Friday, August 24, 2012

Take Your Cat To The Vet Week

Hi everyone it's Cody! Mom and I are  a little slow this year, so we are betting that most of you know that August 18 through August 25th 2012 is "Take Your Cat To The Vet Week".  (You can read about it here) When it comes to my Mom taking me to the vet, she doesn't need much prodding.

Mom knows that it is impawtant that I see the vet and adheres to the guidelines stated by The American Veterinary Medical Association that I see the vet at least twice a year.

Believe it or not, I am unlike most cats in the respect that I really don't mind going to the vet (aka, "Dr. Smiley") and if you believe that you need your furry little heads examined. With the frequency of my allergy flareups, Dr. Smiley and I  have our little tete-a-tetes well over twice a year!

The hardest part is getting me into my PTU (personal transport unit). I can make my body feel as if I weigh as much as a boulder!  How does Mom get past this? What is Mom's technique? She tricks me by offering me food I fall for it every time, grabs me, mid-bite no less, and literally stuffs me into the carrier as if I were a turkey being stuffed into the oven for Thanksgiving! Gentle? Heck no! She grabs me and just SHOVES me in! Kitties I am NOT kidding!

Now that my Dad has retired, he often assists her in this heinous act. He is responsible for operating the dreaded vet mobile! They do try to make the trip as pleasant as possible. They play music from the 60s or 70s on the car radio, they are soooooo with it, NOT!  Mom pets my nose while I glare through the bars of my PTU at Dad.

Sometimes Mom and Dad double their fun and bring Dakota too:

Our vet recently remodeled their building and exam rooms which is great for the humans! They have a HUGE new waiting area, coffee and  fresh new human litter boxes...  BUT they offer NO TREATS for kitties!

Dr.Smiley is as nice as ever, he does his "thing" and I do mine

 Don't let the above photo scare you, all I do is  make pitiful squeaking sounds. Then I happily walk back into my PTU and it's "on the road again!!!!!!!!" (if video won't play, click here to watch on YouTube.)

All kidding aside, I am grateful that my Mom and Dad are evil. If they weren't, they would never keep up with my vet visits. My trips to see Dr.Smiley are so impawtant to my well-being and if I didn't go to see him regularly, I could possibly be one sick kitty!

So kitties,  sharpen your claws, pull yourself together and go and visit your vet! You'll be glad that you did! Well, maybe not, but you will stay healthy!

Rabbit-flavored kisses,


  1. Yeah we just got the call that I'm due, although we'll be waiting so the Woman can take Ichiro and I together. Isn't it bad enough that I have to ride 45 minutes to the office and then get squeezed and prodded only to be told I'm perfect in every way--must I have him along too?

  2. We hate the vet but no matter what we say, de survunt drags us over there whenever one of us sneezes twice. it's not right. It's not fair!

  3. Well, I managed to avoid the vet this week - in fact, I pretty much kept it under wraps that this was "Take Your Cat to the Vet Week!" I bet my human had NO idea about it!

  4. This national week thing is a conspiracy I swear. Probably organized by dogs. Even Glogirly bought into it. Guess who's paying a visit to the you-know-what next week? Yeah, my claws are already sharpened. I'm going to need much more than that though.
    ; ) Katie

  5. Mommy can't imagine taking all 7 of us AND Whisky to the vet twice a year.....she does watch us very very closely and whisks us off to the vet at the first sign of any trouble.
    Though we must say we would walk into the PTU quite willingly especially if Mommy throws a treat in there (we get to play in it too). :)

  6. That's ok I'm not that keen on the vet either all that poke me about,well I have sharp teeth and I'm not afriad to use them!

  7. Weirdo Hammy doesn't mind going to the vet so much. I HATE it!! Since I'm such a big, powerful kitty I do NOT make it easy on the Rumbleparents. I also maybe soil myself cause I'm so scared :( I'm good on the way back tho!

