Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Email Madness, You are asking to do a Guest Post? Seriously? -"Wordy" Wednesday

I'm in a mood. I'm stressed to the max. My "bonus" daughter is getting married this weekend, we have a funeral to attend, Cody is still being treated for allergies, Dakota spent the day at the vet with urinary problems, (hopeful that it is just a UTI), I have salon appointments, errands to run, a mountain of laundry to do,  and I am trying to keep up with  my BlogPaws 2012  "Paws On Patrol" responsibilities. Yep that WAS a "run-on" sentence, don't start with me grammar buffs, I told you, I'm in a MOOD.

With all of this going on, the last thing I need to deal with is stupidity...

As I was  digging  through over 100 emails (on just one of my accounts), my eyes were assaulted with THIS: ( the individual who sent it to me is lucky I have chosen to not reveal who she is).


My name is ________, I stumbled upon your blog and I really like the content and theme of your site! I recently started blogging and writing informational articles about motherhood, maternity, health and other things within that niche. I wondering if you accept guest posts? Since last month was Pregnancy Awareness Month I was inspired to continue advocating for healthy pregnancy, and so I thought an article on one of those topics would fit well and be a great resource for your readers. Please let me know if you would be interested in reading one of my articles with the intent of posting it on your site! 
If you are interested in learning ________about me check out my blog __________

Kind Wishes,


Hi _________
Are you KIDDING ME??? 
Just a friendly offering of advice. When you approach a  blogger and state that 
you "love their blog and what they do" you may want to REALLY VISIT THE BLOG 
If you had, you would know that I have a cat blog and a dog blog. 
Unless you are writing about delivering puppies and's a nooo go............ 
I am being nice by telling you to do your homework....others might not 
be....just sayin'........ 
Caren Gittleman 
Pet Blogger/Freelance Writer  
Visit My Blogs: 
Cat Chat With Cody & Caren 
Dakota's Den 
Twitter:@catchatcaren and @dakotasheltie 
IN FULL DISCLOSURE: WARNING WILL ROBINSON!! When you approach me without "doing your homework" be prepared to fail the test and rest assured you will become fodder for my blog.
I have been so busy  I had nothing planned to post today.



  1. We actually got that same form email on our contact form! They took the time to fill out the contact form with that information--which is so strange to me.

  2. Aunty Caren,
    I call this type the new age spammer!!! At least the others offer us millions of dollars or sterling pounds. purrr....meow!

  3. What? IDK how you can't see that motherhood and pregnancy relate so well to the theme and content of your blog. Yes, I am being sarcastic!! I hate spammers, and this is a new low. What an idiot. We get a ton of "oh your blog is so great, so informative, so insightful, just the best thing I have ever read yada yada yada and here is the link to my site which has nothing whatsoever to do with yours." LOL.

  4. You made us laff TWICE in five minutes! First, we laffed over "You're awake!" and then we REALLY laffed over this post.

    Good job!

  5. I love your response., I can't believe that idiot actually sent that to a cat and dog blog. ha ha - that made my day.

  6. Woof! Woof! We get numerous emails like this (exactly) ... useless to reply so just junk n ignore. Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  7. You actually replied to that nutcase? I've received several of such mails but always just delete them. Oh, plus all those mails that tell me they have inherited $20,000,000,000 and they want to be so kind as to give some of it to me if only I could let them use my bank account. Morons.

  8. I got a similar email from someone who dealt with ladies intimate apparel - and my assistant (aka my human) was also in a mood when she saw the email. So you can imagine what she wrote back. Think your response, only a lot more sarcastic.

  9. LOL!!! Love your reply to this spammy email blogger mum Caren!! Yay for you!

    Hugs to Cody and Dakota - sorry about the allergies and the possible UTI. Oh dear! Healing purrs all round! Take care

  10. I agree with Golden Woofs Sugar , just junk n ignore! however loved your reply!
    Best wishes Molly

  11. I love you! You already knew that, right?! I get these all the time and it's disgusting. I just hit "spam" and delete, so I found your response so very satisfying! ;-)
    Hope those spa appointments gave you a few moments of zen, my friend!

  12. Take a deep breath, make a loud yell and take another deep breath. Trust me, you will feel much better after that.

    Hope Cody is doing well and getting better and I pray that Dakota is okay. Keep our fingers and paws crossed that everything is fine too!

    Take care, Caren!

  13. Dear Cody - I will make the mountains fall on these kinds of creepos when I get to Montana - no need to worry anymore!

  14. It's just junk, but wouldn't it be awesome if she delivered both kittens and puppies! Now that would be a story! Ha!Ha!
    So take a deep breath and tackle one thing at a time and remember, laundry hampers and doors are for hiding laundry. Out of sight, out of mind!
    I sure hope Dakota and Cody are okay. :)

  15. @Bassetmomma now THAT WOULD be a story!! lol. I am better today lol. Still waiting on blood work results from Dakota and Lenny dropped off a urine sample this morning. Thank you!! Cody is clearing up nicely so that is good!

    @Art and Sew Forth sounds good to me!

