Friday, June 15, 2012

Royal Canin To Donate Bowls of Cat Food Through Live Tweets Generated At BlogPaws! And A "Sneak Peek" at their NEWEST FOOD LINE!

Hi everyone! It's Cody and I am grinning like the Cheshire cat with news I am about to share with you that I received from my furiends at Royal Canin today!

As many  ok 3 or 4 of you MOL, know that have been reading my blog for the past 2 years, I am a Royal Canin guy through and through. I have been eating their Veterinary formula bagged and canned rabbit ever since I developed allergies. I love my Royal Canin cat food and have been known to be relentless in my never-ending quest for more of it!

It was only natural that I would be one of the cool cats that were chosen to hear about some things going on with Royal Canin,  and I am SUPER excited to share this impawtant news with you!

You can see we buy the INDUSTRIAL

Royal Canin is a "Friends Of BlogPaws Sponsor" and is a long-time supporter of shelter pets. For those of you who will be going to BlogPaws, (I will be there in FLAT form and Mom will be there in FAT form but I digress), Royal Canin has created a "kitty cam" and will be broadcasting live cat action video from the open-cage cat rescue, Clowder House Foundation, in St.Louis, MO.

Here comes the part that will help the kitties! For everyone who stops by the Royal Canin booth at BlogPaws and TWEETS #RoyalCaninGives, they will donate a bowl of their HOT-OFF-THE-PRESSES-NEW SPAYED/NEUTERED line of foods, to the adoptable, on-screen cats of the Clowder House! How cool is that!? I am sure Mom will be standing loitering there tweeting her little heart out! If you are going to BlogPaws you need to be doing the same!

Did ya catch the part about the NEW line of food that Royal Canin will be giving a "sneak peak" at for the lucky cats attending BlogPaws? The SPAYED/NEUTERED line of food was developed because while we all know the multitude of reasons why spaying/neutering is so impawtant, it brings with it some changes to kitties. A couple of those changes are a decrease in energy and an INCREASE of appetite! I have first-paw experience about that! The Royal Canin NEW SPAYED/NEUTERED line of food will be the FIRST line of food specifically tailored for spayed and neutered cats!!

BlogPaws attendees get to try it before ANYBODY ELSE! What I wouldn't give to have Royal Canin install a "Mommy Cam" so I could see live-action video of Mommy with her face in the bowl of cat food tasting it!!! Now THAT would be a show, but once again, I digress...

Sooo BlogPaws kitty peeps be sure to stop by the Royal Canin booth and help the shelter kitties and my mom when she gets tired from tweeting #RoyalCaninGives for the entire conference!

I was not compensated for this post. I already am a customer of Royal Canin. They didn't even give me one piece of rabbit kibble for writing this, not a one. Because of that, Mom had better score some Royal Canin swag at BlogPaws....just sayin'....


  1. Cody!
    That looks like the bestest! Me has puts it on the list of things to gets when wes in Spokane with Bob next week. Thanks for telling mes about it!
    PS Is yous and Dakota OK? Inquiring minds wants to know.

  2. Hi Nellie! So sweet of you to ask!! We haven't gotten blood or urine results back from Dakota but he is on an antibiotic. Mom is hanging in there! Wedding festivities start TOMORROW...crazy, hectic weekend. Mom needs a vacation big time but none in sight for the foreseeable future! What about you guys? How is Bob doing? How is your Mom doing? Sending you much love Nellie! Love, Cody

  3. Cody my friend,
    We are all on RC too nowadays...all because of Brad. It's sooooo yummy that we could finish the large bag in just a week. I hope your meowmy will earn bagfuls for you at BlogPaws!

    Hey Aunty Caren,
    Did you notice I've installed the email following button thingy? purrr...meow!

  4. I sure hope the girl brings me home some samples from BlogPaws!!! I love your idea of a mommy-cam. Maybe I can outfit her with a Glogirly-cam.
    ; ) Katie

  5. Honey, we don't think your Mommy qualifies for the Spay/Neuter food. MOL.
    We hope your Mommy doesn't disappoint when she returns from Blogpaws!

  6. I have passed on the fabulous ‘Sunshine Award’ to you! Please pop over and scroll down to the award post and collect it.
    Best wishes Molly.

  7. Oh Cody I bet your Mom brings back ALLLLLLLLLLLLL kinds of swag for you from Blog Paws including some Royal Canin stuff! Trust me - there will be a BAG of SWAG with your name all over it! Tee Hee. Hope Dakota is feeling better and your Mom doesn't have a nervous breakdown.... :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  8. Oh wow, Cody, it sure sounds like you will be winning all kinds of bowls of food. Hope Mom brings lots home for ya. Sending tons of purrs to Dakota and hope the blood work turns out just dandy. Have a good week end.

  9. @Molly THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! But...I have had it a number of times (which I am grateful for ) and just don't have time to blog about it...THANK YOU FOR BEING SO KIND THOUGH!!! Pls give it to someone who hasn't had it yet. Thank you though! xoxoxo

    @Cat from Sydney, rarely get to my blog roll anymore been too busy so that is why I didn't know. Thank you!!!!! xoxoxo

    Thanks guys...gotta stuff all weekend!

  10. Eva and Mika used to have Royal Canin and they loved it a lot.

  11. Hannah eats Royal Canin sensitivity control chicken and rice for her breakfast everyday - this seems to settle her tummy so she can eat other things the rest of the day. Take a deep breath Caren and relax for two minutes - you'll feel better. Purrs to Cody.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Thinking of you and hope the wedding is puurfect!

  13. Cody
    that sure sounds like some very good noms.


  14. That sounds like a purrfect thing that RC is doing for the shelter. so many need extra helps in any paws they can get it!
    I am sure your meowmy with come home with sumfing for you... even if she she has to ((gasp)) buy it! get better scritches & hugs for Datoka. Hope meowmys doesn't get an upset tummy from all her busy busy stuffins right now!

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