Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Hi every one! It's Cody and today is a special day! It is the wedding anniversary of my Mom and Dad. While Mom is winging her way back from BlogPaws, (nope you aren't crazy! This was written BEFORE the dreaded- kidney- stone- attack- on- the -way- to -the- airport!! I am too lazy to change it! MOL!!), I thought I would take over OUR MY blog for the day.

Most of you know the story of ME, what other story IS there to know? Few of you know the story of how my Mom and Dad met.

It is a story of fate, belief, trust, hope, risk, courage, guts, you get the idea! Settle down with a cup of catnip tea, put your paws up and I will tell you.

Back in 2000, Mom's Dad, who lived in Florida at the time and is no longer with us became quite ill. Mom's brother also lived in Florida and Mom and her brother decided to purchase computers to keep in touch via AOL which was all the rage back then. Mom purchased her computer on April 20, 2000.

On April 29, 2000 Mom was hopping from chat room to chat room which was ALSO the rage back then, when she received an IM from TeacherLenny. He liked her screen name, can't share it with you, but trust me, it was like bees and honey MOL. Dad was smart enough to interpret Mom's screen name in another way, which touched on Mom's passion for words, debate and Rhetoric (which was her major in college).

The two hit it off, they chatted for at least two hours! No surprise to many of you with Mom's inability to write briefly or speak in a brief manner. The problem was, as my Dad so tactfully put it, Mom was "GUD" which translates to GEOGRAPHICALLY UNDESIRABLE. Mom was in Ohio and Dad was living in Michigan.

Mom knew in her heart that she was supposed to be with Dad and no amount of discouragement from him and trust me there was PLENTY, could keep Mom from acting upon what she knew in her heart would be. Mom is one determined cuss and when she sets her mind on something that she believes in, and has a passion for, there is no stopping her. To Mom, the word "No" NEVER means "no" is just an obstacle, a temporary road-block if you will, and when Mom wants something she will work with dogged (sorry kitties), determination until her dreams become reality.

Mom had sent a resume to a company in Michigan who was hiring and felt that if she were meant to be in Michigan she would get the job. You got it! Mom got the job and not only did she get it, but the kind company PAID Mom's moving expenses to bring her to Michigan.  Showing how everything in life is "timing", Mom lost that job due to downsizing 9 months later, but it served as an important vehicle, pun not intended, to bring her to Michigan.

Since this post is already too long, I won't bore you with the rest of the sordid details of their courtship, but, Mom was the epitome of someone who knew that they had to  follow their gut, listen to their heart, take a risk (by giving up her newspaper job after having had it for 21 and a half years!), leaving her friends and the city she grew up in and loved. She moved to Michigan where she knew NO ONE but Dad, and Dad and she were NOT a couple AT ALL when she first moved here!

Now, here we are, celebrating their SIXTH wedding anniversary!!! Who'd a thunk it? Certainly NOT Dad! MOL! But Mom? She knew where she should be all along, and that place was in Michigan, spending her life with DAD!!!


Now if you will excuse me, I must go and practice giving Mom the "back of disrespect" after having the nerve to leave me for a few days while she cavorted at BlogPaws in Salt Lake City, Utah.  OR many of you already know!!!

Love, Cody


  1. Happy anniversary to your humans, Cody! I hope they had an awesome celebration!

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  3. Happy Anniversary Caren and Lenny! Love,
    Debbie, Rich, and assorted furry and feathery family members

  4. Wishing your parents a spectacular anniversary!

  5. Have a very happy anniversary Caren and Dad!Speedy say's it time for another speedy party,well you know how he love to have fun and games,he's such a party animal!

  6. What an amazing story. Here's wishing your Mom and Dad a Happy Anniversary and MANNY MANY more to come!

  7. Happy Anniversary to your pawrents. What a lovely tale of how they met. Some things are just meant to be :)xx

  8. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad !
    LOVED to read the story about how they met <3

  9. Happy anniversary to your mom and dad!

    We think your mom sure was gutsy, to do that. There's a quote (from Julia Williams, maybe?): Leap and the net will appear. That's exactly what your mom did!

  10. Happy Anniversary and what a cool story. Love it , there is no such thing as obstacles just hurdles we need to jump! Well done and have a great day!
    Best wishes Molly

  11. What a lovely story about how your humans found true love! Please tell them Happy Anniversary from us will you? I know your Mom missed going to BlogPaws BUT at least she and your Dad are together for their BIG DAY!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy (and his Mom)

  12. Happy anniversary to your mom and dad, Cody!

    What a lovely story of true love, trust, guts and everything! Thanks so much for sharing their wedding pictures, they are so sweet and beautiful.

