Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last Minute Pet Lover Gift Ideas!!

Buy NOOTERS CLUB® Apparel & Gifts
 and help promote pet spay/neuter
while donating money to rescue groups around the U.S.

Are you looking for a last-minute gift for the pet lover in your life? NOOTERS CLUB® apparel and gifts makes it easy to deliver a holiday chuckle while helping pets by promoting spay and neuter and making a donation to rescue groups.

NOOTERS CLUB® is a company that raises awareness of the importance of pet spay and neuter in reducing pet overpopulation through its wide-eyed dog, cat and rabbit cartoons and humorous sayings such as “My Cat Stops at Heavy Petting®.”  The characters appear on a variety of apparel and gift items including t-shirts, nightshirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, shopping bags, vehicle magnets and more. 

Shoppers who make their NOOTERS CLUB® purchases through member rescue group websites earn the rescue group 15 percent of each sale.  Shoppers simply choose a rescue group from the NOOTERS CLUB® list of participants and go to that rescue group’s website.  Look for the NOOTERS CLUB® link that will take them to the NOOTERS CLUB® online store.  Their purchase will automatically credit the rescue group for the purchase.

Participating rescue groups:

Assisi Animal Foundation, Crystal Lake, IL –
C-SNIP Kentwood, MI -
Las Vegas House Rabbit Society, Las Vegas, NV - 
Mid Michigan Boxer Rescue West Bloomfield, MI - 
Northeast Satellite of the CO HRS Loveland, CO -
The Pet Castle Animal Rescue Florence, KY -
Rascally Rabbit Rescue, AZ -
Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance, Denver, CO -
Spay Alabama, Hueytown, AL -
Nooters Club Magnet

In addition, SHIPPING IS FREE on all purchases of $30 and more made by December 31, 2010Spend $50 or more and get a free vehicle magnet. See for coupon codes. 

“Our whimsical cartoons always get a chuckle and make a great gift for anyone who loves animals,” says NOOTERS CLUB® founder Linda Wasche.  “Plus, shoppers are doing something nice for the rescue groups that benefit from our sales.”

There's even a T-shirt for the Doggies

NOOTERS CLUB® also participates in a variety of fundraising, adoption and awareness building programs around the U.S. 

*****UPDATE! Final count of cats and dogs that were adopted at last weekend's 3 day adoption event!  71 cats and 3 dogs went to good homes.  Another 10 cats will stay in the Pet Supplies Plus White Lake store and will be put up for adoption in their “Adoption Alley.


  1. HEE HEE... Those t-shirts crack me up. Great post. Nice list of rescue places... Very important for sure.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. It is important that the public have the awareness of the importance of pet spay and neuter in reducing pet overpopulation. It is in fact not a good sign to see more and more shelters everywhere, we don't need them if we have our pets spayed or neutered.
    Spaying and neutering is really important if we don't want to see more dogs and cats end up in shelters and they don't deserve this kind of life at all. They should be loved and cared and they should live happily with their beloved owners.
    What a great post of spreading the awareness to the public! The shirts are cute and they are for a good cause too!
    It is so great to hear that many cats and dogs have found their furever homes, hope the rest can find their homes as soon as possible too.

  3. @Max I love those shirts too! My fave is "My Cat Stops At Heavy Petting!!"
    Thanks much! ((((hugs)))

  4. @Priscilla, thanks so much for your informative comment it is much appreciated!
    I was talking to my hairstylist the other day and she mentioned that she got her dog spayed at age 10!! She had never been spayed and the vet told her she must finally do it because if a female dog is not spayed it is at a high risk for cancer...I never knew that and along with reducing the over abundance of unwanted dogs/cats it is also extremely important for a dog and cats' overall health!

  5. I'm here from Cat Thursday...couldn't find your post, but did enjoy the T-shirts...

    Here's my post:

    (click on my name)

  6. Loving the t-shirts. Mummy wants one. Or two. Maybe three :)

  7. @Princess are so cute!! I love 'em too!

  8. @Laurel so glad you stopped by! This IS a blog post for a group that supports spaying/neutering cats/dogs.

    I am glad you visited my blog and if you check the archives there are all sorts of different cat posts!

    I am on my way over to yours now. Thanks for visiting!

  9. How great that those cats and dogs found furever homes.

  10. Ouch comes to mind, but the shirts are terrific! Hooray for the adoption successes too!

  11. I LOVE that! That is unique and made mommy laugh out loud!

  12. You are so funny -- I love those shirts! Great ideas, Caren. I appreciate the time you put into your very informative posts :) Plus, I just adore you.

    xxx Ang

  13. Hi Amin thank you! I am well! How are you doing?

  14. @Hannah and Lucy, yes that was a nice amount of dogs and cats that found furever homes, I just wish the rest could too! :)

  15. @Brian "ouch" you silly!!! Yes those shirts are great! :)

  16. @Admiral Hestorb I LOVE to make you LAUGH!!! xoxo

  17. @Angie you ALWAYS make my day! Thank you!! I can't take complete credit! Linda (who founded Nooters Club) gave me the info (she is the wonderful woman I had breakfast with last week!!)...Nooters Club is her brain child and pride and joy so SHE deserves the credit, not me! :)
    But...I will accept the fact that you "adore" me and I THANK YOU because it is MUTUAL! We are members of the "Mutual Admiration Society!!!" Muahhhhhh!!!! Love you and am soooo hoping to be able to meet you in PURRSON at Blog Paws! I will die!! :)

  18. What cute things!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  19. Nooters club! That is hilarious! I love funny plays about spaying and neutering like that. Help Joey is another cause and they make all kinds of silly videos about chasing down dogs and cats and explaining abstinence lol!

  20. Oskar so glad you like them! She is based out of Michigan too! :)

  21. @Stacy and Ellie yes it is a hoot! Yep I know about Help Joey that is another good organization! :)

  22. Thanks for sharing! And I'm so glad you stopped by my blog today. I love cats and I didn't even know about your blog! Thanks for following and I'm also now following back. =O)

  23. Hi Michelle!! I am sooo happy to see you here!
    I could tell you love cats and I am so happy that we have met!
    It is my pleasure to follow you, I am thrilled to have found you!
    Thanks for following me as well!
    Happy Holidays!!!!

  24. Those shirts are awesome and hilarious! Forget giving them away, I want one for me!

  25. @houndstooth I know!!! MOL! I just love them!!
    Thanks so much for your enthusiasm! :)

  26. Hey i love your blog!!!! thanks for stopping by mine too!!!!!

  27. Ellen thanks so much!! I am following yours I just don't always comment. I am glad you stopped by! Hope you didn't mind all of my sticking my two sense worth in about the cat stuff today! :)

  28. Ha ha ha! The Human and I both LOVES these!

  29. hi wilfred!
    So nice to meet you!
    I hear the Netherlands are BEAUTIFUL!!
    Thanks for stopping by!