Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Fun Find! Pawz 'N' Clawz Unique Handmade Jewelry

There are many things I love about blogging, and right there at the forefront are the amazing and talented people I have had the pleasure of meeting along the way. I have been blessed to meet a number of them in person, but most I only know from my online interactions, Jenna from Love Is being Owned By A Husky is one I haven't had the pleasure of meeting in person (YET), but one day I hope that I will. She is truly one of my favorite people, and her blog is darling.

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Yes, the blog is primarily about the three incredibly gorgeous Huskies that Jenna has, but she also has cats "in da house!!" (She happens to have THREE cats.)

I love her blog for many reasons but at the top of the list is how much I have learned about the Husky breed. I think they are beautiful and have greatly enjoyed learning more about them through the information that Jenna regularly shares.

Jenna came on to the blogging scene like a dynamo! She is not only one of the most thoughtful, genuine, unassuming and friendly people I have had the pleasure of knowing, she also exudes love, you can feel it directed at her fur babies as well as everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her.

Jenna makes it a point to visit each and every person who leaves a comment on her blog and she is a part of nearly every Blog Hop that exists! Her energy makes me dizzy!!! I often marvel at the amazing detail and information she puts in her blog and the amount of visiting and commenting on the blogs of others that she does,  because she is not only a fur baby Mom, she has human children of her own and a husband! I have no clue where she finds the time!

A few months ago, Jenna and her Mom (Lisa), decided to become partners and opened the online shop called:
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Lisa's mother has a talent for making handmade jewelry and also does quite a bit of work with wood.

I had visited Jenna and Lisa's shop page  a number of times, and finally, a few weeks ago I decided to make a purchase!

I was pleased with the entire ordering experience, and the speed in which my order arrived.

The item I ordered was the "I Love My Cat" charm bracelet pictured below:
This bracelet is even PRETTIER in person!!!! When it arrived it came in a lovely and dainty pink bag:

To me, presentation is EVERYTHING....I have ordered jewelry in the past from individuals who merely wrap their jewelry in tissue (if you are lucky), no bag, no box, NOTHING. Did I order from them again? What do you think? That's right, make that a resounding NO!  The packaging above impressed me and made me eager to open the pretty parcel immediately upon it's arrival.
Let me tell you I was NOT disappointed!

The photo doesn't begin to do the bracelet justice, it is soooo pretty in person! Green is my favorite color and the green hue in the stones above is beautiful!

Let's not forget the adorable cat charm!

One of my favorite features of this bracelet is the lobster claw might sound minor to some, but to me it is HUGE. Those that know me know that I am FAR from petite. I have a hard time buying bracelets because they often don't fit my wrists because of my large bones. This bracelet has the lobster claw clasp and links that are longer than average, making the bracelet COMPLETELY adjustable!!! GENIUS!!!!! It fits me perfectly and a tiny-boned person would be able to wear it as well!! There is nothing better than an adjustable bracelet!

I encourage you to visit Pawz 'N' Clawz and see for yourself. Have a special request? Jenna and Lisa are here to help you!  From Jenna and Lisa:

We love our pets, and so do you! Show your love for pets through one of our unique designs!

We have now launched a new program! 
For every $100.00 Pawz 'n' Clawz makes, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to our local shelters!

  • Flat rate shipping charge $4.00 WORLDWIDE!
Questions? Feel free to contact Lisa or Jenna at :

Nope! I was not compensated to feature Pawz 'n' Clawz, nor was I given my bracelet in exchange for this review. I BOUGHT it myself! I am quite pleased with it and wanted those of you who might not be familiar with them to go and check them out!


  1. The bracelet is beautiful and the blog sounds interesting.

  2. That is a VERY pretty bracelet. My human also likes lobster claws because some of the other types of claps come undone too easily!

  3. That is a beautiful bracelet, I love green too!

  4. I love her jewelry too,I have a pair of earrings and a Bracelet that she and her mum did Special for me with a bunny Charm,that one is going on vacation with me in a couple of weeks time,and yes I will buy from her again!

  5. Such nice jewelry - i may have to get some for my sister. :)

  6. We love the blog and the jewellery is super beautiful too. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Dat's pawsum. And such a purretty bwacelet. GLad yous liked it. Miss Jenna weally is a sweetheart.

    Luv ya'


  8. What a beautiful bracelet! We will definitely check them out!

  9. The bracelet is lovely ! We didn't know that the Huskies'mom made jewelry, we're going to visit them right now ! Purrs

  10. That sure is a mighty pretty bracelet. And we are going over right now and visit her blog. Great review Caren. Have a great Friday.

  11. We love Jenna and her three woofies...and kitties too! We've seen her jewelry, though the mom hasn't ordered anything yet. It's beautiful!

  12. I'm going to go check out Jenna's online shop right now...her jewelry looks lovely!

  13. Great post.... went over to their site and spent a long time just noodling around. Very fun.

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

    1. Thanks so much Bugsy and Knuckles!! I am so happy you went to visit them!! They are just the sweetest, like YOU! You have a great day too! (((hugs)))

  14. That bracelet is gorgeous!

  15. Such a beautiful bracelet and a wonderful item for pet lovers. Wishing them much success.

  16. Oh Caren! You are such a beautiful person!!!
    I truly thank you for your compliments <3 <3 <3 I am so glad you like the bracelet, and I wasn't expecting such an amazing post! Thank you SO SO much!!! xoxoxo
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. @Jenna well, SOMETIMES I am lol!!!!!!!!! Hey, I just tell it like it is and no matter what, what I say is how I feel! You are MOST welcome, it is soooo well deserved, you are a TRUE GEM! ((((hugs))) and much love! xoxo

  17. Dang, she really has some pretty items over there!

  18. That is a really lovely bracelet!