    We are so glad that your mom has found your dad or your dad was so lucky to be found. Anyway, I believe it's because of your dad, you have your brother Dakota and you know that we love him a lot (you know we love you too, of course. You're the only kitty that we love!!!)

    Hope they have a grand celebration and you and Dakota are invited too.

  13. Happy Anniversary! I wish you WERE on your way back from BlogPaws - we missed you so much!

  14. What a romantic lovely story!! Awwwww! Mum and Dad were meant to be!! Happy anniversary to the gorgeous couple! Take care

  15. What a wonderful romantic story. And may we point out that she stalked her prey (er we mean she followed her heart) with cat like intensity. ~Socks & Scylla

    I likes the dogged determination your Mom displayed. Glad she got your Dad. ~Fenris

    Happy Anniversary to both your parents.

  16. That is a great story Cody. And Happy anniversary to the Mom and Dad. Glad your Mom doesn't know the meaning of the word NO. Hope they have a fantastic day.

  17. Aww... da corss uv troo luvz... it'z a long 'n bumpy road, teehee! (Kinda nice bein "fixt"--hmph, az tho we were "broken" before--'n not havin' to worry about such fhingz, innit?)
    Wishin ur pawrents a bery happy anniversary, Cody... 'n hopin' dey haz da senss ta celebrayt it wif lotz uv sammun 'n toona! ;D
    xoxo, Boomie

  18. That's SUCH a sweet story!!! Congratulations and HAPPY Anniversary! XOXO Meeting in a chat room...what are the chances!?

    Oddly enough, Michigan was involved in Glogirly and Gloman's love affair. Almost opposite though...they met in Minneapolis just two weeks before Glogirly would move to Michigan, where she also knew no one. She was supposed to be starting a new life. But because of a chance meeting shortly before her move, she knew the moment she left for Michigan, that her heart was back in Minneapolis. Well it took a little time, but once she followed her heart home, they lived (I mean live) happily ever after. hehe!

    Enjoy your special day! To us, our anniversary is the most special day of the year.

    Glogirly & Katie

  19. What a great story! You are so brave and sure! I am impressed, again!

    Hope you feel better!

  20. @Fuzzy Tales I absolutely ADORE THIS " Leap and the net will appear" THANK YOU for sharing!!!

    @CRichman thank you!!

    @Meg & Quill..THANK YOU! I don't know if it is "brave" DEFINITELY translates to Yes I am feeling much better thanks!!

    @Layla THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    @Glogirly & Katie I love that you shared your "meeting" story too!! It shows we must listen to our hearts. You, were lucky to LEAVE Michigan lol...I had to end up here!!! lol. Thank you for your wishes!! xoxoxo

    @GlamKitty thank you!!! We are gonna have Middle Eastern food!!

    @Marg thank you!! You wouldn't be glad that Mom doesn't know the meaning of the word "NO" if you were Dad!!! MOL!!

    @Alasandra...I absolutely LOVED this " she stalked her prey (er we mean she followed her heart) with cat like intensity" Wish I had thought of that! Love, Cody

    @Old Kitty yep they were!!! (for whatever reason! lol) Thank you!! xoxoxo

    @Ingrid King THANK YOU and THANK YOU for missing me! I missed you guys soooo much! I would have loved the laughs, learning and FUN!!!!!!

    @Priscilla that was sooooo sweet!! Mom thanks you and I thank you for my being the ONLY kitty that you love!!!!! You know we ADORE YOU!

    @Sammy and Mom OF COURSE I will tell my parents Happy Anniversary from you and I am glad that you liked that I shared their story! Love, Cody

    @Molly THANK YOU! Yep! No obstacles, just hurdles...or SPEED BUMPS!!! MOL!! you have a wonderful day too!

    @Kjelle THANK YOU! So glad you liked it!

    @Princess Jasmine THANK YOU!!! Yep! We are firm believers here that "some things are just meant to be!!"

    @The Furries THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! So happy you liked it!

    @Speedy BRING ON THE PARTY!! Wooooooo hooooo!

    @Prudence thank you so much pretty doggy!!!!!!! xoxoxo

    @D. Rich my loooooooong time friend...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

    @Benny & Lily THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    @Sparkle THANK YOU SO MUCH! They will be celebrating tonight cause their anniversary is today like Sparkle's birthday!!!

  21. Cody you are so funny!!! I expect you gave her the back of disrespect anyway, even though she didn't go!

    Such a lovely story. Following your heart is by far the most risky option, but the results can be far better if you are brave enough to take the risk :) xox

  22. Just to complete your dayyou have won an award for the one lovely blog,come and see!

  23. Happy, HAPPY Anniversary!
    Here's to many more.

  24. You asked we delivered. We now have a follow by email thingy up.

    Thanks for the kind words about Arty Mouse. We miss her so, the support or our friends are helping us cope.

