Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sentimental Saturday-For the "Cat People!"

Tell me, when did YOU become  "Cat People?"

I received no compensation for this post. It was sent to me to share by the kind folks at Purina.


  1. People who have never lived with a cat have no idea what great times they are missing. I have always loved cats. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. I just posted a comment about this on Brian's blog...It's a great video, but why is there no "I'm a dog person" video? How is it that loving cats has become so stigmatized, so equated with "crazy cat lady" status? I find it rather sad that there even needs to be a video like this.

  3. I have always said, there isn't anything wrong with being a crazy cat woman. It just depends on how you translate the word crazy. Yes I am crazy about my cats. Great video.

  4. @Fuzzy Tales I had never thought about that before and you definitely have me thinking. Why ISN'T there one for dogs? Dogs are usually all-accepting...there are stereotypes about dog people as well...excellent point.

    @Marg well said! I am "crazy" but my "craziness" has nothing to do with my love for cats!

  5. We are cat people! Yay!! Me and Charlie are proud crazy cat and woofie people - cos we all rock!! Yay!Take care

  6. Well of course we wouldn't hang out non-cat-people persons!

  7. Aunty Caren,
    What if that video had been from a cat's point of view? Instead of saying "I'm a cat people"....let's say "I'm the cat that people love...." har har har *evil laughs* Yeah...what's wrong with being a crazy cat lady? Shows Purina's marketing team doesn't understand anything about cats and their hoomans. purrr....meow!

  8. Our Mum is a cat person - she has no choice!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Mario's mom here: My mother always told me that when I was a toddler, they always found me following the doggie down to the barn and trying to play with the kitties. I was probably 2 or 3 at that point.

  10. My mom is a DOG person! There is no way she will become a CAT person because I'm here at the fort all the time.

    Woof woof

  11. As a child, I also had a cat who slept on my head. She got me hooked!

  12. I am a cat purson.. All my life..
    ~Live, Laugh, Love~

  13. Loved the video Caren! I became a cat person not long after I got married, my husband found a pregnate stray cat at his work and brought her home, she had kittens around Christmas time and there is not a thing in the world as cute as kittens and and Christmas tree! We have had cats ever since, all of them strays or shelter cats. Our vet laughs when we come in and says he is going to name a room after us. ;) We currently have 3 cats and 1 dog, purrrrr-fect! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  14. Heck, I have loved cats my entire life! When I was three (or so) we took in a stray for a few days before my folks found it a home, and that was IT for me.
    I loved the video!

  15. I was born a cat person. As a little child I had severe allergic to cats, so I wasn't allowed to have them for a while. FINALLY, after many shots, I was allowed to have them outside. I used to fall asleep in the garage cudding with them just so I could be near them. Now we have 9 indoor cats. I don't mind a few sneezes, lol. I feel sorry for people who don't have a cat to come home to. That's just sad and pitiful if you ask me. I've been called a crazy cat lady, but I've been around long enough to know that there are a LOT worse things I could be, lol. After nearly 30 years of marriage, my husband is SO a cat person now too. And our son has the "You have to save every cat" gene as well. We're definitely cat people. I wouldn't have it any other way!

  16. Awww... that was sweet! I was born a cat person and actually think I am a cat!!

  17. I love cats and dogs and birds and even the occasional mouse, hamster, turtle and snake! Unconditional love, dependability and trust as well as depending on you have added enrichment to my life since I was born. I can not imagine living a life without an animal! I am an animal person!
    Nellie's Mom

  18. I have always been a cat person. Even as a child, when I was severely allergic to them (thank COD I outgrew that)!

    We tagged you guys. If you can, come check out today's post to see what it's all about, okay?


  19. I have been a cat person since always. It's hard tell why. I just love them. And I love other animals, too!

  20. I tend to agree with Fuzzy Tales! It is almost as if it is done on the defensive!

    I love cats ..... and dogs! lol

  21. Not looking for any other thing in this video other than just to say I LOVE CATS and I too am a cat person.

    I think those that aren't just haven't "gotten" the right cat.

    Loved the video.

  22. @Abby you know what? That is what I thought when I first saw it. I was simply enjoying it for the fact that I LOVE cats and love hearing about others who do as well. I agree with you, those that don't just "haven't had the right cat!"

    @Carolyn, I honestly didn't find this video to be done on the defensive but I do like reading about everyone's interpretation. Everyone's comments and own interpretation are important and I thank all of you because you have provided some food for thought. I watched it extremely late last night so was only watching it for the enjoyment factor. I love cats and dogs as well but I have always felt a closer affinity with cats.

    @Tamago I think you hit it! We are ANIMAL LOVERS! Not just cats!

    @Meowmeowmans, I am comin' right over!

    @Repositorio me too!

    @Nellie AMEN!! One of my most favorite pets was a hamster named "Cooch!" I adored him! Oh and when I was little I had 2 turtles named Lucas and Thisbee lol

    @Deb Barnes, I am a mix of cat and DOLPHIN lol

    @your fellow traveler I LOVED your story! OMG! You sacrifice so much to enjoy your 9 cats!! Sniffling and sneezing to some would be too cumbersome. I just loved your story!

