Saturday, March 3, 2012

Book Review: Jekyll Says...Volumes I & II: Written By: D.C. Blackbird, Illustrations By Christine P. Flores, Graphic Design By Leah Frieday

Just who is Jekyll? Sit back, put your kitty paws up and rest a spell and I will tell you!

Jekyll is a unique-looking black and white kitty that was born in North Carolina in 1999. He was found as a baby in a dirty ditch because, although it is difficult to fathom, NOBODY wanted him!

Jekyll has a unique marking on his face and as he tells it, special markings mean that "great things await those who have them!" A marking like Jekyll's meant that he was destined to be blessed with good fortune and he would develop miraculous skills, talents, and gifts. Through the love of the two humans who adopted Jekyll, those "miraculous skills" came to light through the writing of both of his books!

In Jekyll Says...Good Deeds Cats Do, That You Should Too, Jekyll shares his unique feline wisdom through adorable and "cat"-chy poems which to me are somewhat reminiscent of Dr.Seuss's style and are meant to be read out loud and S-L-O-W-L-Y).  The book is peppered with colorful and lively illustrations that are a delight to the eye.

Some of the poems/wisdom that Jekyll shares in this book are:

Wake Up Happy!

Be Clean!

One of my favorite poems in this darling book is:

Be Proud Of Who You Are

Jekyll says, "Be someone's hero"
and you'll never be a zero.
No need for outfits or some capes.
Don't get in any kinds of scrapes.

Defend the helpless all the time.
Help those in need and heed this rhyme.
Be brave, be strong, and be your best.
Stand up! Put bullies to the test!

Don't ever start a donnybrook.
But when you're needed-take a look.
Let others know you're not afraid.
To help all those in need of aid.

Jekyll continues sharing his words of wisdom in Volume II: Jekyll Says More! Lessons & Trends For Felines & Friends

In this book you will find poems such as:

Care For Those You Love

Read Each Night & Day

and one that I definitely need to put into practice more:

Find Time To Play!

Jekyll says to "Find time to play."
Each and every wonderful day.
Don't let your work cloud up your mind.
Sometimes you need to just unwind.

Stop and smell roses as a plan.
Swim in the water. Kick the can.
Play with friends or when you're alone.
Enjoy silence. Get off the phone!

Go spend a whole day without words.
Riding a bike or watching birds.
Go play somewhere that is hush-hush.
Spend time wisely and do not rush.

So? What do you think?

If you are like me you will not be able to read these lovingly crafted, lively poems without  smiling.

The lessons conveyed in each poem are not only invaluable to children but to adults as well.  Sometimes we can all use a gentle and fun prod to remind us of what REALLY is important in life! Each poem that I read made me  pause and THINK!

I am certain that you and the special children in your life will share some educational and meaningful conversations as a result of the wit and wisdom that is shared throughout the pages of both of these books.

Jekyll indeed WAS blessed with "miraculous skills, talents and gifts."  He possessed the gift of sharing life's lessons in a light-hearted,  sometimes downright silly and cheerful way that is certain to delight you and the children in your life as much as it delighted me!

So...put a little wit and wisdom in your day,
 invite Jekyll the cat and his poems into your head and heart
 where I am certain they will stay!!

(See? Jekyll even rubbed off on me!!)

ABOUT D.C. BLACKBIRD: "D.C. Blackbird is an American poet, songwriter, and author. D.C. is an advocate of animal adoption, care, liberation, rescue, rights and welfare, as well as a proponent of Veganism. D.C. works closely with domestic and farm animals and wildlife around the world, and is dedicated to telling stories about their experiences and adventures in Humanland, as well as their own Homelands."

"Profits from the sale of this book benefit animal adoption, care, liberation, rescue and welfare organizations. If you know of any such organizations that would like to sell this book as part of its fundraising efforts, please contact the Publisher at"

To purchase these books please visit

I was not compensated for this review. I was sent both books to read/review. All opinions are my own.


  1. This book sounds great and funny and I enjoyed watching the videos.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, enjoyed watching the videos. You don't expect a cat to be in the bath, but it makes the point that it's important to be clean.

  3. Sounds like a book we would buy. Especially when proceeds go to charity. I think Seb wants to be like Jekyll he is also black and white..and found in his own dirt. purrr.....meow!

  4. Aww....poor Jekyll being dumped in a ditch but so happy his story became a very happy one. What a GREAT review - sounds like a wonderful book and we love that the proceeds from the sale go to a charity. Very special.

    Pam (and Sam)

  5. That does look like a really cute book. Jekll sure is a cute kitty. Great story. Take care.

  6. Such a great kitty Jekyll is fur sure. It's not that nobody wanted him, the right human is just worth waiting for!

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  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my books. I am so happy that JEKYLL had such an impact on you that you were able to write such a cheerful review. In life, we can choose to cause other people misery and grief, or we can choose to do the right things and make the smile. I wanted to write about Jekyll in such a way that people can learn good things, or at least be reminded of good things, and I am so happy that Jekyll is still making people smile. He would be so proud.

    Thank you, everyone, for your kind words!


  9. Very sweet! Sounds like a good book for my step-daughter who teaches 3rd grade! Her students already love cats because of the adventures of Zee and Zoey, so the easy to understand lessons in the format of a poem would be awesome for them!

  10. Jekyll sounds like a kitty Austin should aspire to emulate!!

  11. I love this, Jekyll is so cute. The poems made me smile.

    Purrs from Lisa and Abigail.

  12. I like to eat in bed after one of the cats hocks up a hairball in it. woo woo woo!

  13. Dearest Caren Thanks for telling us.
    About these books and cat and how he was.
    Reading ‘bout Jeckle and his stories
    You wake up happy and never be sorrys!

  14. :D we liked the videos! we want the book now so we can rap the poems!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  15. thanks everyone!

    So happy you enjoyed the review and I PROMISE if you read both books you and the children in your lives will enjoy them too!
    They are simply PRECIOUS and, as I mentioned, contain valuable life lessons!

    @KittyLand THANK YOU for taking the time to come over and was a pleasure reading your books and I hope you sell TONS of them! Thanks for all of the good that you are doing for the fur babies!

  16. can't imagine ANYONE not wanting Jekyll!This book looks adorable!!

  17. They sound like lovely books full of happiness. We like the video poems too.

  18. Oh I love Jekyll already! Sounds like a wonderful book...his positive words give me energy!

  19. What a great little book - Jekyll is such a cutie :o)
    Great review!

  20. @Tamago I couldn't agree with you more about positive words giving you energy! Love how you stated that!

    @The Purr Diaries, thanks so much for visiting! You know I have completely fallen in love with your blog! Thanks so much!

  21. Another wonderful book review!! That looks like a lovely book that any cat lady worth her salt should own. Scratch that -- I think even non cat ladies would love it!

  22. I think we will all like this book! thanks for the review!