Thursday, June 21, 2012

BlogPaws: "Leaving on a jet plane"...OR NOT...."Celebrate me home perhaps?"

Hi every furry and 2-legger. It's Cody. See that photo above? That was Mom yesterday. I'll tell you why she looked like that in a moment, but for now let me tell you how the story unfolded.

I knew something was up for weeks. Mom was hi-jacking my our blog with photos of Toki Poki cards:

Visit Toki Poki here
and business cards. 

There was a mad rush to make Flat Pets of Dakota and I:

Visit Pancake Pets right here
A giant suitcase was packed with enough clothes for everyone at BlogPaws to wear for a week (and then some). There was room left to fill up with "swag" for Dakota and I. Alas...that was not to be.

Mom was excited and ecstatic to be leaving yesterday for BlogPaws 2012. The conference that enables pet brands and bloggers to meet each other and be united for all sorts of fun events and promotions. Mom had "Newbie" tables reserved for breakfast for Friday morning, she was rarin' to go. I, on the other paw was distraught. Mom would be winging her way to Utah and I would be stuck with Dad, better known as the DOG LOVER.

Watching Mom getting ready to leave, I knew I had to act and FAST! I had to work my magic with the "powers that be" and find a way to keep Mom home! If not, I would be listening to Mom singing THIS:

As many of you know,  Mom has a chronic kidney condition called Medullary Sponge Kidneys. It is painful and causes Mom to have 100s of stones all the time! Mom had 2 lithotripsies in the past 5 weeks to smash some of the stones and another had already been scheduled for July 11.

 That was it!! I would work "magic" and find a way to keep Mom home by channeling through her kidneys!

The process of working my magic started yesterday morning. Mom was sick and crying with shaking chills and pain. Much to my dismay, at that time she was not to be deterred. She said her tearful goodbyes to Dakota and I, and I watched as Dad dragged Mom's zillion pound suitcase out the door.

Within two hours, what did my emerald eyes see? Mom (still crying) walking BACK through the door!! What in the name of cats happened? I shrieked! This was too good to be true! The human kibble dispenser was home!!

Mom told me that she became sick in the car with pain and chills and was terrified that the 4-hour dehydrating plane ride that would be heading to 99 degree temps in Utah would do her in. Mom was afraid that she would become even more sick on the plane, or worse yet, AT the conference. She tearfully asked Dad to turn the car around and go back.  Mom said it was the hardest decision she ever had to make, but she was too sick to go.

While Mom was and is devasted to be  missing the conference, she soooo wanted to see her blogging buddies and all of the brands that would be at the conference, I, on the other paw was ecstatic, albeit feeling a tad guilty that I had worked my feline magic spell casting. All I could think of was this:

Don't worry....Mom will be attending ALL of the BlogPaws livestream events, she has been tweeting, and she will be actively sharing as many conference posts, tweets and comments as she can.

Me? I will be happily munching on my kibble and happy to have my Mom right by my side. I'm not ALL bad. I have been guarding and protecting her ever since she returned. Just remember BlogPaws peeps and sponsors....she may LOVE all of you, and be MISSING YOU LIKE CRAZY...but now she's MINE....ALL MINE!!!!
I haven't left Mom's side!
This is where I am while
she is helping me type
Love, Cody


  1. Oh, Cody, we're torn on this one! On the one paw, we're glad you have your mom where she should be, at home with YOU, waiting on you hand and foot as befits your station in life.

    But on the other paw, we're so sorry she's not well and has had to miss out this year. We suppose it wouldn't do any good to say a conference isn't life and death, and that one's health is far more important.

    Anyway, lots of purrs to your mom, we hope she's better SOON!

  2. Oh, NO!! Caren, I'm soooooo sorry you're missing the conference and getting to see/meet all of your friends... but even sorrier about the why. :(

    At least Cody isn't gloating too much... erm... right, Cody?! (You better keep that furry butt of yours parked next to your mom for the duration, young man... or you're gonna have a lot of readers to answer to! ;))

    Sending healing energies your way, Caren, and hoping you do get to feeling well enough to watch all the streaming, and maybe even to Skype with some of the attendees! xoxo

  3. OMC - your poor Mom. We sure hope she feels very much better very soon. My staff had to turn around and cancel, too, so we know a little about that huge disappointment. Cody, I think you need to go on a year of training so you can go with your mom next year. No magic tricking needed.

