo sorry!!! xoxoxo It IS coming!

    @Priscilla noooooooooo I am no celebrity that is for sure!!! Eva is though!!! Yep i didn't know that about the cats either. Hmmmm maybe they should make "lucky Shelties?" xoxo

    @Tessems I did thanks! Yep I didn't know either!

    @Ingrid King, yep, "Cat people are the BEST!!"

    @Hilary yeah I was super happy and stunned. I thought she was talking about someone else, like Sparkle or someone :)

    @Pam and Sam awwww THANK YOU!! But you know that you are biased!!!! lol!!!!!!! You deserve it waaaaaaaay more than I do! xoxoxo

    @Molly we were pretty shocked that is for sure and deeply touched! You have a wonderful Thursday too! xoxox

    @harringtonspetfood thank you! I am and thankfully summer is almost over...bring on the fall weather!

    @Mollie lol!!! You got it! If I do, I will! xoxoxo

    @Kjelle meeting at a cat show is still cool!

    @Rumblepurr/Diego I love it! I watch Househunters International a lot and when I see them feature places where my blogging buddies live I always say that "such and such lives there!"

    @Sparkle yeah but you ARE famous!!! That is for sure!!!!YOU AND YOUR BLOG! xoxoxo

    @Nerissa not only my FRIENDS don't read my blog, my family doesn't either lol. I have to force my husband to read this one, he will read Dakota's willingly but I literally have to bug him to read this one so don't feel bad.

    @Crazy Cat Lady kudos, that is wonderful!

    @Kitty Tales "homegrown" ANYTHING works for ME hehehe

  23. @Katie and Glogirly Hmmmmm I am seriously thinking that based on reading your blog lately I am thinking I just might know who sent you food!!! MOL!! Thanks so much for your kind wishes, I am feeling MUCH better thanks! xoxoxo

  24. How fun to be recognized! And with goodies on top of it.. lol

    So glad you found me over on PBU, it has been really nice to 'meet' you.

  25. Me loves to practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. It is totally out of character as me is the Cat From Hell, but me learned it from my Mommy.

  26. How lovely just when you needed your spirits lifted and somebody does just that,lovely just lovely!
    Bunny Kisses from Speedy and hugs from mum

  27. Caren, this is the best synchronicity. I had to smile about the Neko cats and a cat named Layla!!!!

  28. Wow, awesome! I've never had anything like that but it must feel great! Her cats are adorable!!

  29. WOW! You must have been blown away! What a fantastic thing to happen :) What a sweet person. I am discovering that cat people are among the best xox

  30. That post sure made me smile! One of the nicest surprises I had was when my Dad met a school teacher. She found out about the blog and she knew us. Turns out she teaches autistic children and every morning she tells her class "let's see what Brian is up to today", and she reads my blog to them. We had no idea, but I was honored.

  31. What a lovely story, Caren! That is so wonderfully karmic, and we love it. :)

    We were recently thanked by someone totally random for helping the PAWS cats get so much exposure, and helping them get adopted. That was pretty cool. :)

  32. Nice things coming to you from unexpected places how wonderful. I was so happy for you as I read this. You have a loving, giving spirit and it has not gone unnoticed. Enjoy your gifts sweet Caren, our good deeds at some point always come full circle and you have made many people happy with your kindness and gifts. No surprise to us at all that this wonderful meeting took place. Be well dear friend. Hugs and nose kisses from Chancy and me. Love you!

  33. What a wonderful surprise indeed!
    There is something extraordinarily generous from the cat blogosphere. And I'm talking about so much more than money, I'm talking about caring.
    It is a wonderful community.
    Carine (Texas' human)

  34. This is so cool. That would never happen to TW because no one has ever heard her name on my blog. Heh heh! I prefer it that way. Glad you found such a generous and wonderful new friend close by.

  35. Caren
    That is such a wonderful story!
    I am so happy that this happened to you. I know you've been through quite a bit this summer with your health. Those were lovely items your friend gave to you.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  36. Fame at last Caren you will be signing autographs next lol.

    And what a lovely surprise of the gifts.

    Send Cody my love Sheba.

  37. What a beautiful post, Caren and Cody! I did receive a recent kindeness...from you! You were so kind to give me detailed responses about my dear kitty, Bella's recent teeth cleaning surgery and elevatd Creatine levels (she's simultaneously purring and shedding on my keyboard as I type this)!