  8. Also a battle here to get us in the carrier and off to the vet but the PM does it. She's so thankful when the day is over though and we are all back safe and sound.

  9. Great post! That first photo of you with Cody always cracks me up. The expression on his face is just priceless!

  10. We don't like the vet but the treats are good. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Poor Milou, my half brother, is going to the vet well more than twice a year too because of his chronic health issues :-/
    I was wondering if that could get me and Kitshka some credits to go less often?
    Yeah, I know your answer...

  12. We did know that it was take the cat to the vet week but so far we haven't had to go which is good news. There are a lot of us here so we don't go very often. Hope it all goes well for ya Cody.

  13. With five cats and a dog in our house we spend plenty of time at the vet believe me!!!! Thankfully we were not there this week - LOL :-)

  14. Dearest Cody,
    What is it with Dogs? My hairy slobbery sisters (and Kozmo) loves to visit our vet?
    Me not so much.

  15. @Chey I hear ya! Wow a 45 minute ride? Now THAT'S bad!!!

    @Nellie...we already know that dogs have MAJOR issues! their love of the vet just confirms that! Love, Cody

    @Cat OMG I know how much we are there for 2...can't imagine with 5!!! OMG!

    @Marg I understand. Ohhh i'm not going now, I was there last week :)

    @Texas that sounds like a plan to me!

    @Molly show off! Doggies at our vet get treats but kitties don't. Wait! I forgot! They have free catnip toys for the kitties!!!!

    @Ingrid THANK YOU!!! Thanks for picking up on that :) It is one of my faves too! xoxoxo

    @Goldie, Shade and Banshee I can imagine!

    @Rumblepurr/Diego...awwwww you poor baby! That made Mom sad! ((((hugs))))

    @speedy wow you are brave! I would never bite my vet! He can beat me in a match any day!!! Plus, he's so nice I wouldn't want to do that

    @The Furries with 7 I don't blame her. Mom leaves my PTU out all of the time too so that it isn't a big deal

    @Katie your mom goes out of town, comes home for less than a week and then PLANS A VET TRIP the minute she gets back????Ohhhhhhhh nooooooooo my furiend! You need to set her straight, and FAST! Love, Cody

    @Sparkle, with so many blogging about it, she just might know NOW!!! MOL! HIDE!!

    @Au and Target you are right! It isn't fair!

  16. Oh dear! Cody what a horrible time of the year!! And then them evil prodding Dr. Smiley's... yikes!! BUT, as you so rightly say, one should be grateful really. Too many fellow kitties who does not have this "privilege." I guess it's an upside world to call it love, but in the end I guess it's just one of those strange acts under the mantle of love.
    P.s. Cody, please tell you Mom she has it good really. Just imagine what it is like to "make stuffed turkey" 30+ something times a year (like we do!!) :-))
    Hugs to you, Dakota and Mom
    from your friends in Greece,

  17. Last time I was at the vet for one of my kitties I told them about the PTU and they loved it! I have another kitty due September 1st, she will be soooo thrilled. ;) Thanks for the great reminder Cody!

  18. @Joan that was hilarious!! Ok, you have me beat for sure!!! xoxoxo

    @Coupon Queen your kitties have great "cattitudes!!" Love it!! Uh oh...for the kitty going September 1st, please don't involve MY name! MOL! Love, Cody

    @Benny & Lily I hear ya!

  19. We have had waaay tooo many vet visits thank you. We will pass on this holiday week!

    cats of wildcat woods

  20. Love the photo of the two of them at the Vet, but I specially love the captions and Dakota's smile!!!!

    Sorry Cody but we need a check up every now and then... Have a fab weekend!!!

  21. I really like the vet and if we could walk there all would be okay!

  22. Loved seeing this adventure. I take the vet results were good? I do not miss vet waiting rooms, the trip etc. and grateful to have a mobile clinic come to us.

