Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fun!! Da Bird!!! With Video By Zee & Zoey!

Cody is a rather lazy cat who tends to be on the chubby side.  To try and encourage him to move more and to pique his curiosity and stimulate his hunting instinct, I am always on the lookout for new toys for him. Much of what I find is of little interest to him, which is often the case with many cats. That is, until I found Da Bird.

One day last February, I was reading the highly informative blog The Conscious Cat, by my dear friend, Ingrid King, and to my delight she had featured an incredible new toy called "Da Bird." She had mentioned how  Da Bird was now her cats (Allegra and Rubys') favorite interactive cat toy.

I consider Ingrid to be a highly respected and knowledgeable voice in the cat world and when she endorses a product, I, like many others, LISTEN!

She had mentioned how Jackson Galaxy, of My Cat From Hell fame had used Da Bird in every episode.

I promptly ordered it and couldn't wait to video Cody using it, that is until I happened upon another blog post by yet another cherished friend, Deb Barnes,  author of The Chronicles Of Zee & Zoey.

Much to my misfortune,  Deb's significant other, Dan Power, had filmed one of the most entertaining videos I have ever seen, all showcasing Deb's brood of SEVEN playing with and LOVING Da Bird.

I'm no dummy, and when I saw that video I KNEW that no matter how talented Cody was with Da Bird and ohhhh was he ever! He ADORES that toy, there was NO WAY I could top the photographic skills of Deb's beloved Dan. I fretted and stewed and then asked Deb if I may share that wonderful video with all of you!

Being the incredibly kind and generous person that she is, Deb agreed and I am honored to present the video to you!

Do you see what I mean? I enjoyed this video so much that I have watched it repeatedly. WHO could EVER top that? Jackson Galaxy are you listening? You have seven possible "spokescats"  who come with their own ready-made commercial! Sign these cats to a CONTRACT NOW!

Along with the superb video, in  Deb's post she discussed "the importance of playtime" and when a woman who is as cat-crazy as Deb,  the kitty mama of SEVEN stunningly beautiful cats, gives HER seal of approval, well,  it would behoove you to listen!! To read that informative post click the link above or click here

Da Bird is definitely "all that and a bag of chips" kibble...with glowing endorsements from some of the "top cats" of the internet (Allegra, Ruby, the Zee & Zoey clan and of course my cat toy maven Cody), what more incentive do you need to get one?  After all "Da Bird is Da WORD!"

You can purchase it right here!

Nope! I wasn't compensated for this post. Da Bird is fantastic and I wanted to share that with all of you! Thanks again to Deb Barnes and Dan Power for allowing me to use their video and thus avoiding an assault on all of your eyes by making you view mine!


  1. Well, I agree that this video is fabulous. BUT it doesn't have Cody in it, so I think your video would be just as fabulous!!! I know I'd like to see Cody enjoying Da Bird. I am getting one of those toys soon!!

  2. We love Da Bird too! I think it gets a unanimous paws up from all kitties!

  3. We know what you mean! We have Da Bird too and we absolutely LOVE it. You can ask your Mom to try the "cat catcher" too. We love that one too. And Jackson Galaxy used it in one of the episodes (can't remember which).

  4. Oooh...why does this remind me of Fantasy Island? Da plane! Da plane! purrr....meow!

  5. OMC Da Bird is Da best!!! My 1 year old is obsessed with it and my 7 year old also can't resist :o)
    Best cat toy I ever bought!

  6. OMC Da Bird is Da best!!! My 1 year old is obsessed with it and my 7 year old also can't resist :o)
    Best cat toy I ever bought!

  7. Me and Charlie are bopping away to this clip! Yay!!! Look at all these adorable kitties! Yay for Da Bird!!

    Hello Cody!! take care

  8. You didn't know about this toy?
    Yes, it is a stellar toy! I love how it moves like a little bird. Of course cats love it! Try getting Cody's attention with it when he's in his Cat Ball. Da Bird and the Cat Ball work well together, because the cats like to hide inside as they stalk their prey!

  9. @Julia awwww thank you!!!! Well, another reason is I am soooooo far behind due to my "bonus" daughter's shower that I didn't have time to do a video and Deb sure helped me out. Plus hers was just too darned GOOD!

    @Jen I know about Da Bird now and Cody has had his for a few weeks and just LOVES it! I will try and use it when he is in the Cat Ball, thanks for the idea!

    @Old Kitty, yep it is like Da Bird Kitty Team!! MOL!! xoxoxo

    @The Purr Diaries thank you for the glowing endorsement, it is DA BEST!

    @Cat from are CRAZY!!! lol. But that is why I love you!

    @Whisppy we have that one and stay tuned for a SPECIAL SURPRISE ABOUT THAT ONE ON APRIL 1 (no joke!)

    @Sparkle sooooooo true!

  10. Da Bird broke Austin's eyebrow! ;-)

  11. Oh too funny Carolyn. We have been through about 6 Da Birds. It is a terrific toy and all of the many many residents here just love it. And it did break Austin's eyebrow. I saw the picture. We think a video of Cody playing DaBird would be every bit as good as Deb's video.