    @Priscilla thank you! Cody is clearing up nicely, we are waiting on blood work results for Dakota and Lenny just dropped off his urine this morning so we will see. Hopeful it is just a UTI. He started antibiotics last night

    @Sue I LOVE YOU TOO! I normally hit "spam" "delete" too but this one was one of the more moronic ones and in the mood I was in I felt it warranted a crappy response :) Made me feel better to do so!

    @Ingrid King lol....I am...!!! xoxoxo

    @Molly I normally do! Remember, I was in a "mood" hehehe

    @Old Kitty so glad you liked it! lol. I heard that Charlie had dental work done, I am hoping that all went swimmingly! Going to stop by and see if you posted about it xoxoxo

    @Sparkle OMG!! People are UNREAL!!! See? YOU understand how when you are "in a mood" sometimes it feels better when you DO respond!

    @The Furries. Of course I did! I was in a "mood", remember? Trust me I do NOT respond to 99% of them and YES I get TONS of these all the time. This one stood out more than most lol

    @Golden Woofs, yep I get tons of 'em too and as I said above I don't respond to 99% of them. For me it wasn't "useless" to was nice to direct my stress and mood onto someone that was right in my line of fire hehehe

    @Mario yep!! Thank you!! So happy you liked it!!

    @Spitty MOL!! I KNEW you would "laff" over "you're awake!!" MOL!! Glad I could make you laugh again!! I'm normally not quite as mean as some would think lol xoxoxo

    @Julia don'tcha just love it? I figured that everyone could relate! :)

    @Scarlett and Melly yep!! Thank you!! xoxoxo

  16. For the love of Ceiling Cat...

    Srsly, the only thing worse than getting the completely generic (and utterly insincere) "Love your blog, would you look at 'xyz' and tell me what you think", has to be finding this kind of stupidity waiting for you. Argh...

    (But if only you weren't so overwhelmed right now... would've loved reading your "article" on Feline Maternity... Cody being such an expert on pregnancy, and all... teeheehee!) Hope things settle down and Cody & Dakota's issues clear up SOON. xoxo

  17. What a great blog Caren - we hope they learned but doubt it very much.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. @GlamKitty MOL!!! It was SHE who wanted to do the guest post! lol. If you need her contact info, I have it if you are interested!!!! KIDDING!!! lol Thank you about Cody and Dakota. Cody's allergies are clearing up nicely and we are just waiting on 2 more test results for Dakota xoxoxo

    @Hannah and Lucy THANK YOU! You know what? They probably didn't read my response because they would consider it to be SPAM. They can spam others but won't read anyone else's!! lol

  19. Oh my goodness....this is JUST what you need in the midst of the wedding, Cody and Dakota's health issues, and the billion and one other things you're doing just now! Obviously this person chose to take the easy way out and send a blanket spam to everyone - when it would have been SO MUCH MORE SENSIBLE (!) to target the appropriate audience. Idiot? I think so!!! (but I did get a good giggle out of it.... tee hee).

    Pam (and Sam)

  20. Mommy is snickering VERY loudly! SOMEBODY was asleep at the wheel on the other end. SOME humans *shakes head*....

  21. We get misguided emails like this often! I just delete them. Thanks for the get well wishes!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  22. Bwaaaaaaa ha ha! I got the same e-mail and just deleted it! I SO wish I'd taken the time to do a witty reply!

  23. We got it too, but I just told her my Dad was already pregnant and we were expecting kittens any day.

  24. I also get silly emails from people wanting to be on my blog. Many are just as silly as this one.. I think they just maybe send them out blind without looking at the blog.. stoopid people... Hugs GJ xx

  25. I get those kind of things all the time. It is just people trying to connect with your blog. I get spam comments like that all the time. People really are so stupid. But they are just trying to get hooked up to get their blog or whatever on Google. That kind of stuff, you need to delete right away.
    It is so maddening. HOpe your days get better. Take care.

  26. Thanks Caren!! You made me smile today :))) I’ve had loads of those kind of emails and I just know they haven’t a clue what the blog is about!! (Even I don’t know, lol) Good answer and now stop and BREATHE for a minute before you start off again on your million mile an hour schedule pace xox

  27. Oy, we get sooo many of these at work, it's ridiculous! I loved your response though!! :)

  28. Occassionally we get one of those spam emails too. (we didn't get this particular one) WE laugh too and we wonder what in the world they are thinking.

    Time to try and catch your breath!
    Wow what a schedule you have.
    Hope things lighten up soon.

  29. I'm really annoyed by this kind of e-mail, but your response made me feel so good!! Oh you cracked me up with "unless you are writing about delivering puppies and kittens..." part :-) You are very smart and very kind to give a good reply message!!

  30. at least mine have so far gone into my spam folder and I just delete...what a drag...don't those folks have a life????

  31. Hi my friend. Sending love to you! Heaps and heaps. Sounds like you have a very full plate. Healing thoughts for Dakota and Cody. And for you too. HUGS! xo

  32. MOL! We've been getting some weird emails lately, too!

  33. Dear Caren,
    Between Daddy and my UTI and her being sick and Bob and her job changing, she has been really not happy....Yous made Mommy laugh OUT LOUD!!!
    She needed that!

