Thursday, December 23, 2010

Southfield Michigan:URGENT, 4 Foreclosure Cats Abandoned In The Cold

Before you read this post let me first say:

 This sickens me to no end. If someone can no longer afford their pets due to foreclosure or WHATEVER take the animals to a shelter, a caring friend, a veterinary practice, ANYWHERE but DO NOT ABANDON THEM.

 After I received this post yesterday I contacted two people that I know who are actively involved with the rescues in Oakland Co. Michigan, and one who is experienced in trapping ferals (even if these are not feral cats).

 They immediately went into action blasting this post to every rescue in Michigan and their volunteers.

 I posted this on Facebook and Twitter....

 I pray the vile individual(s) who would do something to these poor, defenseless babies get the karma that they so deeply deserve.

I am awaiting updates at this time....

Here is what I received, in its entirety:

Southfield is a city in the vicinity of Detroit in the affluent Oakland County, Michigan.

Contact Cheryl Lang if you can help
Founder and President
O 281.717.0055
C 281.605.8390
16225 Park Ten Place Suite 105
Houston, TX 77084

RESCUERS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY. Food, water, and makeshift shelter will be provided for kitties locked out in the cold at a foreclosed property. Photos were taken 12/19/10. Four cats have been seen by the realtors, though there are only three in the photos. Tell us if you think the cats are definitely over one year old. One rescuer said they only take cats who are less than one year old. Thank you.

On Dec 21, 2010, at 12:04 PM the realtor wrote:
        Hello Cheryl,       
I got your contact information from a previous REO property that we managed in Pontiac, MI. I’m hoping you can helps us or lead us to who may be able to help us with a current matter where there are at least 4 abandoned cats. These cats are friendly and appear to have been well feed so we believe they were left behind by the previous homeowner. Our local Human Society will not pick them up, nor will the city do anything. Our temperatures are dropping fast so they are in danger of facing cold temps and hunger.  Please let me know if you have any resources for us in our area. The property in question is located in Southfield MI.


  1. Oh dear! It is awful!!!
    How could those people are so mean and heartless to those little poor cats! It is really a wicked act to abandon the kitties in a locked property. I hope someone can help to rescue them ASAP and give them a temporary home first. It's cold out there and they sure need some food and water and warmth too!!!
    I'm so angry too!!!

  2. This.Is.Infuriating. To what degree of human capasity can you be when you leave beautiful babies out in the frozen ice of winter to their fate when they're accustomed to warmth and food? This is not fair to the animals. If I lived closer, I would take at least ONE in a heart beat. Or does that matter?? Our pets depend on us for home and shelter, if you can't keep your home they lose theirs as well. I know it is difficult, I have suffered due to the ressession, we all have, so why spread the sufferage around to the animals who had nothing to do with creating it? These stories always get my blood to boil. I wish I could find the persons responsible and stick them out in the cold until someone comes and rescues them (which may never come). PLEASE keep us posted on these precious babies. Let me know if they find homes. MY heart and prays are with them that they, and all animal abaondoned by their "owners", find warm homes this winter.

  3. Oh, this is heartbreaking! How can someone move away and just leave these poor cats to fend for themselves when they have never learned the skills to survive on their own. I wonder why the Humane Society won't pick them up - if an owner surrendered them they would take them, and they're obviously in need of help.

  4. I agree this is just awful and karma will get the people who did this. Please keep us posted. Is Cheryl's organization going to rescue them? I would be happy to send a small donation to the organization that takes them. Please keep us posted.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Aunty Caren,
    I'm flabbergasted. I hope my dear darlings will be rescued soon. I'm too far to help or else we;d have sent Mama. I was once in a similar situation....left out in the backyard during winter....and then Mama rescued me! I'm wishing and praying hard now. purrr.....meow!

  6. Hi everyone, I usually answer as many comments as I can individually but I am so angry about this that for this one I can't. soon as I hear something I will let everyone know....

    @Mr.Pip Cheryl's organization knows about this...all of the material in my blog post was not written by me but I directly copied it (except for the opening intro that I wrote) which they said I could...I have posted this with a variety of rescues in Michigan that I deal with on a regular basis and I posted this on a local newspaper facebook page....I am trying to find Michigan Humane where I can post this as well. Maybe some embarrassment will get them to take action.
    You are so kind to want to donate, I contacted one of my rescue sources directly and told them about your comment.
    To everyone else, THANK YOU, please share this, RT, anything and everything to try and help these poor cats.
    If I don't answer everyone individually on this post please try and understand. I am afraid my temper will go off full force.

