Monday, May 3, 2010

"10 Cutest Cat Moments"

Ten? I am sure we can all mention hundreds if not thousands of "cutest cat moments" here are ten right off the bat when I think of my Cody's "cutest moments":

1) The day we "discovered" each other at an adoption at Petco....I had never seen a kitten so content to just sit on someones' lap for hours upon hours

2) As a kitten Cody had a "stare" that used to make my husband and I laugh....the "stare" seemed to say "Are you for real?" we are both certain he has existed on this earth before in another form....there is an incredible wisdom in his stare

3) Also as a kitten when Cody would get a running start from across the room and scale my voluminous, mountainous heft and perch cozily against my neck

4)  He and our Sheltie (Dakota) "kissing" every morning

5) Cody refusing to drink out of his own water bowl, you KNOW the water tastes better when it is served out of a dog bowl

6) Turning on the printer

7) Attemtping to get my husbands' eating utensils at the dinner table, he manipulates his paw in such a way as to practically grip the knife and fork

8) Focusing on my earrings when cuddling.....what amazing and sparkly "cat toys"!! "Swat, bat, swat"....Ooops there went an ear!

9) Sleeping in his favorite "spot" on top of sheets and pillowcases in the linen closet

10) Handing off to Dakota whatever they should NOT have, through the baby gate. Cody is the "gopher"....together they scope out a taboo item....Cody finds a way to obtain the taboo item, once gotten it is handed off to Dakota who takes the heat......

What are some of YOUR cutest cat moments?

See the video below of the latest "10 Cutest Cat Moments" that is going around the Internet. I found this on a Facebook page called "Satsugaicat".....who found it on  liquid who found it on "Youtube" of course!!

Have a "Meowy Monday!"


  1. Why are liberal cats so mean to the other cats?

  2. maybe they are just being "catty" lol....

    "Jon" have the "Phd", I don't. I am sure you can ponder these wonders and come up with a viable answer to your question yourself....but....thanks for the "comment"....I think.


  3. used to love the ping pong moments, unfortunately our old girl's now too arthritic, but in her day -olympic gold!! Ms. Z.