    Forgot to tell you-that red spot on her belly-it was her nipple! Ha!

  38. What a lovely surprise!
    I also have had unexpected gifts sent to me but the one that stands out the most is from someone in "Blogland" who wouldn't want to be named. Last year when I was first diagnosed with cancer and before my operation, she made the highest bid on a beautiful cat necklace and sent it to me with a letter saying she felt it would bring me good luck. I put it on right away and didn't take it off until I got to the operating theatre door when I handed it to my husband to take home. He brought it back to the hospital with him and put it back on for me once I was taken to my room after the operation. I am still wearing the necklace. By sending me the necklace she not only helped me, but also the person the auction was being held for.
    For someone who only knows me through Eric and Flynn's blog, it was a beautiful gesture and something I will never forget.

  39. @Eric and Flynn, that is the most beautiful story I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing. It brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad they sent it to you ((((hugs)))) and much love!

    @Bocci awwww YOU made me cry too!!! THANK YOU!!! I am so glad that Bella is doing well and I am laughing my head off about the red spot being a "nipple!!" Remember I had told you the SAME thing happened to me with my Bobo? OMG I love it! (((((hugs))))) Love you!

    @Sheba don't hold your breath! lol

    @Abby thank you! The coolest part is I only know her from the bank. My friends don't like me (KIDDING!!!!) :)

    @Ck you ALWAYS make me laugh and that is the BEST gift! xoxoxo

    @Carine (ohhhh I LOVE YOUR NAME!) it is so close to mine :) I couldn't agree with you more. It is an incredible community of wonderfully caring people.

    @chancy now YOU made me cry!! You are always so loving, caring and supportive of BOTH of my boys and it truly means the world to me!!! I love you sooo much and that is also worth more than anything in the world! xoxoxo

    @meowmeowmans you do so much for kitties and EVERYONE that karma will continue to bless you! xoxoxo

    @Brian that is so incredibly beautiful! It makes it all worthwhile doesn't it? I told you the day I discovered your blog was one of the happiest days in my blogging life! (((((hugs)))))

    @CATachresis I was and they most certainly ARE!

    @Sarah you will! in due time!! Her cats are adorable aren't they?

    @Layla pretty darned amazing wasn't it!? I nearly died when she told me the name of her cat. I told her about you! xoxoxo

    @speedy thank you and soooo true! xoxo

    @Nellie your Mom is also one of the kindest people I know! She just likes to put up that "hellish" front!! MOL! xoxoxo

    @Connie soooooooo nice to meet you too!!!!!! ((((hugs))))

  40. thank you so much Meg and adorable Quill! xoxoxo

  41. Such a lovely story! I can imagine your surprise when the teller recognized your name and how thoughtful of her to send you these treasures!

    Chloe, Cecil, Winston and Mom Shawn

  42. Wow Caren what a fantastic post!!!! It is heartwarming to read of a stranger's kindness, although, now you are friends :-)

  43. I am SO late reading this but actually am grateful that my nitey nite bedtime thoughts will so filled with the encouragement of knowing there are good people everywhere! What a blessing indeed. God knew exactly what you needed to help you get through your rough period. Hugs to you and blessings on your friend!

  44. Well, not that I've gone all SOFT or anyfing, but I have been the recipient of a whole lot of nice posts over the past few days ever since my, well, my Tutoring. It has been really heartwarming, and I know I can count on all my furiends to join me as I raise an army to return and destroy that cute blond Devil Spawn who did this to me!!! Oh, sorry--I got a little carried away there. XOXOXO

  45. Miss Caren, when you put out the amount of good will and spirit you do, it is sure to come back to you. I love the lamp by the way! And I have received furriendships I never expected through the anipal blog world. And, my Mom has been able to connect me with Siberian dogs through Twitter and blogs and this has brought such joy to her as she has long missed having her beloved Siberians. paw pats, Savannah

  46. That's so awesome! I've never had anyone recognize me or my blog; I bet it's a wonderful feeling :)

    Lately, I've had two people (one blogger friend, one unknown) send me packages for my home and my two fur babies. Seeing as I've had such a hard and stressful year and didn't know how I would manage with my move, I was/am really thankful for these incredible acts of kindness. I couldn't believe that two separate peoples wanted to help me get some things I needed for my new home and to help my babies be comfortable. It is so very touching and it reminds me that there are truly some great people in the world :)