Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Apology To My Cat

I feel awful. A few weeks back I had written a series of blogs that pertained to the problem I was having with my cat Cody scratching the carpet outside of the door of our bedroom. I was seeking solutions and one of the possible remedies that I had even  mentioned myself was to enlist the aid of aluminum foil, I promptly added  that it "didn't work". It "didn't work" because I didn't use it to deter Cody in the proper way. I was barricading him out of our bedroom and in his interpretation out of my heart.

 I had mentioned that for years I had the comfort and warmth of my first cat Bobo sweetly snoring at the foot of my bed as angelic as a Norman Rockwell painting. I had mentioned that with Cody I couldn't do the same due to Cody's obsession with technology....turning on the printer, prancing on the keyboard and his passion for re-designing workspaces (which translates to swatting and watching objects fly off of my computer desk).

I am ashamed to admit that for most of the days of his young life (he is only 3) it would break my heart to go to the bedroom door at night and shut it trying to shake the image of his "Why Me, Mom?" expression that he had on his face out of my mind. I was guilt-ridden. Here am I a self-professed cat lover (make that animal lover as well) and I was banishing one of the loves of my life out of our "nest". It was ripping my guts out.

Duh!! The solution finally came to me, it is awful that it was right before my eyes and I hadn't seen it.  Bedtime began by giving him a 1/4 cup of his dry food (suggestion from the vet because Cody is food obsessed), put some in my home made "Kong" (a plastic container with holes punched at the top, put some of the kibble inside and it makes Cody have to work to get it out, I call this his "Adventure Food"). Take the aluminum foil, put it on top of my computer desk and on the printer and see what happens. Since the first night I tried this tactic (at least a week ago) it is as if I have a "new" cat. Cody is thriving being cut-off from his technological obsession. My independent "little man" immediately started snuggling and cuddling by my side, eagerly accepting the sweet coos and petting that he was missing at night time for oh so long......I can now sleep peacefully and guilt-free without the image of his questioning eyes haunting me into slumber. I apologize dear Cody for not recognizing the solution that was there all along! There is no longer a need to barricade the bedroom door, the door has been opened, just like my eyes.



  1. Your cat seems smart! He should get a job as an interior decorator! I wish my cat was as neat as yours. All that my cat knows what to do is attack children when they come over...

  2. Hi Rick, he IS smart...I think ALL cats are extremely smart, they are all so different!

    I am hoping you are HUGELY kidding about your cat attacking kids when they come over

  3. Caren, this is so sweet!! My cat, Cookie used to always sleep with me until the new dog came along, Bella, and now she has taken over the bed and she won't let Cookie on it anymore. I feel she is still happy because she has made my son's bed her new one at night. I just wish they both could sleep with me but I don't see that happening.

  4. I don't know how you got away with it! Our furballs don't tolerate closed doors - period. Rascal will "knock" on the offending door, quickly moving up to ramming it. Princess Fluffybutt and Lady Mischief help by clawing the door when he takes a break. Privacy? We call that Fantasyland...

  5. thanks for the comments all! I am concerned though, this one is NOT today's blog!!! Today's blog is "Catspeak" Defined.....uh oh did not not show up?
    Thanks to all for comments!
    Kent I love it!
    Also Anonymous too!
    This is Caren but I am not logged into Blogger so I am anonymous today lol

  6. To Anonymous.....poor Cookie! She should have "squatters' rights" since she was there first!!!! Ok I LOVE DOGS and I am sure Bella is AMAZING but after all this IS a cat blog and in this blog "CATS RULE AND DOGS DROOL" (kidding!!!!) At least she has a cozy place to sleep with your son!! :)