Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Shower Wednesday

Hi everyone! It's Cody!

Before we tell you about the exciting event that took place last Sunday, Mom and I want to apologize for not being able to visit everyone's blogs as often as we would have liked to lately.

You see, the exciting event I am going to tell you about is my human "Bonus" sister's  (Marla's) wedding shower!!

Why do I call her my "Bonus" sister?

Well, when Mom and Dad got married, Mom had no children and Dad came with two kittens of his own. (Human kittens not real ones, duh!!). Mom never liked the term "stepchildren" so she stole a term from a friend of hers who refers to her stepchildren as "Bonus" children. Why? Because they ARE!

Mom was one of the people who planned the wedding shower for Marla, so since January she has been as busy as a cat trying to untangle a ball of yarn!

Wanna see some photos from the shower?  Here you go!

Mom ordered this banner from
Yes!! She PAID for it!
(but she has featured them on our blog in the past)
How AMAZING is this cake?
It has the future bride and groom
and their doggies on it!
I will forgive them
for not having cats
because Marla's future  mother-in-law
loves and HAS CATS!
The cake and cupcakes
were made by
Baked Impressions
If you are in Southeast Michigan
you MUST check them out!
There were three of these cupcake trees!!
Yum!! Lots of CUPCAKES!!
The flavors were unique!
They were:
 Almond Joy,
 Grasshopper (no...not BUGS!! They were MINT!)
and Brown Sugar!!
Cake again!
It was Chocolate with dark chocolate mousse filling
and buttercream frosting!!

Mom and the gorgeous June bride-to-be!!!!

What was I doing part of the weekend?
Well, remember when I showed you my
"twin" a few weeks back?
That was Oscar and this is his Mom!
She is my Aunt Nancy!!
Aunt Nancy flew in from Florida
for the wedding shower!
We are sorry about this
blurry photo but Aunt Nancy
had brought a gift for me
and we were BOTH moving FAST!

So that is what has been going on here! Mom and I apologize for not visiting as often as we would like to. We have been able to visit those of you that we follow via email, but not the blogs who don't have that option. Mom just has been too busy to go through the Blog Roll but she is hoping that she will be able to start visiting you all again more regularly this week!

We apologize and hope you will forgive us!!

Love, Cody and Mom


  1. Wowwie Zowwie! Looks like a PAWSOME pawty! Me thinks you probably is pretty tired and will be happy to gets back to normal.

  2. Caren, you and your beautiful bonus daughter look so much alike!! Weddings are such a busy time, seems like all of my kids weddings consumed about a year of my life! Enjoy, keep up with your blog, there will be plenty of time to visit ours after the wedding!

  3. Hmm...another round of tail of disapproval? purrr....meow!

  4. Glad you had some good time with your Aunt Nancy! She knew what you like, didn't she?

  5. Wow, Cody, your human has been awesomely busy! I just thought of something... the dog was already here when I came to live with my human and her boyfriend. I guess technically this would make her the "bonus" dog, but I don't see her as any so-called bonus!

  6. Those cakes look absolutely delish. We can only imagine how busy your mummy has been organising that beautiful wedding photo. How exciting :)xx

  7. Wow, things have been very busy for you all!

    Our human's stomach is rumbling now, just looking at those yummy sweets. Mmmm. Say, we hope YOU got something extra yummy too, Cody.

  8. Thanks for showing us those pictures. I think I like the cupcake tree the best.... Do the cupcakes come in tuna?

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  9. The cake looks yummilicious. And we love that it included the 2 dogs. :)

  10. @Furries didn't get to eat the cake but the cupcakes sure were!!

    @Max that bakery is so talented I bet they could do tuna cupcakes! lol

    @Fuzzy Tales I got a toy from Aunt Nancy!

    @Princess Jasmine yep exciting but BUSY times!!!

    @Sparkle you kill me!!! Love it!

    @Priscilla she sure did! She has 3 kitties!!

    @Shawn awww thanks so much for understanding. I feel so bad!!! You are right, it makes the whole year busy!!! xoxoxo Oh and Marla looks like her Daddy!!!!

    @Nellie it was great!! Things won't be totally "normal" til it is over but things should calm down for me a bit now...hope to get around to everyone this week and more regularly this week too!

    Hugs and kisses to ALL OF YOU!

  11. Congrats to your daughter (nice photo of both of you).

    We had a baby shower last week and another this week for my daughter:)

  12. Awww gorgeous Cody! Mum's bonus child is BEAUTIFUL!! Isn't she so pretty!! Awwww what a wonderful wedding shower too - especially those cupcakes!!! Yum yum!!

    Yay for aunt Nancy too! Take care

  13. What GREAT photos Caren and Cody! Looks like one heck of a beautiful party and we know that was a whole lot of work AND a whole lot of fun. Sammy said he loved the photo of you and your Bonus daughter - two beautiful blonde bombshells (his words!). That cake AND the cupcakes are "beyond WOW" the decorations. Don't worry about visiting blogs - everybody understands that sometimes LIFE gets in the way of other stuff. Honest. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Pam (with Sam on my lap!)

