Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cat Horoscopes October 2014

Mercury is in retrograde and a lot of pretty monumental planetary movements will be making October quite the month for our feline friends. Luckily HollywoodPsychics consulted the top online pet psychics to give more insight for what is to come!

October will be an interesting month for Aries cats. The presence of Venus and the Sun will likely cause these cats to crave more love and attention from their owners. However, the effects of Mercury being in retrograde and other planetary alignments will cause things to go quite unpredictably this month. It’s important to keep a close eye on Aries cats to make sure their rebellious nature doesn’t lead them to a dangerous situation. (Uh-oh!!!! Cody is an Aries cat, looks like I have to be on the alert!!!)

Taurus cats typically like ritual, consistency, and a laid-back lifestyle. However, the planets may have something else in store this month. The positioning of Mars – as well as Jupiter and Uranus – will break down the routine and open up for something new. Your Taurus cat might make friends with another household pet or find a new adventure that strays from the norm. Just don’t let them get ahead of themselves and get stressed out!

Expect to see an electrified side of your two-sided Gemini cat. Mars will be passing through Gemini in October; because of Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus the effects will most likely be positive. They may still meow your ear off, but there will be no ill-intentions behind them. With Mercury in retrograde, be sure to also keep an eye on your cat’s moods for any shifts in (c)attitude.

Unlike the previous cat zodiac signs, Cancer cats will not have as dynamic of a month. They will likely seek less attention as this month and feel more of a need for privacy. This doesn’t mean these love-craving felines won’t need your attention this month.  They will still need affection from their close loved ones, but they won’t be very welcoming to outsiders or more energetic situations.

Fiery Leo felines will be burning brighter than ever in October. Jupiter and Mars will provide these cats with a strong energy that passes more thirst for excitement into their already adventurous hearts. Make sure you keep an eye on anything breakable, because Leos will probably have trouble controlling this energy and could knock something fragile off the shelf!

Like Cancerians, Virgo cats will not be sharing the energy-filled month that some of the other signs are experiencing. Instead, they will remain their normally reserved and subtle selves -- but just more at peace. Make sure to still show them love, but also allow them to rest and move past a lot of their characteristic anxiety.

There is a lot of planetary action in Libra this month. This will lead to an abundance of extra energy that will lead these cats into some unpredictable scenarios. Keep a close eye on your Libra cat and make sure they don’t get into too messy of a situation.

This October does not bode well for Scorpio kitties. The planets’ alignment will withhold positive energy and cause many negative feelings to surface. Be sure to give them extra attention or buy them a new toy to show them they are loved. Luckily, near the end of the month the Sun eclipse that takes place in Scorpio will lead to a return of positive energy.

With Mercury in retrograde, and being such an influence in Sagittarius, you can expect October to not be an easy one for these cats in regards to his or her relationships with other pets or humans in the house. However, with Mars in Sagittarius your cat will gain a boost in energy. You’ll likely find your Sagittarius kitty off on a quest trying to find excitement this month.

Venus will have Capricorn cats really laying on the charm this month. They will likely be able to get their way with their human owners for more effortlessly. However, all of this dynamic energy takes them away from their normally sloth-like tendencies.

Luckily the planets will be treating Aquarius cats well in October. Expect to see a more social and dynamic side to these normally more passive furry friends. They will be bursting with positive energy that will draw them to others, and the other way around. On top of this, all of the positive energy and planetary alignments will generally keep them in good spirits.

The retrograde movement of Mercury and positioning of other planets will make October quite the unpredictable one for Pisces cats. It really can go either way, so be sure to show them nothing but love and positive energy; Piscean cats are very intuitive to their owners’ emotions, so if you set the example, they may follow.

Want to know more about how the Mercury retrograde will affect your cat? You can also call one of the phone psychics from Hollywood Psychics to gain further insight!

From Cat Chat With Caren and Cody:This is a sponsored post. We received compensation to feature it. Cody and I LOVE Astrology/Psychics anyway and it is our pleasure to have this as a monthly feature!


  1. Looks like a good month for us. Have a terrific Tuesday.
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