  23. You're right Cody - even if it's not the most pleasant experience being shoved like a turkey into the oven when your Mom puts you in your P.T.U., at least you visit the vet and get the "all clear" which is important. I HATE going too (which I did in July) but there's always some kind of special treat in store when I get home - and I DO hope your Mom has one (or more) for yo too!! :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  24. @Sammy, yeah, I get extra kibble since i can't have treats :) Love, Cody

    @Layla oh I went last week, it was for my allergies, just had to get shots and meds. These photos are old, not from that day but I love Dr.Smiley anyway! Love, Cody

    @Brian not a bad idea!

    @sunshine you are right!! Thanks about the captions :) Yeah, we got a kick out of Dakota's smile too! (((hugs))))

    @Cheri we hear ya!!! ((((hugs))))

  25. Hi Caren and Cody! Thanks for this wonderful and important reminder for everyone to take care of their feline friends! Sammy is scheduled to go in a couple of weeks. We are real sticklers for making sure he and Moosey get regular checkups and all that. Hugs!

  26. I don't like the vet because it means punctured pants! Mum has to stuff me in the PTU too and slam the door shut double quick. I have to go for my itchies and very sensitive skin but we have had such a lousy summer that I haven't had any trouble yet. My skin is always sensitive but I don't get stabbed unless I start digging myself raw because the shots mess up my liver numbers when I have my blood stolen.

  27. Cody you are SO funny!! :D Yep Austin has his coming up next month, but don't tell him or I will be shredded as he is sitting on my knee!! xox

  28. BTW I meant to say I have posted my Cat and Crow review at CATachresis :)

  29. lol. I stuff my kitties in carriers too.. I don't take any guff

  30. Well, I don't mind going to the vet though and I can tell you that mika loves going there. He adores the vet. I like him too because he gives me treats (but my mom says they are actually tablets.). He is gentle and careful too.

  31. Cody~Yep...sounds so familiar! Except I don't fall for the treat thing. Mom puts it in the back of my jail, and I look at her blankly. "You're kidding, right?" Then Mi-Mi scoots past me, grabs the treat and scampers back out again. The only time that jail looks good to me is when the vet takes me out and does her horrible thing to me. Then I grab for my sanctuary/jail and pull it toward me to get into it.

  32. We are with you on that sweet Cody...Mumsy and Popsy enjoy those trips a lot more than we do. Mumsy always tells us it is for our good though. We wonder how she would feel if we put her in one of those carrier thingies and hauled her off to the doctor.

    We started a blog for us kitties on Blogger...check it out sometime. Mumsy will get a post out for us this weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  33. Me and Charlie love singing smiling Dakota at the vets as you watch with utter disdain, gorgeous Cody!! LOL!! Very good!! Take care

  34. when we took alex to the vet we always played James Taylor as his travel music. Now james plays constantly in my car...

  35. Well that sure was a fun post, sorry Cody, even though it was at your expense it had us smiling and laughing!! It is pretty awesome how much your Mom and Dad love you!!

  36. @Deb thanks much! Yeah...Mom's best posts are at my expense MOL!! Except for her one on Thursday...that was one of our faves! Love, Cody PS: Glad we could make you smile and laugh! xoxoxo

    @Hilary awwww Mom said she remembers you saying that ((((hugs))))

    @Old Kitty MOL!!! Dakota is a real trip isn't he? MOL! Thank you!! xoxo

    @Maggie we will check out your blog for sure!! Hoping you have the follow by email option. That is the only way Mom can follow anymore, but if you don't have it, don't worry, Mom will leave a comment bugging you to get it! MOL!! Oh and I love your idea of putting HER in a PTU!! MOL! Love, Cody

    @Kitty Tales you are BOTH smarter than me! I am so food obsessed I will do ANYTHING FOR FOOD!!! MOL!! xoxo

    @Priscilla yep you are like Dakota! He LOVES the vet (as you can see) In all seriousness, we ADORE our vet, we couldn't have a kinder more gentle one! Love, Cody

