Thursday, December 30, 2010

I've Never Much Cared For New Year's Eve

Bobo and I
New Year's Eve has never been on my list as one of my favorite holidays. When I was younger it was always a holiday where I felt incredibly alone. Probably because if I sit down and reflect on various New Year's Eves in my life, for the vast majority I WAS alone.

Don't get me wrong, I love being alone with myself...NOW. That wasn't the case in my 20s and 30s. Back then if I was alone for New Year's Eve I felt like a leper. I would ignore the television, crawl into bed at 10pm and pray that I would wake up after the clock struck midnight. All of that in an attempt to avoid seeing the sickeningly sweet smooching of saccharin couples at midnight. I felt like the lemon in the bunch.

Until...I found my first cat,  my Bobo. For more years than I probably should admit, but lovingly remember, Bobo and I brought in the New Year together.

I used to laugh when I would look at his neck (that always looked to me as if he were wearing a napkin), and imagine a black bow tie around it, and a little tuxedo on his back.

If he wasn't in the living room with me, I would find him sleeping happily on my bed. I would creep in at 11:55 pm, gently pick him up and tell him he had to get ready for his "New Year's dance with Mama" (yes I AM certifiable)....

I would hold him and raise his paw (in the form of a waltz) and dance with him to "Auld Lang Syne" and thank him for yet another wonderful year. Bobo, always one to please his Mama, tolerated my tradition for many, many years.

Of course there were some years when I WAS out, or when I married, where the "tradition" was no longer a yearly event.

I always felt a void. As if the New Year would be tainted if I didn't have my dance with my precious Bobo.

Those years whenever I DID get home I would make sure to pick him up at whatever time it was and dance to "Auld Lang Syne". Then and only then, I knew I was starting my year as it should be, with my "Baby Bobo", who loved me for many, many years, often  when nobody else seemed to care.
Bobo as a kitten

Bobo has been gone nearly 4 years now and there have been 3 New Year's Eves without him physically present in my life, but still when the clock strikes midnight, and my loving husband, our precious cat Cody and our dear dog Dakota all exchange kisses, I will still be dancing with my Bobo in my heart, and always will, for all of the New Year's Eves to come.

**Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve wherever you are and however you celebrate. Thanks for sharing 2010 with Cody and I. We are grateful for each and every one of you, you all touch our hearts in many, many ways....we hope you will join us in 2011!

**I apologize for the poor quality photos...they are not actually the "New Year's Dance" but you get the idea...these photos are currently in frames on the wall...hence the poor reproduction.


  1. Bobo will be dancing wif all our OTRB furends! Best wishes fur a happy and healthy New Year! xoxo

  2. Happy new year my friend, I send you many virtual rumble-kisses.

  3. Caren, Thank you so much to share your beautiful time with Bobo with us. My mom is so overwhelmed with your love to Bobo because your story reflected her feeling to me. My dad even get jealous sometime. She can't explained how much I mean to her ( hee...hee..of course I'm the best ! ) .

    This New Years's Eve is the first year of me and my mom.She expect to spend special time with me and our family ( I think She might have to pray for me to me to be know me ! I love outdoor )

    Happy New Year's Eve to you too

  4. Oh, Caren... :( *sob!*
    What a beautiful story about your lovely Bobo. Thankyou for sharing (although you made me cry).
    We are so much alike, in that I have never liked New Years either. I was always alone and up till I met my Husband, not even three years ago, I used to just go to bed like you did and wish to not wake up until the morning. I would always wake at midnight though and here people's parties around the neighbourhood.
    I know Bobo is there with you. He is there in your memories and in your heart and he will never be forgotten.
    Luv U xx

  5. What a lovely post, it did bring a tear to my eye. I've never been a fan of New Year celebrations either, I do hate forced jollity!

  6. I will be spending New Year's Eve the way I do every year: inside my house. Of course, being an indoor-only kitty, where else would I be? My human, on the other hand, always insists on going out somewhere. She likes being festive, although she usually doesn't stray very far.

    I think that during the time Bobo was in your life, he was your perfect New Year's Eve date!

  7. Have a wonderful New Years Eve. We will all be dancing with our dear old friends in our hearts xxxx

  8. I am so touched by this post and the story of you and Bobo. When I lived alone my cats were always my New Years companions, and, where I didn't have quite the same kind of regular celebration as you and Bobo shared, I realize that I have kissed more cats at New Years than men!

