Thursday, June 28, 2012

Calling all pet lovers! Nominate an animal shelter to receive a $10,000 grant from Purina ONE® beyOnd®.

Copy, paste, submit. That’s it to help a shelter win $10,000 - that’s a lot of food and leashes for five minutes!

Submissions are accepted June 28 through July 30, 2012.

Purina, Cody and I strongly believe animal shelters play a very important role in our world. Not only do they provide essential services to animals in need, they also improve the overall health and well-being of our communities. Purina ONE beyOnd recognizes this and is shining a light on innovative shelters that are doing more than just providing care - they are changing people's perception of shelter pets from pity to praise as they find these loving animals forever families.

Please consider helping to spread the word today. There are thousands of deserving groups out there making a difference and they all deserve a shot. They can only be nominated if you let them know it’s available and it’s as easy as posting on your Facebook page or Twitter.


  1. Goodness, think of the good that could do!!! Hooray for Purina!

  2. Wow... I am making a note to participate and share this... Just so many great companies helping animals... I really am blown away sometimes at how generous our world can be. If only it were always this way...

  3. @Brian sooo true!!!

    @Deb so glad you will be participating!!

  4. Shelters need all those green papers
    Benny & Lily

  5. We saved this page so we can nominate a shelter this weekend. Thanks for coming to our party, Cody! How much you ate is just between us mancats! We hope you had a good time, and we know a couple ladycats had a good time because you were there!

  6. This is amazing....I'm going to share it with the great people over at PAWS.
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  7. Wow, we gotta go check this out! Mommy click that linky pleeease!!

  8. Oh Wow! Me is going to have to go and see if Canada is eligible! And me wants to thanks yous again for the award! Yes me knows me already gotted it, but that yous thinks me is illuminating makes my day!