  7. Hello!
    I agree with all these comments.This is awful.Please keep us posted.

  8. I can't imagine how anyone could be so cruel to an animal. It is aweful. Those poor defenseless creatures. It breaks my heart. I really hope they get the help the need. I hope karma gets those people (although they don't deserve to be called people)

  9. Why can't the local shelter take them? Isn't that what the shelter is for? Poor dears. I do hope they find a warm home soon.

  10. @Amin, I will definitely keep everyone posted.

    @Brian, "sick" doesn't even begin to describe them

    @Hilary, so true I don't know. One of the comments in the above article was that they "won't take a cat older than 1 year old" I believe....since I left my other comment I posted this on a local TV station's wall and every Michigan humane society and rescue wall that I could find on Facebook.
    As soon as I hear something I promise I will let everyone know. Hopefully it will be good news.
    Thanks all for your comments and for caring. I hesitated in posting this with it being such a "happy" time of year.
    When I received it yesterday afternoon I felt the first course of action (before turning it into a blog post) was to contact my local personal rescue contacts and to Facebook it and Twitter it for maximum exposure.
    When I awoke this morning I decided to post it on my blog...I wasn't going to but am now happy that I did.

  11. @Cat-In-Sydney I am so glad your Momma found you to rescue you!
    My Bobo was quite a similar situation. I found him almost this EXACT time of year in the bitter cold. I was on my way somewhere and 6 hrs later when I returned he was under a car in our parking lot (hiding)...I brought him in....searched for a possible owner for 2 weeks, ran a lost and found ad. No one ever claimed him. I had told people once I take him to the vet and invest in him he is MINE...that is what happened. I often wondered if he got out accidentally or was deliberately let out. There were never signs posted in the area looking for him so I imagine it might have been a similar situation. He gave me the best 18 yrs of my life and this situation hits waaay too close to home and has me extremely upset.

  12. This kind of thing gives me an ache in my heart! How can people do this? They look well cared for, so am wondering what the backstory is? I hope they are found loving homes soon x

  13. Oh no!! And the rescue won't take them in?!?! What kind of rescue shelter is that? Sorry - I know they do good things and are probably struggling but good grief this is an emergency!!!

    Please keep us updated - this is so worrying - poor sweet kitties. They look so confused locked out like that. Poor kitties! There really is no excuse no matter what your financial situation is - to abandon your animals like this - absolutely no excuse!! :-(

    Take care

  14. Oh, I am tearing up here...those poor little faces looking expectantly through the window, trusting that someone will take care of them...

    I cannot believe it, but I know there are people out there who are so callous that they cannot think beyond their own situations.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  15. OMG!!!!!
    We totally agree with your post ,especially the karma part.
    Hope they get it in spades.No amount of hardship justifies abandoning any living creature when there are agencies that can help.

  16. I cannot believe anyone would do that. I don't understand why humane society won't go in? Because it is a foreclosure? Actually I can believe that people will do that as my cat was found by my roommate when he was 10 days old in a parking lot. We hoped he was lost in a litter but there were no signs of any life out there whatsoever... how anyone could abandon a helpless creature is beyond. Thankfully there are more people like you and rescuers who would do anything they could to give these animals a chance.

  17. OMC - This is the same situation found in Orange County, Florida about 2 weeks ago. I would call the local TV stations and get some publicity going. If enough people get up in arms over this, someone in that city will take action. I suppose if someone broke in the house to save them, they would be charged with Breaking and Entering. I'd be tempted to do it anyway. I don't know who the scum bags were that owned the house, but they certainly are not decent humans!

  18. @Laurel-Rain, I know. That is what is tearing me apart. They are waiting to be let in. I just can't stand it. You are welcome and thank YOU for visiting mine as well!

  19. @Old Kitty and to EVERYONE WHO is an UPDATE from Cheryl at "No Paws Left Behind"

    "Per our field rep, the cats are MIA. He has not seen them. He’ll be searching for them today and if found, will take them to a no-kill shelter recommended by Feral Friends Rescue. I’ll keep you posted. Cheryl"

  20. @Carolyn yes the kitties do look well cared for and I was sort of thinking the same thing. I don't care what happened. Even if they were well cared for they certainly weren't being well cared for right now. Let them trash the house or vet has had cats taken there many times. They could have gone to any vet and dropped them off and the vet would see to it that they are taken to a "no kill" shelter somewhere. I am sorry but in my opinion there is no excuse.

  21. @MissKris...the problem is the cats are OUTSIDE....not inside....the Humane Society from what I understand will not pick them up.

  22. @Mario I did post on one of the newstation's here Facebook page to bring it to their attention.
    As I mentioned to MissKris the problem is the cats are OUTSIDE, not inside. Hell if they were inside I would have tried to find where they were myself and smashed a window to get them out and the heck with the friggin police.
    I would freeze my own butt off in the cold before I would intentionally have my cat or dog do that.

  23. THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR COMMENTING AND is about 2:45pm Eastern time and when I got home I had this message in my email from Cheryl from "No Paws Left Behind"

    "Per our field rep, the cats are MIA. He has not seen them. He’ll be searching for them today and if found, will take them to a no-kill shelter recommended by Feral Friends Rescue. I’ll keep you posted. Cheryl"

  24. mans inhumanity to animals angers & depresses me.I heard the other day of some guy who apparently threw a cat out of his car window while he was on the motorway (freeway). Happily the lovely animal was none the worse & is being cared for. Have these people got any heart/feelings? It makes me wonder as a mental helth practitioner what state their minds must be in, & Lord help any human who lives with them.
    I'm one with you Caren, I would go without for for my cat, I the thought of Charlie in pain would cause me to walk barefoot to the vet even in the snow. I'd do that for all my family & yes even for those who harm animals. Its called compassion & love.

  25. @wockley I feel the same. OMG the cat being thrown out of his car...I just can't stand it. Thank goodness that had a happy ending.
    I am hoping that because the last I heard was that they couldn't find the 4 cats that maybe the owners had a change of heart and came back for them or that someone kind in the area took them in. I know they are still being searched for.
    I love how you said "it's called compassion and love"...EXACTLY. ((((hugs))) to you and yours!

  26. Those poor poor babies! I'd take them all if I could. I do hope they find them... they must be frightened out of thier minds :(
    I HATE cruelty to animals. It's the lowest act a human can do. gggrrrrr!!!

  27. This is totally wrong !!!! Unacceptable !!!! cruel !!!! How could they done that to the cats ?
    I hope they are safe ! I wish they are ok. !

  28. @Alittlesprite, I feel the same. It is times like these I wish I had a giant house and not a condo with the rule of only being allowed to have 2 pets. If nothing else I would foster so many kitties.
    I am hoping that they are somewhere safe.

    @Mr.Puddy, yep I just said the same thing. I agree with you completely!
    (((((hugs)))) to all

  29. I hate hearing these type of things. It's so awful and disgusting!

  30. @Yvonne, I do too. I am also shocked and appalled at the lack of concern from a variety of areas where I posted the link to this blog that you would think they would care....disgusting.

  31. I wish it wasn't so late (10 PM EST) when I ran across this post - I am putting it on my FB profile now - these kitties need help asap!

  32. @Sparkle, it is MOST APPRECIATED! Thank you!!!
    Last I heard was the Field Rep that was looking for the cats couldn't find them. I am hoping that that is GOOD news. (that was the most recent update at about 2:45pm today)...I am hoping a kind neighbor saw them and took them in....waiting for further updates...THANK YOU!!! ((((hugs))))

  33. @Diane, me too. What bothers me even more is I posted it on Michigan Humane's facebook page, and a few other media outlets who shall remain nameless and I am trying to control myself and not even the courtesy of a response.
    I am sorry to say if it had been 4 dogs they would have been all over it.
    I better shut my mouth now. The whole thing makes me sick.

  34. I just heard of this resource--not sure what they do when the owner is gone, but apparently they've been able to help direct people to local shelters and rescue organizations:

  35. @Portraitsofanimals thank you for the info but that is EXACTLY where the above article came from (look at what is in purple in the above blog post) it originated from "No Paws Left Behind"...THANK YOU THOUGH! They are on it and it is one of THEIR field reps who are trying to locate the cats.
    I am also going to be featuring "No Paws Left Behind" on my blog on January 15th.
    Thanks so much!

  36. That is so sad especially at this time of year when it is so cold out. Poor little sweeties.

  37. @Julia I know...I am praying for a happy ending as I am sure everyone else is too. Thanks for stopping by!

  38. Hello Caren, any word on what's happened?

  39. @MissKris you are beyond sweet to check back. Nope. I have heard nothing. I am thinking with the holidays no one was around to email. I am going to try and remember tomorrow to email them and see if they have any news. They all promised to email me with an update but people get busy. I am going to do my best to see if I can find anything out tomorrow. You are a complete doll!

  40. Did you remember to e-mail? Lol :) Thanks for sharing this with us I really hope there is a happy outcome for the furry ones.

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