Thursday, August 2, 2012

Greenies Brand and PetCo To Help Kitties Care For Their Teeth! And...BONUS GIVE-AWAY for Cat Bloggers Only!

Hi everyone it's Cody! Mom taught me since I was a little kit about how impawtant it is to make sure that my teeth are in tip-top condition.

 I am lucky because "Dr.Smiley" says that genetically I seem to just have inherited great teeth! Some cats aren't as lucky.

My Grandpa Bobo had to have his teeth cleaned at least once a year because he always had gingivitis.

 Too often Mom and I are reading about kitties having to have their teeth pulled (ouch!).  We have featured our buddy Mario twice on our blog, he doesn't have any teeth at all. Our buddy Charlie recently joined the toothless kitty club as well.

The other day Mom and I learned about a super event being held by Greenies and PetCo. Since I was adopted from an adoption event at PetCo., I am especially excited to feature this! Our friend Carol Bryant (many of you met her at BlogPaws 2012) wrote this piece for, Carol was kind enough to give us purrmission to share it with all of you!

GREENIES Brand and PETCO Partner for Pet Dental Health
Editor Carol Bryant

The third annual GREENIES Pet Oral Health Event has been announced by PETCO and GREENIES. The event will take place at Petco stores nationwide on Saturday, August 4, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Sunday, August 5 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

GREENIES brand representatives plan to be present to answer questions pet owners might have while visiting select PETCO stores. Dr. Jan Bellows, incoming president of the American Veterinary Dental College, shared, “Pet parents must realize that pets are not that different from humans in that they require daily oral care. The GREENIES Pet Oral Health Event is a great opportunity for pet parents to become more informed on how to care for their pets' mouths at home, and when and why they should seek the advice of their veterinarian."

PETCO operates over 1,100 stores across the country with 30 Unleashed by Petco locations, which are smaller format neighborhood shops. The official website of Petco is

GREENIES are manufactured by the Nutro Company, which has been making pet food for over 80 years. Some of the Nutro brands include MAX, NATURAL CHOICE and ULTRA pet food in addition to the GREENIES brands, PILL POCKETS treats and GREENIES JointCare Canine treats. 
For more information visit and

 Now...on to the GIVE-AWAY!!

This give-away is open to CAT BLOGGERS ONLY....why? I'll tell you.

As many of you know, I have food allergies. I can't eat all sorts of things that other kitties can eat namely: corn, wheat, dairy, chicken (and the list goes on). I can't have fish flavor if it contains chicken broth. To put it bluntly, when it comes to fun treats, I'm screwed.

It makes me sad because often I am asked to review products that I am not able to properly review because I am not allowed to EAT THEM!

I became sad when I received this in the mail:




You can read all about them here
I was excited at first because they look so delicious and come in such great flavors, until Mom told me I couldn't have them. (Not fair!)

Mom was at a loss about how she should handle this, then she had a genius  (which for her is rare) idea.

She would offer ONE lucky CAT BLOGGER (who lives in the U.S.) the opportunity to win the stash that was meant for ME!!

The requirements to enter are:
1) You must be a CAT BLOGGER IN THE U.S.
2) You MUST agree to do a review after receiving the product
3) You must mention in the review that you received the treats from us and link to us in your review.

Got it? Good!

If interested, leave a comment below...this is going to be a QUICK give-away because Mom has to pick the winner and get her fat butt to the post office and mail you the treats and in her procrastinating world this could take furever!



Love, "treat-less"  Cody

I wasn't compensated for this post nor will the blogger who wins it be compensated. I received treats to review which I cannot eat, the winning blogger will receive the treats that I received. No moolah.


  1. Hi Cody!
    We are a Canadain Blogger with a US Address, can we enter?
    I LOVE greenies, I have beautiful teeth. I will tell everybody how wonderful I am!
    Kozmo at the Cat from Hell

  2. Oh Cody so sorry you can't enjoy these treats. But you probably have better teeth and gums than most kitties and will live longer!

    We would love to receive them for the outdoor Riverfront Cats who don't have the luxury of dental care at the vet so they too can live longer. They need those sharp teeth for catching mice, lizards I suppose. Ok I admit some will go to my six kitties to sample as well.