    @Katnip Lounge you are so lucky. My mother HATED cats and as a little one I remember barely even seeing cats ANYWHERE! I didn't have my first one until adulthood. I so wish I had grown up with them like you!

    @Coupon Queen ANOTHER great story! I love it! You are so right, there is nothing cuter than kittens and Christmas trees! OMG 3 cats and one dog? How does your dog feel about that? :)

    @Fida thank you!! I will stop by and check out your blog :)

    @thecatball I am sorry but I am laughing at that! lol!! That could have easily worked the other way and I am glad that it didn't!

    @Eva tell your Mom I still lover her! lol. Seriously I love cats AND dogs! I just think my personality is much more cat-like than dog-like :)

    @Mario ohhhhhhhh soooo cute! Destiny!!! Your Mom was looking for a little "Mario" even way back then! :)

    @Hannah and Lucy I am sure your Mom wouldn't want it any other way! xoxoxo

    @Cat from Sydney, I like your idea of having the cat speak as the one that people love, but there are so many cats that how could any ONE cat represent ALL of them? Just like people are different, so are cats! I think Purina did a good job (NO I'm not saying that because I am helping to share the video, if I didn't like it I am not obligated to post it)...they were more or less saying that some common "terminology" that is used to refer to cat lovers should pretty much not exist because you cannot stereotype a type of person that loves cats because they are as varied as cats are!

    @Brian you got it!

    @Old Kitty we all rock for sure!

  23. So great to see another cat person on the Saturday pet blog hop! I was never a cat person, but then I got two kittens for my dad for father's day. Neither of the kittens made it to him because I fell in love with them both! But don't worry, a friend of mine had to rehome his cat when he moved with with his highly allergic girlfriend, and that cat quickly found a home with my dad - and what a match the two of them are!

  24. I was born a cat person! I certainly didn't inherit my love of kitties from my Mom OR my Dad, so I'm not quite sure how it happened...but it did! MOL.

  25. OMC this video was just what I needed! LOVE this, and yes of course, I am a cat person!
    Thank you so much for your kind emails and comment. I left Madison at the Hospital, he will be there until Monday.
    We miss him terribly but are hopeful. Please continue to pray for the little guy. xoxoxo
    Much love
    Lisa, Madi and Abi
    (PS welcome home too!!!)

  26. Can a dog be a cat people?

  27. It's a generational thing, in my dna. My mother and father were both cat people:)

  28. my mommeh became'd a kitteh person when she rescued teh Two Who Came'd Before Us. and she says it was because of teh way they needed her halps. and then it was allllll over - lovelovelovelovelovesssssss.

  29. We saw this video over at Brian's and we love it!! Our mom has been a cat person for as long as she can remember. When she was a little tyke, there were always cats in the house.

  30. wow thanks so much for sharing this adorable video, we love it!
    Mammy, dad, sis, brother, they are all cat people!
    Mammy Léia, grew up on a farm in Brazil and she LOVES all critters, mainly CATS! :)
    If you don't mind, mammy will share this video in my facebook.Thanks a lot!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  31. @Luna I would so love to visit Brazil one day! That must have been wonderful to grow up on a farm!!! Of course you may share this! Love you!

    @The Island Cats yep! Brian is a member of the Purina cat panel too (and a number of others are as well, including me!) You will see a few of us often posting the same thing. You are quite blessed to have grown up with cats, wish I had too!

    @Attie Cattie nothing better than becoming a cat person through helping kitties! My first kitty was my Angel Bobo who was a stray and I saved him from frigid temps...he was alllll mine for 18 glorious years!

    @Kathy you were quite lucky as well! I escaped a mother who HATED cats!

    @Benny and Lily, OF COURSE!

    @rumpy, yep, my Dakota DEFINITELY is!

    @Lisa THANK YOU for stopping by to give me an update about Madison. I am glad he is at the hospital because they can provide for him round the clock. I am sure you did an amazing job too but this way he will get all of the help that he needs! I am praying and purring with all that I have. No need to thank me, I am frustrated because I wish I could do more!!! Thank you and much love!

    @Julia we come from a similar background. My Dad was ambivalent towards cats, he didn't start liking them til had my Bobo, my mother just hated them. Go figure!

    @Four Paw Savings how great to meet you! I loved your story of how you ended up keeping the two cats! Priceless! Glad your Dad finally ended up with one too!

  32. About 5 minutes after I was born would be my best guess on when I became a cat person:D!! After last Sunday...I KNOW more than ever I am. I love Dogs too...just somethin bout da kitties!!Sue

  33. I had to fight to get my first cat as my parents weren't cat people - but it was worth it and we had many happy years with Tigger, and I have owned (or been owned by) three other cats since. Long live cat people.

  34. Both of my parents were cat people (thank goodness!), and my daddy took me to pick out my first kitten when I was just 5 years old. (Oh, the pressure, LOL!) And, aside from my years away at college (stupid dorms with stupid no-pet rules, hmph!), I've had one or more constantly in my life ever since. :)