  34. These types of emails are the bane of my existence!
    Love your response ;o)

  35. This happens to me all the time. Thank you for typing what I always want to type!

  36. @Angie yep i am CERTAIN that it does happen to you all of the time!!! lol!!! Ohhhh I can soooooo relate! You are welcome and it was my pleasure to be the "ROTTEN" are waaay to nice! :)

    @The Purr Diaries yep mine too!! Thank you!!

    @Nellie, "Mom", Bob, everyone in your house Nellie!! (((((hugs))))) I am so sorry you have all of that stuff going on and I CAN relate!! You know that we had a funeral yesterday, my step-daughter is getting married Saturday, Dakota has a UTI...Cody is getting over allergies, BlogPaws is coming.......I can soooooooooooooooo relate! Sending you ((((hugs)))) and healing thoughts and much love!

    @Sweet Purrfections, i can imagine!

    @Ann Hi! Good to see you!! Catching your love with both arms and it is much appreciated! Also sending TONS back at ya!

    @savannah, well on this one I do not doubt that she has a blog. She just needs to do her homework a little better. It wasn't quite as "spammy" as some of the more obvious ones.

    @Tamago awww THANK YOU!!! YOU made me smile and I so appreciate that!! ((((hugs))))

    @Meg and Quill :)

    @Abby THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I am catching it inbetween guzzling caffeine! :) xoxoxoxo

    @Stacy THANK YOU!! I am certain that you do!! Can't wait to see you next week!

    @Carolyn THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! It is greatly appreciated!!! ((((hugs))))

    @Marg thanks! ohhhh I know what it is and what they are doing. I just found this one to be more humorous than most :)

    @GJ "stoopid" indeed! xoxoxo


    @houndstooth I usually delete like most of the rest of you, but I was dying to tell someone off and the "poor dear" set herself up so perfectly that I just couldn't resist!

    @Cheri you are welcome!! ((((hugs)))) Yep I usually delete too but this one was far too "special" to ignore lol

    @Rykers "some humans" sooooooo true! It would be sooooo much better if everything in life were run by CATS!!

    @Pam and Sammy I thought you might enjoy it! :) You are far too kind to reply in the way that I did. I need to take lessons from some of you folks who are soooo nice that I appear to be the "devil in disguise" lol!!!! xoxoxo

  37. Hahaha!! What a fool that e-mailer was--I am glad that you were so kind as to set her straight! I hate getting those e-mails.

    Try to keep your stress level down during this hectic time--take lots of deep breaths and picture your happy place, wherever that may be...

  38. You gave good advice there..HH mumbles and grumbles when she gets those types of emails too.

    Pawhugs, Max

  39. OMC, that is SO annoying. I think you handled it in pretty kind fashion, Caren!

    Here's hoping all that stuff that needs to get done gets done. :)

  40. Wow, I would have just dumped that email in the trash.
    So, my stepdaughter got married a week and a half ago, and at least my cats didn't get sick! I feel for you. Hopefully the kitties will get better and the wedding will be glorious and over soon.

  41. I guess we aren't good enough to get junk email of that nature! Perhaps she was thinking of doing a post about how pets lower blood pressure? Think of what she could charge you for that!

  42. Yes, we wuz pretty excited for Matt Cain.

    So you're a Tigers' fan? A furiend of the Human's family had a brother that played third base for the Tigers back in the 1930's. The furiend, his sister Vi, even writed a book about him. So we has a little soft spot for them (and after all, their name is TIGERS!)

  43. just have to love the spammers. :( I've gotten some strange e-mails like that, too. Clearly the people sending them haven't read or even visited my blog if they're offering posts on completely unrelated topics!

    I hope your stress diminishes soon. I've been pretty stressed myself as well. My fur babies send their purrs and prays to you as well.

  44. LOL Silly peoples. I hope you have a chance to relax soon.

  45. @Cynthia me too!

    @Sierra they should be ashamed! I am so sorry that you have been stressed too! Sending calming energy your way!

    @Spitty that is soooo cool! What was the name of the player? I will tell my husband! I am an Indians fan first and foremost, Tigers are secondary cause i live here!

    @Oui Oui...ohhhh trust me, you are "good enough" they just haven't found you yet! My pets lately have not been lowering my blood pressure! lol

    @cattywampus congrats on your stepdaughter's marriage! I hope all went well!!! You KNOW how it is!

    @meowmeowmans I did laundry yesterday!! Woooo hoooooo!

    @Max Ohhhh I bet she does! lol

    @TMW my happy place? HAWAII HAWAII HAWAII!!!

  46. Ugg... don't get me started is right. I am so sick of this violation of my privacy. I get it all day long at work with telemarketers that call without doing their homework and my emails are constantly assaulted with this crap. And seriously, just how much viagra and cialis can I use? Not to mention, I'm a female, and not to mention, as a cat blogger with a full time job, who the hell has time for sex anyhow? GRRRRRRRRRR... MOOD...........