  3. Hi Cody! We live right near you and we love Greenies. We'd really like to do a review and would be most grateful for treats (especially Abbi, she's a P-I-G, pig!). We think we'll ask for help from some of Mama's friends at Kitty City. We're sorry you can't eat them. We'll make you proud, we promise. Purrs, Ateret and Livia

  4. poor Cody,its alright mate I know how you feel cause being a bun I have a sensitive tummy to an d we buns have to be careful too but I have a clever mum as she know what treats are good for me peanuts,raisins,cranberries(dried) and dried banana pieces(soft ones).I'm sure you mum is clever like mine.nose bonks Speedy

  5. Cody, I feel so bad for you because these treats taste AWESOME! You don't have to enter me, of course, because I have my own - but I do want to say good luck to whoever gets this awesome prize!

  6. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! We LOVE Greenies SO much and we can't enter! Even worse, we can't get these nommy new treats here!!

    Tell these Greenies people if they need someone to do promotions for these treats in NZ, we're putting our paws up!

    Cody m'man, you come here and we'll hiss together.

  7. Poor Cody. That's a long list of things you CAN'T eat. :(
    Good luck to the winner!

  8. Nevermind Cody we are sure you get lots of other types of treats. Have a good day.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Poor're very generous to offer your treat sampling to a lucky kitty since you can't eat them. But then again I knew you were special!!!!! :D :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. I am sorry you can't eat them Cody. We'll not enter since we would never eat them, although we'd tried in the past.

  11. We would love to give the greenies a try and we sure would write a review on them linking to you. And we sure have plenty of kitties to try them here. That is so sad that you can't eat them Cody. Take care.

  12. Hi Cody,
    How very generous of you... very important to take care of your teetg. I just did a post about a bad tooth experience I had with my little girl, Nikita, who had to have all her teeth removed. You can tell your Mom to read it here:

    :) Sarah (Nikita's Mom)

  13. Awww poor Cody!! I am starting to think that Austin is going to have to have his teeth cleaned! Our vet isn't keen, but he does have gingivitis!

    Good luck to all!! :))

  14. Oh COdy!!! I totally hear ya man! I can only have prescription hard food, thank COD I love it...and I hate treats...nope, more than just "don't like"...I really turn my nose up and walk away...nuttin', not nuttin' is interesting to me...not even peep food...and I don't do nip or silvervine either...drives Mom crazy!

  15. Just stopping by to say hello. I still have to review those Greenies things I got in the mail. You know TW, if she doesn't do it this month, she'll do it next month only now next month is here!

  16. We'd love to have the opportunity to receive these and would definitely post a review for them and refer back to you.

    Truffle and Brulee

  17. That totally stinks that you can't eat those delicious-sounding treats, Cody. :(

    We bet whoever wins is going to enjoy them. We won't enter because Sammy and Moosey are on special diets, and the PAWS cats can only have certain kinds of treats...

  18. We love Greenies but have gotten spoiled by so many treats these days. We're just saying hi.

  19. Oh! Oh! Us! Us!

    Ahahaha! Can you tell we kitties here are interested?

    We're sorry you can't have any treats, Cody. At Mr. Chewy they have freeze dried shrimps, maybe you could eat those? And nip doesn't have chicken broth thankfully!

  20. BTW, the list of things Oui Oui won't eat is probably longer than the ones you can't, if that makes you feel better. Of course, Carl, Julie & MMM more than make up for Miss Oui.

    Here's Oui Oui's won't eat list (in part): Anything with lumps, shreds, vegables or gravy. Chicken, beef, liver, ham, lamb, turkey, bacon, white fish, salmon, trout or sardines.

    She's not so particular about treats.

  21. I'm not sure if my original comment went through or not so if it did ignore this! Anyways:

    I'm not sure if I qualify as a cat blogger. I have a blog, and I have cats, so perhaps? Lol. If so, enter me. The blog has been inactive throughout the Summer but I plan on getting it started back up after my AmeriCorps term in the next two weeks. I'm trying to get posts lined up, and a review post would be great. Thanks for being so generous, Cody!

  22. Dude, so sorry you have such problems with the food-stuffs. But I guess a special cat gets special treatment eh?

    Dex and Harry say they'd love to be your stand-in's on the test/review. Me, I am a cat of simple tastes. I like 1 or 2 dry foods and that's it. Those two...