Monday, December 15, 2014

Enter to win a prize pack of toys from the Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate

Hi all it's Cody!!! I am so excited to take over the blog today, especially with the holidays coming, because today is the FIRST of  THREE pawesome give-aways that we have that will all take place before the end of December!!! 

Today I have some super cool toys to share with you! A few months ago Mom  and I were contacted by the nice people at Petmate asking if we wanted to review some toys from the one and only, renowned cat expert, Jackson Galaxy, who now has the  Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate !! The peeps at Petmate said we could also  have a give-away! Of course I jumped at the chance!

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But...since I am a cat, there WERE some "strings attached!" I had to answer a few questions to determine what my "play style" is.

Here are the questions that I had to answer:

When you play with your cat, does he:
a)     Jump from furniture, swatting at the toy
b)     Crouch low to the ground, hunting the toy
c)      Ignore the toy and continue to sleep on the couch
A stranger visits your house, does your cat:
a)     Stare at the visitor while perched high on his cat tree
b)     Hide under furniture, stalking the visitor's feet
c)      Ignore the visitor and continue to sleep on the couch
When your cat finds a bug in the house, does he:
a)     Bat and play with the bug
b)     Stalk the bug until he kills it
c)      Ignore the bug and continue sleeping on the couch

Count up your responses:
If you answered mostly "A" then your cat prefers air play – the Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand is her toy of choice!
****If you answered mostly "B" then you cat prefers ground play – the Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Wand is his toy of choice!

If you answered mostly "C" then your cat prefers sleep over play – the Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon is perfect for those long cat naps!

As you can see by the red highlighted questions above, I prefer Ground Play! Spot On!!

The toys that I received to review were all (except one), considered to be great for kitties with this preference!

 Before I tell you about the items that I received, Mom wanted me to tell you a few things about the packaging of the products. Over all, Mom thinks the packaging is PAWESOME!! The colors are super cool  and on the back of the packaging there is a CAT MOJO TIP such as "Cats have varied responses to catnip. Some will zone out, others will freak out, and about 20% of cats won't respond at all." Mom thought that the tips on the back of the cardboard packing was super clever! That being said, Mom's BIG complaint about the packaging is the products are attached with that THICK plastic stuff that makes it hard to get the product off of the cardboard!  But...enough of Mom's complaining. Let me tell you about the toys that I received.

I am going to tell you about the toys I tested beginning with my LEAST favorite, and then going up to my MOST favorite, (which in my case was a TIE, I had TWO favorites!)

The first item that I tried was the:


It is a mesh tunnel and of all the products of Jackson's that I tried, it was probably my least favorite. Nothing against Jackson, but I am NOT a kitty who enjoys being in an enclosed space, so this wasn't a favorite. MANY kitties DO love tunnels, if you are among the kitties who do, you will LOVE this!

I am going to have Jackson tell you more about it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I did NOT receive the square box that went with the mesh tunnel. Maybe I would have liked that better?

The next item that I tried that I wasn't a big fan of was the:


Designed to encourage a cat’s need to stalk and attach to its prey, the Jackson Galaxy Twisted Kicker™ includes made-in-the-USA catnip pods at each end. Available in denim with a sisal center band or in plush velvet.

Mom and I were a little disappointed with this one...neither of us could smell any catnip.

Now...let's move on to my two FAVORITES!!!

 I am a HUGE fan of wand toys and I prefer playing with my toys on the GROUND. I don't love my wand toys being swung in the air. Jackson has a most UNIQUE WAND TOY that BOTH Mom and I LOVED! You can see photos below of me checking it out.

Isn't that feather cool? I LOVE chasing feathers!
Want to know what it is called? Of course you do!
It is the:

****Ok, I was confused. In the test above I came out mostly "B's" saying that I PREFER GROUND PLAY, but the Petmate pawson sent me an AIR PREY toy....I don't get it.....  maybe it is because I LOVE chasing flies and moths that get inside the house and run after them, I don't know. It all turned out ok though because the Air Prey Mojo Maker ended up being PURRFECT for me!

Mom and Dad both thought that it is well-made and Mom in pawticular LOVES the retractable rod!! She thinks it gives the toy more versatility, me? I don't care, just let me PLAY!

  Give a listen to Jackson explaining it below:

(please excuse my Dad, Mom usually uses my toys with me, Dad didn't understand he was supposed to use the toy in the AIR, not the ground)

The Galaxy Wands are already a winner of the Cat Fancy 2014 Editor’s Choice Award, recognizing 2014’s best products for cats.  Available in an Air Prey or Ground Prey option, The Galaxy Wand features a telescoping wand and an interchangeable toy that allows cat families to direct interactive play.  Air Prey is for cats that like to climb tall furniture and chase flying objects, while Ground Prey is for cats that prefer lurking under furniture and chasing anything that goes by.

Now, here comes the toy that I am THE MOST EXCITED ABOUT!!  If you know me, you know that:

 "I am all about the mouse, 'bout the mouse, no crinkle toys, 
I'm all  about the mouse, 'bout the mouse, no crinkle toys...
I'm bringin' mousies baaaaack...."

excuse me for bursting into song but I LOVE MICE!



That's me movin' in for the KILL! Mom didn't know til she was writing this post that if you pull the tail the mouse MOVES! I love it!!!



One of YOU has a chance to be in love too!!!!! The nice peeps at Petmate are allowing me to have a GIVE-AWAY!!!! ONE LUCKY READER WHO RESIDES IN THE U.S. WILL WIN A PRIZE PACK (I am not sure of what toys you will receive so I can't give you the dollar amount that it will be worth, (it will depend on what type of kitty you test as!)  YOU WILL ALSO WIN A COPY OF  CATIFICATION!!  By Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin, (Mom reviewed it a few months ago and you can read that review here):

ENTERING IS EASY!! Just enter on the rafflecopter below....there are TWO mandatory entries (and some others to earn extra chances, but be sure you enter the TWO MANDATORY ENTRIES TO BE ENTERED INTO THE GIVE-AWAY) THE LUCKY WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23RD, JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

In full disclosure: we were not compensated for the review/give-away. We were sent the above toys in exchange for our honest review.


  1. Oh My Catness!
    Now we know why meowmy stayed up till the wee hours...not cause she couldn't shut off her head after work she wanted to see this blog! MOL! What a great giveaway, and thanks fur the chance to win!

    1. Awwww how totally pawesome are YOU to say that! Thank you and good luck!

  2. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!

  3. We agree great giveaway and good luck to all. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Very cool toys and a pawsome giveaway! Sharing.

  5. It's hard to choose between air and ground when there are four felines in the house. Luckily for us, all cat toys have someone who enjoys it....except for kickers. Nobody here likes a kicker. They'd all rather workout those back legs and claws on a roll of paper towels. I am going to be searching for the mousie though. That looks like a hit!

  6. Sounds like a great giveaway. I never thought of air prey vs. floor pray, that is good to know. Glad you enjoyed your mouse and feather toy.

  7. Great giveaway!!! Truffles has been asking for some Jackson Galaxy toys :)

  8. Wow! What a bunch of great stuff!!!! My kitties love those tunnels! That is their fav part of our cat tree too (the tunnel area)
    And BTW that song you just did (all about the base) it is so funny you did that because I did a parody to that whole song but with "All about the Sibes, no poodles!" and I have been debating what to do with it....put it on YouTube, blog what...I still don't know but that was too funny!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. OMG Jenna! I love it!! I was thinking about expanding on that song for Friday's post but not sure yet! I LOVE your idea, don't want to put down Poodles unintentionally, you know how people can be! lol!!! xoxo

  9. We love the galxay that Jackson dude live in!

  10. What a neat giveaway. With three of us kitties here, we kind of have three different play styles! :)

    Hugs to you all, sweet pals!

  11. What an awesome giveaway. I'd have to say Traveler is a ground and air cat just depending on his mood. He loves playing with flying objects, but he also likes to stalk his prey. This giveaway covers it all.

  12. Thanks for the give-away! Your Mama always finds cool stuff! We entered and if we win we can send it to our Auntie in the states! :) P.S.Cody, please tell Dakota..we hope your Mama doesn't get any ribbony Duffy and Isadora XO

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. You are most welcome and thank you!! We have another give-away coming for Friday that Mom and I are particularly fond of!!! Yes, if you win you can send it to your Auntie in the states! Ohhh Mom LOVED those ribbons!!! xoxoxo

  13. Great descriptions! We're Air Prey kitties here (well, most of us are) and enjoy jumping and whapping things flying in the air above our heads. And feathers! Our baby sister Viola LOVES feathers! Thanks for sharing this and for holding this giveaway! Purrs...

  14. Wow! So many cool toys! You did a great job reviewing them, sweet little Cody! And you're soooo cute!! We want to cuddle you! :) Much love, Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  15. Nice job Caren and Cody! Exciting give-away. Still another good thing about volunteering at an animal shelter- no toy goes unused. If no one plays with it at home, it goes to PAWS to brighten some cat's day.

    1. Thank you!!! We do the same thing. I leave toys for Cody for a couple of months or so, whatever he doesn't care for either goes to my step daughter who has two cats, or, I donate them to a shelter (I have even used some for blog prizes).....but didn't do that much this year due to the cost of mailing. I try to limit any mailing and let the brands handle it. Too expensive!

  16. What a great assortment of toys and such fun you had Cody. What a great giveaway!!!!

    1. They most certainly are and I sure did! Thanks and good luck! Love, Cody

  17. Oh My Lord, what awesome prizes!!! WOW!! We want it :D woooooooot!!!

  18. Looks like some fun toys. Thanks for the cool giveaway.
    Sue B

  19. Awesome giveaway, thanks! With three cats, we know someone would like most of the toys if we win!

  20. Pawsome, pawsome ! What a great giveaway ! Good luck US friends ! Purrs

  21. Oh Wow Prince Cody yous sure looked like yous wuz havin' a good time playin' there. Weez luv dat mousy and it's so cool dat it moves. Wish we kulda seen it in action. We wuld purrawlly go nanas over it. Sure hope we win.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  22. I think I'd like your dad's play technique - chasing things on the ground. I leap occasionally, but with my cobby shape, it's not my best move. I'm much better at scrambling around on the floor and I can turn on a dime! Great review of all the products. And I'm with you again....tunnels are not my thing.

    1. Yep! that's my fave way to play! I have a "cobby" shape too! MOL! Thanks so much!! We are BOTH not tunnel lovers! xoxo Love, Cody

  23. You're a real hunter Cody, it's all in the expression :D Pawkisses :) <3

  24. I'd love to enter for my cat bro Bert, but since he eats toys, these would be dangerous, not all, but the ones he would eat.

  25. Those are some fine looking toys to keep kitties busy :) heehee
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  26. Rosie and Moo Shu, Pip's feline sisters have entered. We have an A and a C! Rosie is the C ...and I'm pretty sure if Pip had been a cat he would have a C, too!

  27. pawsome giveaway! my three cats are part air and part ground. they would love any toys!

  28. I wanted to enter last night but the Rafflecopter kept spinning on the ipawd. It’s fine on the desktop. I LOVE my tunnel more than anything in the house! Tell your Mom to tease you with her hand near the entrance and then pounce or use the red dot. I run through the tunnel about a hunnert times a day.

  29. Hi Cody,

    Penny has given me pawmission ro comment on her behalf. Some fine looking toys for cats. Quite the giveaway and good luck to those who enter.

    Hey, give a cat a ball of string and away the go, no strings attached.

    Penny's pawtend human,

    Gary :)

  30. We got to review some Petmate Jackson Galaxy toys too, and the one that we play with the most is the mousie. Though Zoey seriously loves her cabana.

  31. We see how you enjoyed the mojo maker on the video, cool! That mousie is very handsome, glad you are enjoying some of the toys, great giveaway!

  32. Hi Caren! Thanks for stopping by!
    Nope, no yard for us today.... Mom was just too busy stuck in her office all day.... Oh well.... Tomorrow will be a better day :D

  33. Those are great! Too bad we don't live in the US! We do have Jackson's book though:)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  34. Happy Hanukkah, guys! Check your email; we sent an ecard from Hallmark (in case it goes to spam).

    Purrs and peace.

    1. thank you! I am going through email now, will be on the alert! So incredibly thoughtful of you!!!!

  35. We have seen these toys around on several blogs lately and have been dying to try them out! Looks like you really enjoyed them, Cody.

  36. Great, thorough review. Thanks for the opportunity to win some toys!

  37. What a pawsome review, Cody! We love that there's something for every-cat with those toys. Katie is a ground dweller and Waffles is a tree dweller so the way they play is very different. ...and no surprise here, they RARELY play together. (!)

  38. happy Hanukkah! you didn't get our card? Always happy to win toys to donate to the shelter.

    1. Thank you! did you mail it? If so, not yet. Still can't leave comments on your blog.

  39. Thanks Cody and Mom! I am a ground hunter too!

  40. Thanks for hosting this fabulous giveaway! I (Magellan) am the Mighty Airborne Hunter and I'd LOVE to win some new toys!


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