  14. We agree,those are some great photos. Love the picture of the Mom and bride together. And the cakes look terrific. Well done. What fun. You are forgiven for not visiting. Have a great Wed.

  15. Your beautiful bonus daughter looks so much like you - two beautiful ladies! And the cake - OMG, it is amazing. Your bonus daughter is so fortunate to have you for her bonum mom.

  16. I think there is nothing to forgive because the event you organised was so special. Loved the photo's and loved the one of you two together. You aare so lucky because not all bonus kids are as good as this.. Pleased that yours are and what a lovely word.. Hugs GJ xx

  17. Concatulations to the bride-to-be. Looks like it was great bridal shower. And here is our question: Did your mom bring you a cupcake? Well? Did she? MOL

  18. I bet the bride was so happy that you threw her such a great shower!!! We want to see the wedding pics too :-)

  19. What a fun time, althogh I was a bit worried when I saw that shower word...not fond of water and wet!

  20. Woof! Woof! How FUN! Love the banner , we love buildasign too. My is attending a shower too this weekend before we leave. Lots of LUCK n Happiness. Happy Wednesday! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  21. @Sugar didn't they do a great job? I was so pleased with it. They can also use it as a tablecloth or something after the fact cause it is soooo sturdy!

    @Brian, lmao!

    @Nerissa it sure was!

    @Cat you will! Thank you! There was another woman (Marla's future mother-in-law) who did a good portion of the work too and others went in on the gift/venue. Marla loved it so we are happy!

    @Clarissa, the answer? NOOOOOO!!! She and Dad brought some home for THEM! The nerve!

    @GJ I didn't do all of the organizing so I can't take all of the credit! Her future mother-in-law helped too!! Yes over all I am lucky but ALL of us have our moments...bonus kids AND parents have them!!! lol

    @Ingrid King thank you! Ohhhh you mean my "fake" blonde hair? lol!!! Actually I wish I looked as good as Marla! She looks a lot like her Dad. Same shaped face, same super beautiful dark, dark eyes. She has some gorgeous eyes!! Oh...I left out...she is SLIM TOO...soooooo unlike me! lol OMG the cake and the cupcakes were unreal! I think we are getting the wedding cake from the same place (at least that is what I hope Marla decides to do!)

    @Marg awwww thank you!! That was sweet!

    @Pam and Sam (on your lap lol) THANK YOU!! OMG "blonde bombshell" I sure wish! lol. Pam you would have LOVED the cake and cupcakes! OMG!!! Thanks so much for understanding. I just feel so bad when I can't come around as often as i would like to. I don't like being out of the loop and missing all of my friends!

    @Old Kitty yep she is a "looker" for sure!! xoxoxox Thank you!

    @Diane a baby shower!!! What fun!! I don't envy you the work though, hopefully you don't have to do it! But a BABY!! How exciting!!! I wish her all the best!

  22. What a great looking pawty! You did a fantabulous job! TW is drooling over the cupcakes. All her fave flavors too. I'm glad someone bought a gift for you too, Cody. You deserve it.

  23. Congratulations! Looks like it was a smashing success. You both look beautiful.
    : ) Glogirly & Katie

  24. Oh congratulations! *sniff sniff* Sorry... I always cry at weddings.

  25. Oh my goodness what fun. Weive the bride & groom figure, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  26. Oh my GOSH that cake is SOOO cute! I wish I had those kinds of skills with fondant lol!
    Congratulations to Marla, looks like you had a great time! :)

  27. Wow, mom sure did a great job with the shower. everything looks pretty. what a nice aunty to bring you a surprise, I would be excited & be blurry too ;o)

  28. Oh, that is so wonderful! Everything looks fantastic and so very festive.

    Congratulations to Marla, and to your whole family!

  29. @meowmeowmans thank you sooo much!!! That was so sweet! We appreciate it!

    @Faythe...that was priceless! "you would be excited and blurry too!" lol

    @Stacy i wish I had those skills too! The little figurines I believe were made out of SUGAR!! Do you believe it? I think that is what she told me. I just loved it!

    @Benny & Lily it was fun! ")

    @rumpydog lol!!! Well you can stop crying cause the wedding isn't until June! lol

    @Katie and Glogirly thank you sooo much! It was thank goodness!

    @CK thanks so much!! Marla's future mother-in-law did quite a bit too! Yep Cody DID deserve a treat that is for sure!

  30. A.Caren, you can throw us a party ANY day wowee!!! Everything looks so great and those flavors have mom drueling on the keys...yeck!! You look purrrrfectly beautiful in your pic and the bride to be is blessed to have you do all this...wonderful!!!

  31. Great Party though you must be glad that everything is back to normal.are you friendly with bunnies because I thick you are cute

  32. Looks like a great party. Mum and bonus daughter both look beautiful. The cakes all looked delicious, particularly the chocolate mousse one, and that got mum drooling. Not a pretty sight!

  33. Caren, I love the term "bonus children" only you would come up with that.. love the picture of you and Marla... and that cake, wow...

  34. What gorgeous cupcakes! That picture of you and Marla is beautiful!