    @Connie you sound like Mom (you EVIL woman!! MOL!) xoxoxo

    @CATachresis we were there today, shared and left a comment! We loved it! xoxo

    @Eric that is what I mostly go for too, the "itchies!!!" Oooops! time to eat, Mom is calling me! xoxo

    @Meowmeowmans you are most welcome!!!! I am a stickler too, one would call me "obsessed" lol Love, Mom

  37. this house never misses a check up...and when I get to be a 'senior' I will immediately get the senior's blood panel done. My Dad is dashing off as I type to take one of the Kitty Corner cats, she is 10 years old, to the vet 'cuz they found she had a bad swollen mouth a few hours ago...Dad will pay for her to get the very best if Kitty Corner can't afford it. Very impawtant message Cody and Miss Caren, Paw pats, Savannah

  38. C'mon--you CAN'T be serious! Do you even know what **happened** to me there this week???? Do you!!?? ::shudder:: It was too terrible to recount. In fact, I need to go UTB for a little while so I can recover from the mere THOUGHT of it! XOXOXO

  39. Cody,
    You are a riot, my friend, and I think you ought to work a side job as a comedian! You'd make so much money at that new gig that you could pay a vet to visit you for a change! Make Dr. Smiley drive to your house in his PTU, okay? Good idea, right?
    Well, to tell you the truth, I love going for car rides (yup, my mom taught me well) and I ride outside of the PTU because I love to look out the window! And, when I get there I am very casual about the whole thing! No kidding! So, if you need someone to accompany you to the vet, I'm your guy!
    Meows and Purrs,

  40. Luckily I had my annual exam last month, but I hear that I have to go back soon for a teeth cleaning. Oh noes!

  41. Glad I'm not the only one who has to "stuff" her brats in the carrier :)

  42. Our vet has been making house calls while the new clinic is being built. It's so much better than stuffing any of the 4 into their carriers and listening to them "sing" the whole way there and back. Luckily she said that she'll still make house calls even after the building is done!

  43. And Cody? PTU? That's PRISONER Transport Unit, Buddy.

  44. Our mom took all of us to the vet last week and she is still crying over all the moneys she spent! Its an August ritual.

  45. Miss Cindi Lou has an appointment for next month, she is not thrilled. Since the rest of us are half wild (mama's words, we just don't care for strangers) mama is trying to find a vet who will see us. She thinks she has a solution but then she has to get the six of us into PTU's! Good luck to mama!

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  46. Hey! We have that exact pet carrier! MOL I've learned a trick to getting my kitties in it.. Stand it on end and lower them in butt first. That way their front feet can't catch on anything and make it hard to shove them in. They have nothing to push on butt first!

  47. @Andrea I completely LOVE your idea!!! YOU ARE A GENIUS! I am going to try it out next time Cody has to go. THANK YOU!!! Too funny that we have the same carrier too!

    @Squirrel Queen I know of people who use mobile vets, would that work for you? Poor Cindi Lou!

    @Oui wow! How can she take all of you at once? She is brave!

    @Spitty "Prisoner" lmao!! Ooops!! I forgot! Thanks for correcting me pal!And yep! I know what happened! Sorry Pal!

    @2 Punk Dogs you have one nice vet! That is so nice of her to do that!

    @Maggie lol...shhhhh don't tell!

    @Daisy "oh noes!" IS RIGHT!!! It will all be ok though! You will have "minty fresh breath!" MOL!

    @The Chair Speaks thanks! At least SOMEBODY thinks so! MOL!

    @Henry I think YOU are funny! you are pretty "calm about the whole thing?" Well, I am calm but I am not happy one bit!!! But I don't put up a ruckus. Yeah...hmmm...a comedian...that just might be a good gig! Get me a booking!!

    @Savannah your Mommy and Daddy are angels!!