Friday, May 21, 2010

"Celebrate Me Home" (Please!!)

"In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him." ~Dereke Bruce

My husband and I are blessed to have a cat and a dog. We have a 3 year old Sheltie (Dakota) and a 3 year old cat (Cody). They provide us with plenty of smiles and warm fuzzies on a regular basis, except in reference to me and one area  that knocks me down a peg or two every day by Cody, that is his less than remorseful reaction when I leave our home for any period of time and his even less than  enthusiastic response when I return. It is insulting, super insulting, just how insulting you may ask, insulting enough to sometimes make me want to jump the "Good Ship Lollipop for Cat Lovers" and purchase a transfer to the  "Team Dog- Gravy Train".

Case in point, when preparing to leave for an evening out last night Cody's big reaction is to circle his food bowl almost in a mantra-like state, ever-so-slowly, magnetic eyes meeting mine but only to send the message "I know you will be gone for a period of time oh "Great Provider Of Food And Treats"... "before you even think of taking one step out of that door make sure I have some sustenance to tide me over until your return, no matter how brief it may be". Food bowl filled, no problem. Cody cares about nothing but "food, glorious food!" His reaction to my arrival home? He makes me feel as if I need to check in for a two week mind/soul purge to a "Dr.Phil" boot camp to discuss "How has my cat's ignoring me affected my ego"? He is less than enthused, (unless of course I have my husband in tow who regularly provides Cody's morning meal) then it is a different story....he is at the door waiting like clockwork.  Just me arriving home? Nada, zip, zero. Insulting when you think about I am a lifetime member of "Team Cat", the provider of his evening meal (most of the time), his lunch time buffet, countless furry mice, his "let's not get a hairball" treats, cooing, petting and loving. Who does he wait for? My husband who loves Cody but is a devout member of "Team Dog" and all that revolves around his "golden child", Dakota.

Dakota's reaction to me is an entirely different story.  After giving him his "Kong Ball" full of goodies to occupy his "sixth out of 100 on the dog intelligence scale" mind, his eyes meet mine as I am approaching the big brown door and a frenzy ensues. He runs to me all fur and fear, jumps up wrapping his paws around me in "Mom don't leave me" mode which simultaneously warms my heart and fills me with guilt. It's always like that  with Dakota. I could be gone for all of 30 seconds to remove something from my car and the greeting I get upon my return is as if I have been away for weeks. All licks and doggie hugs.  Heartwarming indeed. Affirmation validated. Guess I can cancel that trip to see "Dr.Phil" after all.


  1. Dis is Koko. I love your dry writing style. Kittehs can be a tad mysterious. My late departed brother Pepito the wonder cat, preferred the company of males, hooman or feline. I on the udder hand always run to the door, for ANYONE. I also follow mum around, ALL THE TIME. Mahbe that's the reason they call us "puppy cats". Game of fetch anyone?

  2. Koko thanks to YOU and your Mom for your kind words!!! And I love your funny comments! Thanks for taking the time to read and reply, it is much appreciated!!

  3. I must say, MissusCatt is desolated when I leave and ecstatic when I return. This is because we have bonded tightly over the years as I am her only human due to years of shift rotation and the kids gone.

    I wait on her hand and paw..she expects that but...she gives a lot of love in return. I think the more we interact with them, the more they will respond with affection. Cats are never going to act like doggies..and that's a good thing. :-)

  4. Admiral ahhhhh, since you are her"only human" that speaks volumes!!! I realize with my Cody he has two humans to choose from. He is unbelievably attached to me except for when I return home! I love him to pieces and he knows it and he loves me as well. I agree with you 150,000% that "cats are never going to act like doggies and that's a good thing"!!!!!
    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and for commenting!