  12. Thank you for the lovely mention, Caren! The Da Bird remains a paws down favorite at our house.

  13. I agree with Julia - I've seen Cody in some great videos and think he would have been a superstar! You will note that all of my hard work and effort was left on the editing room floor... apparently being the one holding and twirling Da Bird was not considered important enough...

    Oh well, it sure is an AMAZING product with some great kitty endorsements!! Thank you so much for using our video - we are honored to be a part of Cat Chat today!!

  14. Too funny!! Still think Cody would be just as entertaining to watch:D. Rosie gives mama DA BIRD when she calls her chubby LOL!!!

  15. That video was a riot (and the cats in it are gorgeous!) But I agree with those who think Cody would make a video just as entertaining. I know I'd love to see it. :)

  16. I'm so glad you posted this! Katie used to have a similar toy that she tore to shreds. It was super-cheap and came completely apart. Even the pole broke. Da Bird looks to be a MUCH higher quality product. Great reviews online, and if it can take a beating from Deb's clan...well, it should stand a pretty good chance with Katie.

    Don't tell her...but her girl is going to do a little online shopping today. ; )

  17. Da Bird is da bomb fur sure, we love it!

  18. That video is awesome! Some of those cats sure can jump high. I like when they actually catch it.


  19. Dear Caren,
    Thanks for posting the video. We has heard about Da Bird, but being the country cats we is, Mommy has not seen one in the store, so we had NO IDEA what everybody was taking about!
    Me has to gets one of those!!!!

  20. Well, that's a lot of cats and cat furniture. I might even be a jealous, even with my crew. LOL. Our cats' favorite toy is a little mouse that squeaks VERY realistically when it is tapped. God forbid we accidentally kick it right before we go to sleep.. Because the noise initiates an hour long play session amongst themselves and the squeaking toy.

  21. That is a great video and the perfect soundtrack. We watched it twice on full screen. Mum will have to see if she can get us one even if we have to wait until she next goes to America. We always give her a shopping list when she goes with Fancy Feast medleys at the top.
    We would like to see a video of Cody playing with Da Bird.

  22. What a great video! The cats are so funny and beautiful and agile. I've forwarded this to my daughter.

  23. Yeah, I'd say those cats could sell alot of Birds!

  24. @rumpy they sure could!

    @wockley aren't her cats just exquisite? Little Olympic "cathletes" that is for sure! Thank you for sharing this with your daughter, that was sweet of you!

    @Eric and Flynn...awwww you two are the SWEETEST EVER! I am so sorry I haven't been able to visit lately. We have been so busy with wedding preparations for my bonus daughter. Today involved ordering the cake the ENTIRE afternoon! I am so behind and hate that I haven't been able to visit. I hope your Mum can get you Da Bird AND your Fancy know what? I will try and get my butt in gear and take my mediocre video of Cody playing with Da Bird!! xoxoxoxo

    @Cynthia awwww...your story was so cute! Thank you for sharing! OMG I love Deb's house/cat furniture too! About your need to make some videos my friend! :)

    @Nellie you are most welcome! We had never heard about it either until we read Ingrid's blog...then we ordered it and then we saw Deb's video!! OMC Cody loves this toy and you will too! xoxoxo

    @Nicole and Macho...yep!! Even Cody and his lazy butt jumps high with it!

    @Brian it sure is!!

    @Katie and Glogirly, yep...we have it too and the quality is superb! I am quite pleased with it. The only thing you have to watch is if Katie is like Cody he tries to chew up the feather and I have to manhandle it out of his MOUTH!!! MOL! I am sure Katie is going to love it!

    @Repositorio you gotta get one!!

    @Benny and Lily and I would LOVE to see YOU play with it! MOL!!

    @Leslie awwww THANK YOU!!! You just might see one soon!!! "Entertaining?" maybe..."just as entertaining?" highly unlikely!!! MOL! I am video-challenged lol! THANK YOU!!

    @catspoiler OMC you cracked me up with that!! THANK YOU TOO about Cody! Might have to try and get my act together!

    @Deb you are welcome and WE are honored to HAVE YOU HERE! Yeah..what's up with that??? Leaving YOU out of the video? Geeze...ya just can't get good help nowadays! MOL!!! Thanks also about Cody...sounds like i better get out the 'ol Flip! MOL!
    Love ya!

    @Ingrid you are most welcome and thank YOU for introducing many of us (like myself) to DA BIRD!!! Cody adores his!

    @Carolyn WHAT??!!! First of all, I didn't know that cats HAVE eyebrows!!! LMAO!

    @Marg...awwww THANK YOU!!!! Maybe I will try and find the time to do one soon!

  25. Awesome video! Have you contacted the manufacturer?

  26. Allie: I'm with Katie! Let's snag the plastic thingy and shop-shop-shop! Da Bird is pawesome!

  27. That's a great video with beautiful cats. I liked seeing all the cat furniture in the background too.
    My cat, Mickey Mouser, is addicted to another similar toy from that same company. It's the "cat catcher" and has a little bristle mouse instead of the feathers. I've seen Jackson use it also.

  28. Wow, that video is fantastic! Love the cat trees at their house too! Da Bird is THE favorite toy of Clooney & Neytiri. Neytiri is obsessed with it, whenever the drawer that it is kept in is opened, she comes out from wherever she was even from a nap. It is the best invention ever!