    My Bleecker has been gone for four years now, also. His big thing was Christmas, and the tree always had this green metal bell on a low branch for him to ring. This year I was thinking so strongly of Bleecker, when, all of a sudden Shiva got up from her cozy place by the fire, walked over to the tree as if on a mission, and began ringing that little bell wildly! She rang it for at least two minutes, and I knew Bleecker was with me.

  9. That's such a beautiful post.

    I will still be dancing with my Bobo in my heart, and always will, for all of the New Year's Eves to come.

    Now I'm bawling my eyes out....

    A very happy new year to you all; may 2011 bring an abundance of laughter and love and joy!

  10. What a lovely post, Caren ! I also like to be alone for New Year's Eve, since I've lost my mother, long time ago, one 31th december... I was almost young... Close your eyes tomorrow, at midnight, and open your heart : Bobo will be here again, one more time, for an endless dance around your neck, like a "boa" (in french, a kind of warm and sweet scarf), and let the time goes by for an everlasting love, beyond the memory... Ah, cats, they make me almost poetic!!! Have a nice new year's Eve, with Cody, loving Husband, dear Dakota and... Bobo, of course !
    PS : On the Fisrt on January, a "gift" for Cody on my blog :
    Hé, Colibri, it's not YOUR blog, but MY blog !!! Have a nice "St-Sylvestre", my friend Cody !
    Zébulon (Colibri's cat)

  11. @Bunny, I am sure he will be! Happy you stopped by, have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

    @Rumble, sending many, many virual kisses and wishes for a happy new year to you too my friend!!

  12. Oh Caren, what a beautiful post. I am sending you a virtual hug! I love the relationship you had with Bobo, and I know that he will always dance with you on new years! Have a very happy one!

  13. @Mr.Puddy I sooo understand about your Dad being "jealous" (a little bit) of how much your Mom loves you. I completely understand! I think my husband used to feel like that with Bobo when he came into our lives.
    I didn't realize this will be your first New Year's with your Mom!! That will be wonderful!
    I can tell through your Mom's blog just how much she loves you and I think that is one of the reasons I love your blog so much. (other than you are beyond handsome and how your Mom has captured your personality perfectly on her blog)
    I hope you will stay home on New Year's and let your Mom give you all of the love that she wants to!!
    Have a happy and healthy New Year Puddy!!! (and to your Mom and Dad!) Much Love!

  14. @AlittleSprite yes we are very, very much alike. When I read many of your posts I think we think the same on so many things. I didn't want to make you cry and trust me my post for tomorrow will make you LAUGH!! That is why I posted this one today and then the funny one will be tomorrow! Happy, Happy New Year to you!! Love ya my friend!

  15. @Barbara you hit the nail on the head. It is the main holiday of the year where it feels like if you are not in the most jovial mood then you are an outcast. It has always been a rather introspective time for me. I love new beginnings and the prospect of a "clean slate" but I hate anyone "forcing" me to be happy! I am happy when I wanna be!! lol

  16. @Sparkle I love how you said that since you are an indoor kitty you will be inside! Don't get me wrong, there were years when I went to parties, bars (got quite soused sometimes lol) and crazy but as I wrote there were many years when I may have really wanted to do something and the ONLY ONE there WAS Bobo!! Yes he was the purrfect date during those years of my life! Happy, Healthy New Year!

  17. @Princess Jasmine, yes we will be!! Happy, Healthy New Year to you!

  18. @Lydia I love how you said you have "kissed more cats at New Year's then MEN!!" You hit the nail on the head!! lol
    Your comment gave me chills and at the same time made me smile when you said that your Shiva walked over to the Christmas tree (just as you were strongly thinking of Bleecker) and hit that green ornament the way Bleecker used to. I definitely believe in spirits being around us and "signs". That was certainly a "sign" that your precious Bleecker was DEFINITELY sharing Christmas with you!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!

  19. @Kea thank you!!!! Don't worry, even though this post might have been a little more sad than some I do I LAUGH A LOT!!!! Actually probably more than most! lol. For some reason when I was thinking of one of the posts I wanted to do for New Year's this popped into my head when I started thinking of New Year's and my Bobo. Tomorrow's post will DEFINITELY make you LAUGH!!
    Happy, Healthy New Year to you!!

  20. @colibri, thank you and I am so sorry about your having lost your Mother on New Year's Eve, I am soo sorry! I didn't want to include this but my husband lost HIS mother on New Year's Eve about 6 yrs ago....I almost included that but decided against it. That was yet ANOTHER thing that made me not like the holiday very much.
    Funny when you mentioned a "boa"....when I adopted Cody 2 weeks after Bobo passed he ALWAYS did and STILL DOES wrap himself around my neck like a little boa!! lol
    I will stop by your blog on the 1st for sure!
    Happy, Healthy New Year to you!

