Friday, February 24, 2012

Book Review: Rainbow Forest Fables By Pamela June Kimmell, AND You Can MEET Pamela!

Today I am taking literary license and veering from my rule of only featuring books on Cat Chat that are about cats. I have chosen to feature Rainbow Forest Fables, which isn't about cats, but it is about animals, lessons, enchantment, wonder, magic and is written by an author with a personal connection got it! CATS!

Rainbow Forest Fables is a book "dedicated to the young and the young at  heart" whose message is "if we keep our hearts open, we can learn so much from each other and our surroundings." This delightful book was written and illustrated by Pamela June Kimmel who is the "co-author" of the popular and adorable blog One Spoiled Cat featuring her adorable orange kitty (and writing partner), Sammy. (Sammy and Pamela were featured on Cat Chat, January 19, 2012, if you missed that post, you may read it here)

"At the end of every rainbow is a magical forest where creatures of all kinds live in harmony with nature."

I am featuring this book for a number of reasons, one of them being that Pamela is an incredibly talented woman who just happens to have a heart of gold. She hasn't lost her child-like ability to wonder, imagine, pretend and she shares this with us by using  lusciously descriptive language and whimsical illustrations (that I wish there had been MORE of!) which are featured on the first page of each new chapter of Rainbow Forest Fables.

Another reason I am featuring this delightful book is because true to the usage of the word "fable" "a fable is a succinct fictional story, in prose or verse, that features animals, mythical creatures, plants, inanimate objects or forces of nature which are given human qualities and that illustrates a moral lesson" (from Wikipedia)
"Felicia" the "Guardian"
of the Rainbow Forest

 Each character in Rainbow Forest Fables has it's own brief chapter making it well-suited for use as a bedtime read, (a parent could devote one night to each character) and the chapters are short enough to hold a child's attention. It would also lend itself well to story hour at a public library or in the classroom for the lessons that are conveyed through each character offer numerous possibilities to engage in a lively discussion.

All of the characters in Pamela's book possess admirable  traits that should exist or be instilled in all of us, in childhood and well beyond. Rainbow Forest Fables not only provides a world of wonder and imagination for children, it releases our inner child through characters such as Gordon Grasshopper, Seymour Squirrel, Fairy Felicia and more. "The stories and illustrations provide simple lessons about getting along with one another in our wide, wonderful, magic world."

When I was a child of 4 or 5, I remember throwing a blanket over the picnic table in the backyard, sitting under it and imagining that every blade of grass was a jungle in the eyes of the assorted insects that lived among them. I envisioned bird's nests as being delightful, lush beds, holes in trees functioned as  entryways to the cozy cottages of squirrels; replete with acorn bowls and chairs made of tree branches. I remember making tiny boats out of rocks or wood and releasing them into the unknown enticing eddies of a backyard stream. I delighted in those moments then as I do today. I have never lost my child-like wonder and am thankful for the serendipitous way of life that has put like-minded people in my path. Pamela is one of those people and Rainbow Forest Fables is an extension of the lessons and wonder of childhood that should never be lost.

You may get a "taste" of Rainbow Forest Fables by visiting Pamela's other blog: The Magic Forest Chronicle which was designed around this precious book.


Pamela will be attending Book 'Em TOMORROW in Lumberton, North Carolina.

Book 'Em North Carolina Writers Conference and Book Fair brings together more than 75 authors,including two New York Times bestselling authors, Carla Neggers and Michael Palmer, more than 24 award-winning authors, and authors of almost every genre for all ages under one roof to sell and sign their books, participate in panel discussions and talks, network and interact with fans one-on-one."

You can read more about Book 'Em here

Pamela will be bringing these books with her to sell at Book 'Em ; her mystery novel "The Mystery Of  David's Bridge", "Pink Jasper" (which was written in conjunction with 5 other ladies) and her current children's book "Rainbow Forest Fables".




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  1. Pam is a dear (internet only, so far) friend of mine. I just purchased 2 of her books for gifts for little ones in my life.
    What a wonderful review you've written.
    Here's wishing our friend much success with her book - and with Book Em this weekend!


  2. Pamela's book sounds truly enchanting!! Yay!! Take care

  3. Sounds like a book worth reading! Great review!

  4. @Dianna isn't Pamela just incredible? i have never met her in person either but we also met online and email each other frequently. Pamela is incredibly kind hearted and sooo funny! THANK YOU, your words mean so much to me knowing Pamela as well as you do! I am hoping she sells LOTS of books this weekend!

    @Old Kitty, it is!

    @Bassetmoma thank you! It most definitely is!

  5. That really does sound like a fun book, thanks for telling us all about it!

  6. It really love books like this, it looks just delightful for all ages. When I was a little girl I had a book of Aesop's fables and it was a favourite of mine :-)

  7. @Cat you are absolutely correct! I have always loved Aesop's fables too :)

    @Brian it is and you are most welcome!

  8. Me has a secret. Don't tell Kozmo, but Pamela's Cat - Sammy of One Spoiled Cat Blog - is Agent 00.8. He is joining Kozmo in hunting down Mr. Chirpy on Monday!

  9. @Nellie...I already know ALL of your "secrets" MOL!!! Mom is friends with Pam!! And that means...we know what YOU are doing too!!! MOL!

  10. Great book review. I will tell the mom here about it and she will probably check it out. Thanks.

  11. I love books like that. They go straight to my heart.

  12. We love Pam and Sammy. This adds a whole new layer of love. Thanks veering off the beaten path.

  13. @Layla I love them too! I couldn't agree more! So glad you liked it! Hope you are enjoying yourself!! Now get off of the computer and have fun!!

    @Katie so do I! :)

    @Gracie thanks so much! I hope your Mom does!

    @Rumblepurr thank you!! It is!

  14. My Human seldom reads any of the things *I* think she should read. Sigh.

    However, on another topic, that picture from Wednesday is pawsome! I'm going to adopt that as a personal slogan.

  15. What a lovely review, and how nice to learn more about Pamela's work!

  16. @Ingrid thank you! Pamela is multi-talented like you!

    @Spitty lol!! someone suggested that I make a poster (I think Nerissa) not a bad idea!

  17. Sounds like a great book to read. Will check it out when I'm in a bookstore. Thanks for the review, Caren.

  18. First of all, it is so good to be back in the blogging world again after a 6 month hiatus! I only regret that I've missed out on so many events in everyone's lives; I hope I can catch up!
    I love when you feature books and give your opinion of them so don't stop! I pay close attention to books of all genres and this one looks like a good one!

  19. @The Teacher's Pets YAY! YAY!!! How WONDERFUL it is to see you BACK!! OMG! I am soooooooo happy!! Hoping that all is well and you were greatly missed! Thank you for your kind words! The book reviews are my FAVORITE part of my blog so trust me they won't stop! This IS an adorable and worthwhile book!

    @Priscilla it is just precious!

  20. We are so pleased she sent us a copy. Pam has a real heart of gold, she has been helping me with several things which is so kind of her. I just wish she lived closer.

    Mollie, Alfie and Mom