  4. Oh Cody, sorry to hear about your Mama's health issues, but when it comes to health stuff that is definitely a priority. Hope she gets better soon, meanwhile dont leave her side and give her all your love for a speedy recovery.

  5. Caren, Mommy sez to tell you she is SO very sorry this happened! She knows you must be devastated!
    Since she couldn't go either, she'll keep you company!

  6. Oh Cody, please give your Mom a great big ( but easy) hug from all of us. We know how much she was looking forward to going and she has got to be so sad, not to mention the pain. At least she is home when you can take care of her.

  7. Oh Cody - poor mom. We're sending big hugs to her. But, under the circumstances, she made a wise decision to stay home. She would not be happy of she would have landed in the hospital while out there. I know it's disappointing for her, but there is always next year.

  8. Oh your poor poor Mom! That sounds awfully painful. While we are very sad she had to give the trip a miss this year, we are glad she made a very wise decision.
    Now Cody and Dakota, take care of your Mom!
    We're sending your Mom lots of purrs and prayers that she feels better soon.

  9. OMC! Your poor Mom! She was so enthusiastic about the conference. We feel for her. It sounds like something TW would do. She's got a killer migraine right now cos of the heat the humidity here. Maybe she could Skype in or something. Hope she can get her $$ back for the flight and conference. I'll buy her that drink some other time. xoxo

  10. we hope your mom is feeling better soon...and we think you may have to feel a little more guilty about this one....

  11. @Random Felines yeah...I do feel pretty guilty :) But Mom is feeling better! Love, Cody

    @CK Mom was a "Paws On Patrol Peep" for the conference so that was all ok. Mom said to tell you she is so sorry about your migraine. The heat has been awful!

    @The Furries, as sad as Mom is about missing everything, she agrees with you. It was a painful decision but one she had to make none the less!

    @Mario, EXACTLY. mom kept thinking of how Dad wouldn't have been able to fly to Utah if she had been in the hospital. If it had been closer she would have risked it cause it would have been easier for Dad to get there.

    @Brian Mom said thank you! She is quite sad but is looking forward to watching the live streaming in a few hours.

    @Rykers Mom said she would LOVE for you to keep her company and told you that was so sweet to offer!

    @sunshine Mom said thank you and no worries...I'm on it!! Love, Cody

    @Fisher and Staff...oh nooooooo!!! You had to cancel too? I hope that all is ok and Mom said to tell you she is so very sorry!!!! Be sure to watch the live streaming! xoxoxo

    @Glamkitty thank you!!!!!!!! Mom is gonna watch the live streaming for sure!!!!!

    @Fuzzy Tales Mom said to tell you thank you and she sends a HUGE HUG!!! ((((hug))))

  12. Oh your poor mum! Cody, we know you are glad she is staying home with you, but we wish it could have been in a gentler way.
    Hope you are feeling better very soon Karen.

  13. Beautiful Cody!!! Awwww you are doing a great job looking after mum! Of course you want her home with you! But we also know that mum was so looking forward to going! We hope she gets plenty of rest now and enjoys as much of the conference online as she can! Yay! take care

  14. Oh No, we are so sorry Caren. We know how much you were looking forward to going. But we sure think you sure made the right decision. You would have been miserable. But we know you are sad that you couldn't go. Take care.

  15. No way!!!! We are so sorry she is missing the event
    Benny & Lily

  16. @Benny & Lily Mom says thank you and "YES WAY"

    @Marg you are exactly right. It was just too much of a risk, that is for sure.

    @Old Kitty thank you! Mum is definitely going to be watching the live streaming real soon!!

    @Eric and Flynn you are so sweet. Mom said not to worry about "KAREN" she answers to anything!

