Monday, May 17, 2010

Pet Portraits To Purr About! (Part 2)

About a week or so ago I blogged about a pet artist and since that time I have had a few people contact me about other pet artists as well as pet products, many who donate some of their earnings to various animal organizations. As these are brought to my attention I will blog about as many as possible (I will say I am partial to featuring those who do donate to various humane ventures). If you know of any organizations or individuals who have artwork, pet products, (prefer cat related creations only please) etc. that are unique please see my contact info at the end of my blog.

Today I am featuring another talented Pet Portrait Artist, Melissa Griffin Michels,
 ("M. Paige Portraits"). Melissa works primarily using a medium called "graphite" which is a soft, black form of carbon used in pencils. I am particularly drawn to this medium  since I dabble occasionally myself in the world of pet portraits that is my preferred medium as well.

Melissa works from photographs and the results are amazing (see photos)....she is particularly adept in capturing an animals' eyes which they say are "the window to the soul". She also donates a portion of her commission to various pet organizations.

  To contact Melissa or view her extensive gallery online visit
She may also be contacted via email at

Do you know another artist or a unique cat product that you would like to see featured in my blog? You can comment directly through this blog, send me a message through Facebook (Caren Osrin Gittleman) or follow me on Twitter with a direct message at


  1. I wish cats had the power of mind control... Just imagine the possibilities! What would your cat do to your mind if it had the power?

    omg im freaking out just thinking about it!

  2. mine would control my mind in such a way that I would provide never ending bowls of kibble

  3. Beautiful drawings. Mind control? Don't they already have that power? 0.o

  4. Koko yes they are beautiful! Melissa's pricing is super reasonable too!
    Koko as you know YES you kitties DO have the power to control our minds!