  21. @Hilary THANK YOU!! I know you and Marc can TOTALLY relate!
    I hope you, Marc and Alex have a happy and healthy New Year, full of lots of KITTY LOVE!!! xoxo

  22. New Year's Eve isn't one of HH's favorites either... But the concept of a new year is a good one. Nice to have a reason to start fresh.

    pawhugs, Max

  23. The PM has similar memories with her cat Sydney when she was in her 20s. A wonderful way to ring in the New Year!!

  24. Awwww!!! Lovely Bobo!! What a precious kitty!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories of yours and Bobo's New Year's Eve dance! We know he'll be dancing with you and Cody and your hubby tomorrow just before midnight to usher in a wonderful New Year for you and yours!! Take care

  25. We enjoyed the old pictures. We hope that you do have a Happy New Year!

  26. @Max you hit it on the head for me. "the CONCEPT of a New Year is a good one" and the fresh start... xoxo

    @Goldie glad I could bring back some wonderful memories of your Sydney! :)

    @Old Kitty you are most welcome and thank you for your lovely sentiment! Happy, Happy New Year to you and Charlie xoxo

    @The Taylor CatSSSSS I am so happy you enjoyed those old pictures!! I hope that you and yours have a wonderful New Year!

  27. Caren, we are truly kindred spirits! Bobo is an angel kitty watching over you, I am sure.
    Wishing you many new year's dances to come with Cody and a blessed 2011.


  28. Beautiful post as usual.
    I am sure most people can relate to a time when they spent New Year's alone or attended a party without a significant other. Having a pet share our lives is like living with a therapist. They listen to you when your down and make you feel as if they are blessed to have you in their lives. How great is that?!

  29. Caren,
    I was on 'Max's' Blog and saw your gift to yourself; the loss of pounds with WEight watcher's and I just had to come by. I joined WW on Dec. 7th and have lost 5.2 pounds. I haven't told meany people I am doing it becuase well, I just haven't. I want to lose the weight this time and forever and be kind to myself in the new year...I was glad to read your blog...I adopted a new kitty and her name is Angel kitty. She is a lovely addition to our home. I've lost cats and just couldn't do without and ALL hold a special place in my heart.
    Happy New Year!

  30. What a wonderful touching story that brought to tears to my eyes! Bobo sounded very special to you.
    Happy New Year

  31. We luff that story. Bobo was indeed a tolerant cat. :)

  32. love the post Car, anyone whose ever shared their lives w/ these furry character feels the love- as great as goggies are, you have to earn your rightful spot in a kitties heart! Happy ushering out the old- Ms Z. (& her kitts)

  33. We loved your old pictures too and I can see why Lucy reminds you of your Bobo. I will try to dance with her tomorrow but will probably fail as she is very wriggly when she is picked up!! She sits on my knee and sleeps on me in bed but hates being picked up.
    Luv Hannah, Lucy and mum Sue xx xx xx

  34. Lovely post, Caren. Have a wonderful New Year. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  35. Hi Caren,
    This is Barb - Penelope's mom. Your story of Bobo reminds me of Licoriec. It will be a bittersweet New Tears for me. Licorice is gone, but now we have Kozmo so new traditions will be strted. Thanks for sharing!

  36. @Kelly thank you! Yes we are! Happy New Year to you! I don't know about Cody sharing a dance...he is FAR less tolerant than Bobo was lol! xoxo

    @Cherie PURRFECTLY SAID!! thank you for your kind words as well!

  37. @Tracy YAY!!!! I am soooo happy for you!!! 5 lbs since Dec 7th is fantastic!!!! You sound EXACTLY like ME! When I first joined (On Oct 2nd) I hardly told ANYONE...I didn't want comments or anyone's "watchful diet eyes!!" If you ever need a pep talk or want to just share your progress you can either do that here on my blog or email me at cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com
    Sooo happy to meet you!! You goooo girl!! Happy New Year to you and thank you for stopping by to introduce yourself! xoxo

  38. @Jen, thanks so much! Happy New Year!

    @The Whiskeratti-Yes, he most certainly WAS. He virtually would let me do nearly anything to him! lol

    @Ms.Z thank you!! Love the "winning the rightful place in a kitties heart"...soooo true! Obviously I haven't done that with Cody!!! lol (kidding!!) Happy, Happy New Year!! xoxo

  39. @Hannah, Lucy and Sue...that was sooo cute! Some cats just don't like being picked up and that is ok too! xoxoxo Happy New Year!!

    @Deb thank you so much! Happy New Year to you too! ((((hugs)))) back at ya!

  40. Oh, what a precious memory! Dancing with Bobo...I love remembering all the cats that have "gone on," because they all did bring such joy to our lives.

    I am glad I have photographs of them, just as I'm sure you are.

    Here's my Cat Thursday:

    (click on my name)

  41. That is such a loving memory of Bobo, it really made my whiskers grin up big time!

  42. Mommy and I loved your post. All of we kitties and mommies and daddies in our cat blog world are the best of pawrents and kitties, and we kitties are loved so much. And we know it too.


  43. @Laurel thanks much for commenting...I am on my way over to you in a few!

    @Brian awwwww thank you! I love that your "whiskers are grinning up"

    @Admiral Hestorb thank you! I soooo hope you have eaten...I am praying that you have...yes....all the kitties are loved sooooo much...ESPECIALLY YOU!!! xoxoxo

  44. @Barb, ((((((hugs))))) please know that I can TOTALLY relate. Cody was adopted 2 weeks after Bobo passed....the first New Year's was very, very hard and I also had immense guilt when I adopted Cody feeling I hadn't mourned Bobo long enough. I realized I just couldn't live without a kitty in my life.
    I mentioned in a previous post that when I mentioned my guilt to my vet he said something that I would love to share with you "you aren't REPLACING Bobo, you could NEVER do that. You are just creating NEW memories with a new cat!" Just like you!!!!
    (((((((hugs))))))) I am thrilled to have met you in 2010 and am looking forward to reading your blog and sharing laughs in 2011! xoxo

  45. Such a beautiful story about Bobo! I had a similar experience with my Muddy and Christmas morning. I think of him a lot but more so on Christmas morning. It used to be just him and I and it was very special.

  46. What a sweet post about Bobo. Mom feels the same about New Years - if she goes out or not it doesn't matter - she would rather be home with her woofies or kitties anyway! Happy new Year!

  47. Aww.. The best way to spend New Years Eve is cuddling at home with the family. Bobo was adorable! I'm quite sure he will be dancing on the other side of the bridge. Happy New Year!

  48. What a beautiful tribute!!!!!!!!!

    We all send our love to y'all.

  49. New Year's Eve has never been top on M's list either. A new year ahead tho is always nice to look forward. WE hope your new year is full of happiness and good health for you and your family.

  50. Bobo is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your sweet memories of him.

  51. I can so relate to your story and I know that you will be celebrating with your sweet Bobo in your heart.. Happy New Year.. Hugs GJ xx

  52. Caren,
    That was a beautiful post that brought me to tears. I can see you dancing, with your dear friend, whirling around the house, singing Auld Lang Syne!
    What a wonderful memory to hold in your heart!

  53. Beautiful post! Happy New Year to you and your family, Caren!! xo <3

  54. Well besides all of your family and kitties, we (bloggy and Twitter friends) are here to keep you from being lonely this New Years! :)

  55. Our pets bring us so much happiness and hope. Sounds like you and Bobo were meant to find each other :)

  56. Oh, Caren, such a lovely post. And sweet, sweet Bobo.

    I know what you mean about New Year's Eve. It always feels like forced joviality and that we 'should' be happy. But it is also one of the loneliest days of the year. I always felt melancholy. New Year's Eve was celebrating the end of a year, and not a new beginning.

    And it is especially hard if there is no one special in your life on that day. When I got married, my husband and I would open our Christmas presents on New Year's Eve and made it our own day.

    Sending you warm thoughts my friend. And wishing you the best in 2011! You deserve it!

  57. Are you *trying* to make me cry, Caren?? That is such a sweet post. You're right, Bobo will always be in your heart and he is dancing there will you... and not just on New Year's Eve. You are such a sweetheart. xxx Love you!

  58. @Angie lol! I actually hesitated posting this because sometimes New Year's is depressing for people and I didn't want to do that! Tomorrow's post is funny, I promise! Thank you! Your sentiment was beautiful! My Bobo is definitely looking down and smiling, he would have loved you as I do! xoxo

  59. @Careers4YourCat, EXACTLY, "forced joviality" that is what I never liked about it. I LOVE the tradition that you and your husband started of opening your gifts on New Year's Eve...that is a fabulous tradition! I do LOVE new beginnings just not New Year's Eve!

