Friday, December 10, 2010

Michigan Holiday Adoption/Open House Event! 200 Cats And Kittens Need A Furever Home!

The 200 cats and kittens -- in every color and breed imaginable including purebreds, all spayed or neutered, examined by a licensed veterinarian and vaccinated -- will be available for adoption:

 December 10-12

at Pet Supplies Plus

in White Lake, Michigan

   Adoption fees of $59/cat

goes to

 Adopters get a holiday goody bag for their new pet that includes cat food, toys and a gift card for a free wellness exam at The Cat Practice   , in Birmingham, Michigan.

Hours for the holiday cat adoption event and Pet Supplies Plus Christmas open house are:  4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Fri., December 10; 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sat., December 11; and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sun., Dec. 12.

   Shoppers will be treated to some great holiday specials on pet supplies, prize drawings and complimentary holiday refreshments.

   Pet owners can get a picture with Santa and their pet from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, December 12 by making a donation to Oakland Pet Adoption Center.

Pet Supplies Plus
in White Lake
 is at 6845 Highland Rd. (M-59)
   For more information
 call 248-889-4131
 or go to


  1. I sincerely hope they all find safe and loving homes. I'm currently living in Greece where there's cats and thousands upon thousands of homeless little kittens. They're simply not wanted as there's way too many. It's a problem they won't deal with in this country and it's terribly sad to see such beautiful creatures rummage around dumpsters for their survival. I hope one day each and every single cat will be wanted.

  2. @Gods Little People...OMG Greece is a place I have been fascinated with since I majored in Rhetoric and minored in Philosophy in college. It has always been a dream of mine to visit Greece.

    The cat situation there is shocking and heartbreaking. Someone should create a spay/neuter clinic there to help reduce the amount of unwanted cats/kittens.

    So pleased to meet you and thank you for visiting us!

  3. It's a happy festive season and I hope all the cats and kittens find their furever home and be loved and cared as soon as possible. Some pictures with new pets together with Santa sounds so much fun there too!

  4. Mes hopes all the kitties get new forever homes where they is happy and loved!

  5. Wouldn't it be a miracle if all those poor anipals could find forever homes for Christmas. I enjoyed the comment from Gods Little People. I too have always wanted to visit Greece. It does not make me happy to hear how they treat their cats tho.Sounds like they need a good spay/neuter program.

  6. Hi! I'm blog hopping today hoping to make new friends and landed here. What a FAB blog. I have been reading it for ages and have a huge smile on my face now. I would love to come over and adopt a couple of cats myself unfortunately we travel too much to be good 'parents' to an animal. I have added myself as your newest follower on GFC and Networked blogs.
    I'm off to browse around your blog now. Please drop by and maybe follow me. I'd be delighted welcome you.
    Warmest wishes
    Carol from

  7. We hope all 200 cats get furever homes but fear that will not be the reality. Is this a no kill shelter - we hope so - we hate to see healthy animals pts when they could be neutered.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Purrs from all of us for these kitties to find loving forever homes during this festive season.
    We especially love this part -- Pet owners can get a picture with Santa and their pet... :-)

  9. This is an excellent way to find home for these precious animals. I hope you send many of them home for the holidays!

  10. @Priscilla that was so sweet of you to read and comment about this since as you know I posted this (differently) last Friday....but I wanted to be sure to give these precious kitties the exposure that they deserve to try and find them their furever homes! xoxo

  11. @Mario that is EXACTLY what I mentioned in my reply to God's Little People too...I agree with you a zillion percent! xoxo

  12. @Facing50Blog.Com THANK YOU for your incredibly kind and heartwarming comment! I sooo appreciate it! As soon as I finish reading/responding to these comments I will be right over!
    I am afraid I am well into (and not "facing my 50s" lol) I am 55!


  13. @Hannah and Lucy very good question and sadly I have to agree with you about most of the kitties not being adopted. Last time they had an adoption like this 60 kitties WERE adopted and that is to be considered a success!
    I am fairly certain they are a "no kill" shelter...thank you for your question...there is a link to their site on the blog and we can all check around there for the answer but I am fairly certain they are a no kill or they wouldn't have 200 kitties!

