Monday, May 10, 2010

Pet Portraits To Purr About!

There is a gem that is hiding on Facebook and on the net that I am so happy that I found! Her name is Ashley Reid (on Facebook she can be found under "Ashley Beech Reid") and she is a "Pet Portrait Artist".  There are many out there but in my book Ashley is heads and tails above the rest. Why? Well one reason is that I am the daughter of a talented artist myself (and I dabble in sketching) and I KNOW good stuff when I see it, the other is that Ashley isn't just working to benefit herself, she will donate 10% of any commission/gift certificate purchase to the animal shelter, rescue, or cause of your choice! She already has made 19 donations since Feb 27th, 2010.....that's no small kibble.

Ashley will do portraits of your cat or dog from photographs that you send her and the results are pure Purrrrrfection!!

Ashley grew up in Beaver County, PA and  possesses a BSA in Art Education and a Master's in Art (both earned at Edinboro University) and she works in a variety of mediums (mostly Acrylic and Oil paint) and her work is available in a wide variety of sizes and pricing.

When I found Ashley I pounced on the opportunity to have Dakota and Cody together in one painting, showcasing their special relationship, painted for posterity, to have a unique and original memory that I will cherish forever. I can enjoy it that much more knowing that I have benefited some animals in the process.

To contact Ashley or view her extensive gallery online visit

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  1. Beautiful portraits

  2. Thank you Caren!
    I appreciate the exposure you've given me.
    Hopefully it will result in more commissions=more donations. As of today I've made 38 donations since Jan 1, 2010 and I have 57 jobs in my queue. I love being a freelance artist and animals are my favorite subject. Life is good.

  3. Elyse yes they are!!!!! Thanks for reading and commenting...Elyse I am thinking of doing a blog on you guys soon too!

  4. Ashley you are most welcome! Your talent speaks for itself... and the good you are doing is incredible. People just need to see your work! Will be thrilled when we get ours! So happy to have found you! :)

  5. Hi Caren, I would like to let you know of another artist who does custom pet portraits as well. Her name is Susan Faye. I recently had one of her whimsical custom "Cat Lady" portraits done of my four cats and I. It's completely adorable and makes me smile each time I look at it. You will enjoy her work, it's lovely!

  6. Hi Anonymous!
    thanks for contacting me!
    Actually I looked up Susan's website and I also saw she has a Facebook page which I checked out. If I am correct it appears that she is focusing more on her items that are on Etsy?
    I will check out the website that you gave me again.
    Thanks! Her work is quite delightful!