  60. @Ellie I agree wholeheartedly, we were definitely meant to find each other but I am a firm believer that ALL kitties find us one way or another!!

    @Stacy and Ellie that was the sweetest thing EVER!! ((((hugs))))), no worries about being lonely this year (other than missing Bobo) I have a barking Sheltie, pestering husband lol and my food obsessed cat! That was sooo sweet!

  61. @catsparella, thank you so much and happy new year to you and yours too!! xoxo

    @Shawn LOL! How did you know I used to "whirl" Bobo around the house???!!! LOL! I certainly DID! You sure know me! Happy Healthy New Year to you! xoxo

  62. @Ginger Jasper ((((hugs)))) to you, will think of you tomorrow and send you wishes for the Happiest New Year!

    @mom2acat thank you so much! He was such a handsome boy! I used to think he was so uniquely marked until I started blogging and have seen about 20 cats that look just like he did! lol

  63. What a beautiful post! A very happy New Year to you and your family!

  64. @Mario we are so similar in so many ways! I wish the same for you, good health for all, prosperity, happiness, all things GOOD in the New Year! You most certainly deserve it! xoxo

    @Sammy and Andy, thanks so much and we send our love BACK!! (((hugs))))

    @julianne thank you! I agree, still my favorite New Year's involve being at home with those I love. I sure hope Bobo is dancing! Happy New Year

  65. @cats of wildcats woods I am exactly the same! Much better to be at home!

    @The Monkeys, that is IT EXACTLY! You and Muddy have the same thing. So many things that Bobo and I shared in the early years were only shared by he and I and that is what enabled us to bond sooo much!! ((((hugs))))

    To everyone who stopped by I wish all of you the BEST New Year EVER! May it be full of love, good health and prosperity! ((((hugs))))) to all!

  66. @Yvonne, thank you so much and happy new year to you and yours too!

  67. New Year isn't my fave time either. We're staying home too. Chinese New Year, though is fun!

    Happy New Year to you and your family. May 2011 be everything you wish for.

  68. A lovely tribute to your friend!! They are the best!

  69. @Au and Target. I agree with you about the Chinese New Year, I actually prefer it to ours!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!! Thanks for all of your support throughout 2010, all the best to all of you in 2011! Love, Caren and Cody

    @Fin thank you so much, yes they ARE the best!

  70. Even being married for many years, my Mom still has felt left out of the "fun" of New Year's eve, since she and my Dad have seldom partied. It is a pity that it is an occasion that brings loneliness to many: my human sister will spend the evening with a significant other for only the second time ever, so she has felt alone with just her kitty so many years as well (as she says, spending the evening with her parents was "nice" but only a reminder that she didn't have someone special).

    here's to a wonderful year of health and happiness for all!

  71. @Simba I know how you feel. My husband and I are not big "partiers" either. When I was young I was a huge partier lol but not on New Years!
    Yes it is sad that so many feel lonely on New Years.
    I can soo relate to your sister because that is how I was for many years!
    Yes! Here's "to a wonderful year of health and happiness for all!!"

  72. What a lovely and sweet post which shows the love and strong bond between Bobo and you. He was a special boy and he had warmed your heart. I'm so glad you had so many good years with him.

    I'm not a festive celebration person and I'll never bother to join the crowds on the street and cheer for the moment when the clock strikes twelve on the eve of the year. I like to stay at home, either with family members or I might be already in bed : )

    I don't think there will be any changes for this New Year Eve either. I might snuggle up together with Rosie and have our secret girl talks and watch the fireworks through our windows if we haven't fallen asleep, LOL!!!

  73. What a loving tribute to BoBo, and no you are NOT certifiable. Happy New Year Caren

  74. Aw Caren, how I LOVE that post. It is SO beautiful. What a blessed memory to hold on to.
    Happy New Year to you and yours sweet friend,
    and long live the memory of Bobo.

  75. thank you all for your wonderful comments! Hope 2011 is extra good to you!

  76. A very Happy New Year to you!

  77. Vicky thank you!! Happy New Year!

    @Gods Little People, thank you sooo much! I am so glad you enjoyed it, Happy New Year to you!!! I wish you all the best in 2011!!

    @Diane, THANK YOU!! YES I AM "certifiable!!" lol

    @Priscilla, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Did you and Rosie get to have your "private girl talk?" I so wish I had a daughter of my own so I could do the same! xoxo


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