Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cat Horoscopes December 2014

Your behavior for the winter is predictable - you’ll be turning up the furnaces, digging up the heavy coats from the basement, and celebrating the holidays with family or friends. However, the behavior of your cat is not so easily predictable. That’s why Hollywood Psychics is here - to give the insight into the future of your furry friend that only they can know. So, get out your most comfortable blanket, snuggle up to your cat, get warm, and let’s see what December holds in store for them!


Hopefully your Aries cat experienced a more open and accepting attitude during November, as predicted in last month’s cat horoscopes. In December, the celestial bodies have decided to bring a new energy, letting the Aries cat revel in its need for adventure and playfulness. It’s advised you buy them a new toy to play with to release this energy. (Cats deserve holiday presents too!). From Cat Chat With Caren and Cody:Well, Cody will be happy for sure!! Maybe his lazy Mom will play with him once in a while!


Due to the intruding presence of Mars, you may want to keep your Taurus cat isolated from other cats this month, as their territorial instincts will increase. If you have several cats, keep an eye on their dynamic to make sure things don’t get out of hand.


Mercury will be moving surreptitiously through Gemini in December, which means the Gemini cat’s wits will be operating at full capacity. If you see your pet jumping up on you and purring, or being extra clean in their litter box, beware! As soon as you feed your cat, or give them the attention they so crave, they may simply retreat to their hiding place, satisfied that they have acquired what they wanted all along.


We know Cancers for their self-protectiveness. This barrier will be fully dissolved in December for the Cancer cat. Their transference of family feelings (predicted in November’s horoscope), should be complete by the end of this month. Any lasting feelings of uncertainty they may have had in their relationship with their owners will now fully dissolve.


The Leo cat will be going through a quiet period in December due to the standstill in the confrontation between Saturn and Jupiter. If you see your cat sitting stoically in the corner, not blinking, or alone in a nest of blankets with wide eyes, don’t be alarmed. They are simply going through a period of reflection and pensiveness. (Don’t we do this as humans, too?) However, come January, the Leo cat will be enlivened and active again.


The Sun will be passing through Virgo this month, which means the Virgo cat, usually difficult to please, will be expressing feelings of friendliness and warmth in December. He or she will become less aloof and reserved. When your cat suddenly begins to sit more on your lap or cuddle up to you, it marks the beginning of a more affectionate side of their relationship with their owner.


Libras will continue a pattern of comfort seeking in December. If your furnaces and heaters turned up to prepare for the cold weather, expect to find the Libra cat getting cozy near sources of heat throughout the house. Note: you may want to set up blankets or nests, as well as their feeding bowls, near these locations for their convenience.


Unfortunately for the Scorpio kitty, Uranus and Mars will be in confrontation this month. This will result in irritability, especially towards unclean environments. Make sure their litter boxes are cleaned regularly, and their resting areas kept tidy. Be careful, the Scorpio kitty is on edge - an aberration from a cleaning schedule may cause them to become annoyed, and resort to clawing at furniture.


Throughout December, Sagittarius cat owners may find themselves wondering where their pets have disappeared to. Don’t fret! The natural curiosity of the Sagittarius will be manifesting in a game of hide-and-seek this month. They’ll be exploring the lesser-known nooks and crannies of your house, and they expect you to come find them.


The Capricorn kitty will be receiving positive vibrations from the activity of the planets this month. They’ll be exhibiting a “feel-good” attitude, which will help them be calm and enjoyable to be around. The daily routine for the Capricorn kitty this month should allow ample time for lounging, sleeping on your lap and eating their fill of scraps from the holiday meals.


Have you been trying to change an undesirable behavior of your Aquarius cat lately - discouraging them from scratching furniture or making a mess of certain parts of the house? Don’t expect December to be any easier. Pluto is in direct confrontation with Venus this month, which means the Aquarius’ sense of stubbornness will be unrelenting. Considering the unsteady path of Pluto, it is difficult to know if this will behavior will lessen as time goes on. Please consult your phone psychic for further clarification.


The strong imagination of the Pisces cat will become obvious in December due to the effects of the full Moon on the 6th of the month. Your cat may often be looking out the window, darting glances around at invisible creatures prancing around the garden, or frantically running across the floor to catch a critter only they can see. Can you blame your cat? Everything is hibernating for the Winter, so they need to invent some fun!

Want to know more about what the future holds for your cat? Connect with Hollywood Psychics for a psychic conversation today, and don’t forget to check back next month to see how the interstellar events of the New Year will determine an entirely different course for your cat.

From Cat Chat With Caren and Cody:This is a sponsored post. We received compensation to feature it. Cody and I LOVE Astrology/Psychics anyway and it is our pleasure to have this as a monthly feature!


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