  14. @The Chair Speaks, me too! I had one made with Bobo and Santa eons ago! (In the 90s) I should see if i can photograph it and post it.

  15. @Hannah and Lucy, here is info I just copied directly from the website...I hope they accomplished what they hoped to accomplish by the end of 2010....

    About the Adoption Center

    The Oakland Pet Adoption Center has been aiding animals by providing shelter and care while trying to find them new, loving homes since 1980.
    Our goal is to become a "no kill" shelter by the year 2010. We are accomplishing this goal by:

    Educating the citizens of Oakland County about responsible pet ownership.

    Offering spay/neuter clinics for low income residents in our service area.

    Continually providing programs and services to increase the number of animals that find caring homes. We are the largest shelter in Oakland County and take in about 10,000 animals every year. The Oakland Pet Adoption Center is a partner of the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance (the Oakland Pet Fund), a 501 (c)(3) dedicated to making Oakland County a "no more homeless pets" community. For more information please visit

  16. Forever homes for everyone please Santa!

  17. @Brian....a resounding YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!


  18. 200 kitties- awwww!! Me and Charlie hope they ALL find forever homes!! Wow, 200!! We will definitely have everything crossed for them! Take care

  19. @Old Kitty THANK YOU!! I love how you said you "will definitely have everything crossed for them!" ((((hugs))))

  20. I hope each and everyone of those cats and dogs find a great home! Alex has his paws crossed too!

  21. What a purrfect holiday if these kitties could find special homes!

  22. @Hilary me too! Please thank Alex from us and give those little paws a kiss!

    @Peggy sooooooooo true indeed! xoxo

  23. What a great event! I hope all the kitties find happy homes!

  24. I hope they all go to good homes. I would adopt them all if it was legal and I wasnt in danger of turning into a crazy cat
    You care so much Caren. You are a rare gem in this world. xxxx

  25. @Yvonne me too!!! Thanks for your support!

    @Alittlesprite, so do I! I loved your comment about "turning into a crazy cat lady" lol...if I had the room and resources I would adopt them all too. Thanks for your kind words but there are many, many others who do much, much more!!!! I am just happy to be the messenger as much as I am able to be! xoxo

  26. Gear Caren,

    That's great even and I hope lots of them will be adopted by Christmas. But I wish all of them. Sound unreal but it's great to have a good hope.

    In Melbourne, Mom know one shelter , they been force to move the place before Christmas. They have cats , dogs and horses. We do help them as much we can do and now they has successful moving. Many people has adopted the cats and Lots of good human do donation. So now they do alright in the new place. I'm glad they do end up good.

    And we hope this event will help all cats have a great opportunity in this season.

  27. @Mr.Puddy, me too. I agree with you that we must always keep hope!
    Did the shelter in Melbourne move to a nice location?
    You are such a wonderful kitty for caring so much!!
    Much love to you!

  28. We have our paws crossed that they all find homes!

    I almost had a heart attack when those cats started singing!


  29. Hi Caren
    Thanks for stopping by at Gods Little People.
    We're a few cat lovers that are looking into at neuter programme locally - fingers crossed it will come about. Sadly it appears that it's mostly other nationalities that takes action regarding the homeless cats (and dogs) in Greece. I LOVE Greece but it's approach to animals bothers me hugely. But I guess sometimes you have to act as an exampleship. Some people do seem to catch on to the kinder approach, thank goodness.
    Take care...
    - so pleased to have found a kindred spirit!

  30. @Gods Little People you are most welcome and I am thrilled to be following you!
    I admire you for taking the initiative to try and start a spay/neuter program in Greece I give you sooooo much credit!!! You are incredible that you are trying to take control of the situation.
    I am sooooo pleased to have met another kindred spirit too!!
    (((((hugs))))) to you as well! Caren

  31. @Hannah and is what Linda emailed me and I am directly quoting from her email AND there is good news of some kitties who were adopted as of late last night!!

    "I can respond to you and then you can post.
    Oakland Pet Adoption Center, which is part of Oakland County Animal Control, has
    becoming a no-kill shelter as one of its goals. We are trying to do our part to
    help find homes for as many pets as possible. The more animals we can get in
    front of public, the more that will find good homes.

    BTW - Caren - as of end of tonight -- 30 cats and kittens adopted. - Linda"