Monday, May 31, 2010

Cats In The Military

Happy Memorial Day. While taking the time to remember those who have served and sacrificed to keep us safe and free I started wondering what (if any) place cats have in history in reference to the military. The first thing that came to mind is those in the military serve our country, cats don't "serve" anyone, dogs do. WE serve cats. You know the saying, "Dogs have owners, cats have staff". Sheppard Software says in their article "Cats Of War"  "unlike dogs and horses they, (cats) are difficult to train, are monumentally disobedient, and remarkably independent." They go on to say that "the largest role cats have played in war has been on board ship, where cats cleared ships of rodents. Sometimes cats do serve roles other than rat-catchers. They sometimes work as therapy animals, providing sailors with a sense of security and calm."

In ancient Egypt during a war with Persia an Egyptian general once surrendered  his army to protect cats on a battlefield. Also according to Sheppard Software "a Persian general came up with the idea of capturing cats and releasing them into the battlefield. When the armies took the field and the Egyptian General saw the battlefield covered with cats, he surrendered a whole city rather than harm the cats", even after the Egyptians were dominating the war with Egypt.

There have been cats whose "sixth sense" have saved ships from bombs, namely a cat named Andrew who was the mascot of the Allied Forces Mascot Club. "When Andrew went for cover, everyone around him knew to duck."

I found it interesting that when I was researching the place that cats occupied in the military that most of the cats were all from other countries. I still feel that it is once again due to the quote I mentioned above that "Dogs have owners, cats have staff".....cats may assist, aide, help, soothe, but they will never "serve" anyone, it is important however for us to remember the human soldiers who have so selflessly served US. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

Sources:Sheppard Software, "Soldier Cat Photo" courtesy of


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I've just read some articles about war dogs and I'm glad to come to you and read about war cats too.

  2. Priscilla thank you! I just read your wonderful blog as well, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I am in love with it actually! I posted a comment there!

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