  25. That was a lovely story, thanks for sharing! Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!

  26. We hope you had a great day celebrating. Mummy isn't sure how to do the email thingy but she will try and find out :)xx

  27. @Princess Jasmine, you are on blogger too, like me, there is a little "add in" for that for your side bar. Go to design and you will see where you can add it xoxoxo

    @Shawn thank you so much!!!!

    @Alasandra I will be right over!! BLESS YOU and thank you!!! I am praying every day for dear Arty!! xoxoxo

    @Katnip Lounge THANK YOU!!!!!

    @speedyrabbit I will be over but...I as much as I appreciate it I think I had that one!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH THOUGH!! xoxoxoxo

    @Carolyn Mom and I couldn't agree more! Especially the part where you said that I am funny! :)

  28. Love the love story and the photos and Yes, you were missed at BlogPaws beyond words! Oh, I am carrying back home the 2 splits of Champagne we were going to share...see, you were missed!

  29. That is one great story! Always follow your heart. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!

  30. Oh What a GREAT love story!!!
    Me has the Purrfect song for yous!
    Kisses and much love on your anniversay!
    Nellie and Mommy

  31. Happy anniversary! We enjoyed the story of your meeting.

  32. It was meant to be (with a little help from mom. hehe). For a minute there I was fooled and thought you had gone anyway.

  33. I have just gave you an award check it out here.


  34. An internet romance - how sweet! And how terrible that you were all abandoned for 3 long days. We're furry shocked. Don't give in until you get some of those anniversary goodies!

  35. Happy anniversary!!! And I love your mom and dad's story!!!how romantic... I always thought she was a Michigan girl...

  36. Happy Anniversary! And many, many more happy years! Your mom sure has guts, and we applaud her for having the courage to act on them. Our mom's grandpa came from Hungary with 20 cents in his pocket, didn't speak any English and made life for himself here. She admires people who can do that tremendously.

  37. @Oui thank you!!! I love the story about your Mom's Grandpa, now THAT'S "guts!!"

    @Hilary thank you!!! "Michigan girl??" HELL NOOOOOOOOO lol. I was born in Long Island, NY my dear!!! Lived in Pittsburgh from age 2 til age 7, then Cleveland, Ohio til 2001......THEN Michigan! ((((hugs))))

    @Au and Target, I wasn't abandoned! my Mom never got to BlogPaws!

    @Sheba thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am deeply appreciative!! Hopefully I will be able to blog about it and it isn't one I have already!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!

    @Mario ALOT of help from Mom! lol. didn't realize she had helped me write this before she was supposed to leave and then she was too lazy to help me change it properly. Geeze!!

    @Eric and Flynn THANK YOU!!

    @Nellie uh oh...Mom is gonna go watch lol!!! xoxoxo

    @Brian thank you and that is soooo true!

    @Teri you touched me sooooo much! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I missed you guys more than you can imagine!!!! OMG there was NO ONE to drink the champagne with you????!!! Now THAT is just NOT RIGHT!!! xoxoxoxo

  38. @Nellie MOL!!! The Flintstones! Too funny! The weekend before last I had an outfit on with a necklace and I told my husband I looked like "Wilma Flintstone!!!"

  39. Happy 6th Anniversary to your Momma and Dad! What a wonderful love story. :)

  40. You know I am a sucker for a great love story that combines fate and synchronisity!!! I loved this so much and you should think of writing a book!! Congratulations to you and Lenny and thank goodness "No" does not mean "No!!"


  41. happy anniversary!
    I'm so sorry you even had a kidney stone (painful, aren't they?). But to experience it on the way to the airport? so BAD!

  42. @Scrappy Grams thank you! "Painful?" Ohhhh yesss...and i have 100s of 'em...all day EVERY DAY! When they pass as "sand" they aren't as bad, that feels more as if you have the flu. It is the large ones that cause the excruciating pain!

    @Deb awwwwwwwwww thank you!!!!!! Problem is, no one would read it but you and I!!! :) Ask Lenny if he would say "thank goodness no does NOT mean no!" lol!!! xoxoxo

    @Bassetmomma thank you!!!!!!!

  43. Just catching up on my blog posts now..Happy (Belated) Anniversary, and thank you for sharing the story of how you met!! I love how you were so brave and just went for it!

  44. Happy Belated Anniversary! So your Mom was a stalker, heh heh! Just kitting.

  45. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!