  17. Golly Caren we are sooo sorry what a real bummer and we can't find words enough to say how we feel , but damn and blast will do. Take Care Kiddo and go tweet!
    Best wishes Molly

  18. Caren, it's a bummer :(

    Cody It's an ill wind :)

    I really hope you feel better soon Caren. Perhaps all of us who can't go should have virtual BlogPaws!!! xox

  19. Cody, that was pretty sneaky of you to figure out a way to get your mom to stay home with you! We're sorry she didn't get to go, though. Our mom was gonna go too...but then last week she just cancelled all her plans because there was too much going on here and she just couldn't pull it off.

    Cody, now it's your duty to cuddle with your mom and make her feel better real fast!

  20. You poor thing!! I hope you feel better very soon!!

  21. @Meg and Quill...thank you!!! It was the right decision...difficulty on right side :(

    @The Island Cats...ohhhhh I am so sorry you couldn't make it too. That is awful!! Did you hear that next year it is in Tyson's Corners Virginia again where it was last year!! Hope no more Hurricanes! lol

    @Carolyn....ohhhhhhhhh I LOVE how you think!! xoxoxo

    @Molly and Wally "damn" and "BLAST" PURRFECT!!! xoxoxo

  22. Oh nose! Cody, we know how much your Mom was looking forward to this trip, she must be so devastated...we're doin' pouty faces here on her behalf! Thank Cod she has you by her side, that's no doubt making all the difference in the world.
    Big hugs from all of us to you and especially your Mom.
    CindyLu, et al xx

  23. O Caren, I am so sorry to hear you aren't well enough to go. You were so excited! We are all purring for you so you feel better soon. Too bad you couldn't go to the bean vet and take a later flight. Thankfully Cody is turning on the sweetness. We are so disappointed for you! Purrs and kitty kisses!

  24. @Oui Oui funny you said that. Mom was feeling somewhat better today and thought of a different flight herself. Logistically and physically it isn't a good idea with the 2nd litho looming in just a few weeks. Thanks so much for your "purrs and kitty kisses!!" xoxoxo

    @Kim and CindyLu Mom sends you a HUGE thank you and can feel the love!!!!! xoxoxo

  25. My human is really bummed she could not meet up with your human at BlogPaws, Cody! She is having lots of fun but says her presence is very much missed!

  26. So sorry that you're not feeling well.Get well soon.cody look after you mum you mischief maker

  27. Oh! We're so sorry for your poor mummy, and I'm sending some of my super healing Doctor RUMBLEPURR cuddles!

  28. @Sparkle your comment touched Mom so much!!! Mom is devastated that she can't be there either. She is watching you guys as much as possible on LiveStream. She sends hugs and kisses! Love, Cody

    @Rumblepurr THANK YOU!!! Mom says she needs them sooooo much! xoxoxo

    @speedrabbit I am taking good care of Mum!!

  29. Dearest Cody (and Caren),
    OH that is awful for your Mommy! Me is so sad that she did not gets to goes! Me and Mommy and the hairy slobbery sisters Bob and Cinnamon, oh yes Kozmo too is sending her healing thoughts! We knows it works!
    And Cody and Dakota will takes extra special care of yous!
    Kisses and Purrayers
    Nellie, Kozmo, Bob, Cinnamon and Mommy

  30. I am so sorry that your Momma was too sick to go to Blog Paws, but at least she home where you can help take care of her! Tell your Momma I hope she is well soon!

  31. @Bassetmomma you are right! I am taking great care of her! Love, Cody

    @Nellie, Kozmo, Bob, Cinnamon and Mommy THANK YOU!!!!!! mom was devastated but knows she did the right thing based on how she was feeling and the climate she would have been flying into. She didn't want to spend the conference in her hotel room or worse yet...the hospital!! Hoping you can make BlogPaws 2013! It is going to be in Tysons Corners Virginia again May 16 through May 18!!!

  32. I was so heartbroken for your mom that she couldn't make it to BlogPaws. I was sad for me, too, cuz I was finally going to get to meet her. I hope she's feeling better and that she can get fixed what's making her sick.

    Sending healing hugs & purrs.

  33. Oh Cody, I know how happy you must have been to have her home, but I'm sad she couldn't go. I know how excited she was to be going, and surely must have been heartbroken.

  34. Wow, that really sucks, we are so sorry you missed the conference!!!