Sunday, April 16, 2017

Remembering Nellie, My "Furever" Friend

Hi my furiends. Today, this is Cody at the keyboard and I am having an incredibly hard time putting my thoughts together. You see, I found out today, from my furiend Speedy, that my cherished furiend Nellie went to the Bridge.
You can visit Nellie's blog here

If I were to write a blog post about Nellie and all of the adventures we had, it would take furever. I was thinking this morning about how Nellie was one of my oldest female kitty furiends (not in age, but in the time we knew each other), in the Blogosphere. Even when Nellie cavorted with every male cat in the Blogosphere, I sat back and watched, knowing that she would still make time to see ME. I had a special place in her heart, and I LOVED HER.
Nellie's Mama
made this photo a long time ago
It is probably my favorite

Nellie and her Mama brought joy to oh so many of us. They made us laugh and made us think, and touched our hearts. They did so many thoughtful things that I couldn't begin to list them all.

I know that Nellie wouldn't want our eyes to be leaking, so I am going to try and smile. I will try to smile as I share photos of Nellie and I from our many adventures. I am pretty sure that this would please her. There are a number of photos, but I picked my faves. Hoping you enjoy.

Mom and I pawed through over 1700 blog posts and it appears that the first time Nellie was on my blog was May 2, 2012.   (Nellie might have appeared before then but we couldn't find it).

Photo Courtesy of Nellie's Mama

Photo Courtesy of Nellie's Mama

Then on Friday, July 26th, 2013, Nellie was being driven nuts by her kitty sibling "Jo-Jo" and she needed to escape. Who did she call? ME! This is just one photo from that pawesome visit.

 May 15, 2015 I pawticipated in wishing Nellie a Happy 17th birthday..........

Then, last year, we wished Nellie a Happy 18th birthday:

When Nellie began her "Gift" Series, I started to sense that something might be amiss. I hoped with all of my kitty heart and soul that I would be wrong. On January 17, 2017 I had the honor of sharing Nellie's "Gift #14" The photo below is courtesy of Nellie's Mama.

Nellie girl, things will never be the same without you. My heart will never feel the same without you. You were a constant in the ever-changing blogging madness. If there was one thing I could count on, it was YOU. Love you forever sweet Nellie, never forget that.  With all of my love, Cody

Photo from Nellie's Mama's Blog

Mom and I send much love and many prayers to your most pawesome Mama. We are going to get a hold of her soon. Our hearts are just broken. Love, Cody and "Mom"


  1. Cody, that was just the most awesome tribute to our Nellie Bellie. You are right, Cody. She did cavort with every male cat in the CB but I never got jealous even if it was my mancat. If Nellie did it, it was alright with me no matter what it was.

    I treasure her both when she was with us and now as well. I always will. She was my best furriend. When I was in one of the Gifts, I was so honored. I will save it always. I know it is likely in my sidebar but it is saved with other precious photos never to be lost.

    I love Nellie and I love her mommy as well. What a shining blessing they both are.

    Love you too, dearest Cody.

  2. Even when you know a loss is coming doesn't make it any easier when the day comes. It's just heartbreaking.

  3. Beautiful tribute for a one-of-a-kind gal. I found out just before 3am and made pored through old posts, made a tribute graphic and then my laptop crashed. She touched many of us with her sassy wit and style. I wish I had the Merlin and Nellie wedding pics but none of the old content was migrated to her new blog. We'll post something tomorrow but with this so close to Merlin's death in May, it's so hard xoxoxo

  4. There is great heaviness in our hearts today, too, Cody.
    Nellie sure was extra special and will be sorely missed.

    Hugs to you, and purrs. To your Mom, too.

  5. that is possibly the most beautiful tribute I have read--clearly Nellie will be missed - really wonderful way to share your feelings and thoughts for Nellie! Thanks for sharing

  6. Oh Cody, a beautiful tribute to Angel Nellie. Hugs and purrs to her people and to you.

  7. What a beautiful tribute!! Lots of hugs from Samantha and me!

  8. That was such a loving and beautiful tribute to dearest Nellie. She was such a special one and we shall miss her terribly.

  9. Beautiful post for Nellie. She was sweet and fun and will be missed.

  10. Oh Cody. What a lovely and beautiful post to our sweet friend Nellie. She was so special to so many of us, and we are all missing her so much. We will always, always love her, and she will never, ever leave our hearts. Hugs and purrs...

  11. Nellie will be missed lots by us too. What a lovely tribute, Cody.

  12. Beautiful tribute post Cody. Nellie touched all of us in ways that I don't think she realized. She made the world better and brighter.
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

  13. This is such a lovely and touching tribute. (tears in my eyes). Beautiful photos.

  14. Beautiful tribute, Cody.

    We are sad too.

    Rest in Peace, Nellie xx

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  15. What a sweet post and tribute Cody! Wishing you a happy springtime and for being a caring creature!!

  16. Oh Cody I am so sorry! I know everyone that knew Nellie is sad now..she will be missed our love goes out to her mama and all that loved her. ...... Houston and Cheryl

  17. Beautiful tribute. Sorry for the loss of your friend.
    Sue B

  18. Nice tribute Cody.
    It's sad to loose an "old" friend.
    We know Nelly mostly because of Speddy's blog.

  19. This is such a beautiful tribute to Nellie, Cody. She had the gift of making all of us mancats feel special without being jealous of each other. I can't remember how long I have known her but it feels like forever. I will always love and miss her.My heart goes out to Barb and me and my mum send her hugs and purrs.

  20. That's a beautiful tribute to our friend Nellie. Purrs

  21. Oh Cody-I'm so very sorry to hear about your friend, Nellie. You have shared some beautiful memories--they made me smile. Even if you suspect that the time is coming close, it doesn't make it easy to say good bye. I'm sorry Cody.

  22. Oh Caren and Cody, I had to wait until today to post, as every time I tried to type I was totally overwhelmed with tears, even now it is difficult, the tears are running down my cheeks and the gunky stuff ...well I gotta blow my nose...excuse me...
    I'm back. I had to take a 5 minute break...I sat in the rain and let the rain wash away my tears.
    Nellie's blog was hers. When I had to leave her behind a year and a half ago, I could not write her blog. She spoke to you and her other furrends through me. I did not dream up her adventures, she did. When she knew it was time to go, she dictated her last post to me.
    Cody (and you) were her oldest friends. That is why, when we found out she only had a short time left, she wanted to spend New Years Eve with Cody. She loved deeply and well and I am honored that she let me share in her life and her (imaginary) adventures.
    Thank YOU for being such an important part of our lives!
    Someone very special has gone forever from this world and I feel an immense pain, however with your words and your wonderful graphics, and this post, you have made my heart rejoice. I am grateful to you for your special message which has helped me find some peace and tranquility.
    Thank YOU and Much Love

    1. it is ME who cannot type...or think..........through the tears............sending sooooooo much love, our blogging world will never, ever be the same. xoxoxo

  23. Nellie Touched us all with her Special Heart didn't she?She will be terribly missed by everyone but every night I look up at the sky and the heavens above and see her having so much fun with all her friends that have gone before while she looks down at us all with all that special love that she has shown us all,Beautiful tribute Cody,xxxx Speedy

  24. This is a beautiful tribute to the Queen of us all!

  25. Nellie was indeed special, and your post is a lovely tribute to her. You also selected just the right song. We miss her terribly. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy