Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Thirty-nine local Wendy's restaurants helping to raise critical funds

The Michigan Humane Society (MHS) is teaming up with Wendy’s – The O’Brien Foundation to help save more animal lives. When you visit one of the 39 participating Wendy’s locations during the month of March, a $1 donation to MHS will get you a dollar off any full-sized combo meal or full-sized salad on your next visit. The dollar off coupon is in the form of a "trading card" that features a real heartwarming Detroit animal rescue story showcasing MHS' work to find forever homes for the many animals in need. There are 16 "trading card" versions showcasing animal rescue stories.

“Wendy’s – The O’Brien Foundation is proud to have been a part of Detroit and the surrounding area for many years,” said Lisa O’Brien, marketing manager for Wendy’s – The O’Brien Foundation. “We are animal people at Wendy's, and I have personally adopted two pups who were abandoned in Detroit. The Michigan Humane Society is the reason our pups and thousands of other homeless and abused animals are alive today. We are thrilled to partner with MHS to raise critical funds, while sharing stories that highlight the wonderful work they do for animals.”

For a map of participating Wendy’s locations click here

“With this fundraising effort during the month of March, not only does your appetite win, but you will help MHS change the lives of animals in great need,” said Mike Robbins, MHS Chief Marketing Officer. “We are grateful to Wendy’s – The O’Brien Foundation for their support.”

The Michigan Humane Society is the largest and oldest animal welfare organization in the state. MHS works to end companion animal homelessness, provide the highest quality service and compassion to the animals entrusted to our care, and to be a leader in promoting humane values. For more information, visit www.michiganhumane.org.


  1. Wow, haven't had a Wendy's in YEARS! Maybe I'll have a go seeing they're nice to cats...

  2. Never heard about Wendy's restaurants, but if they help animals, they must be good.

  3. High paw to the Wendy's peeps! We knew they promoted people-adoption, but it's great to see that they are supporting animal adoption, too.

  4. That is great of Wendy's. We use to have them over here but they are long gone as a chain now which is a pity. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I've never heard of fast food combining with pets. Great idea!

  6. This is good news in so many ways.It shows corporations are aware of the problem, it shows there is a positive way to help with both sides getting recognition, the consumer wins, and, hopefully, some pets will be adopted.
    Yay for Wendy's and MHS
    I will remind Dad to grab us all a Wendy's burger fur sure

    1. I know!! I love Wendy's anyway and now I love them even more :)

  7. Good for Wendy's!!! That makes me happy! And their food is pretty good to! So it's a win win situation! BOL!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ((husky hugz))

  8. This is awesome! What a great way to reach new people who might not even be aware of the problem or otherwise contribute to a humane society. I wish they would get a program like this started in Georgia! Maybe with Taco Bell ;)

  9. I am sure glad they are helping. Yep, they are animal people, they serve them up all the time.

  10. What a great idea! :-) xoxo

  11. Does anyone else see the irony in this? Wendy’s sells dead cow on a bun and chicken but they’re saving animals’ lives. HAH!

  12. The MHS always comes up with such creative ways to save lives! They are great!

  13. That is just terrific.Good for Wendy's. Maybe some of the other fast food places will do the same.

  14. Good to see a company like that is doing good in their community. Good on them!!


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