Monday, February 25, 2013

Cat and Dog Art by Tiny Confessions: Enter to win an 8x10 Print! #Worldwide Give-Away!

I couldn't be more ecstatic with the artwork/give-away that I have for you today!  I am happy to present to you the artwork of Christoper Rozzi, the talented artist who created Tiny Confessions.

To many of you who follow a number of blogs as I do, you will have noticed that Tiny Confessions has been featured on a number of them. Each and every time I ran across a give-away, I entered. I hadn't won UNTIL, I entered the give-away held by one of my favorite blogs/jewelry/gift websites, For Love Of A Dog (don't let the name fool you, they have CAT items too!).  They also have a BLOG! I have bought (yes I don't win everything!) and have reviewed a number of items from For Love Of A Dog.  Their jewelry/gifts are spectacular! In fact, they are so spectacular that you should mark your calendars for a give-away of their items that I will be having HERE on April 8th!

 The Tiny Confessions cat and/or dog art  come in a variety of sizes and feature some adorable and hilariously funny quotes. Christoper has a knack for knowing just what our fur babies are thinking, if only they could tell us! I know if you peruse his shop on Etsy you will find a print with a quote that will suit YOU or your cat or dog,  to a TEE!

Here is the item that I selected when I was chosen as the lucky winner! This was taken with my phone so I apologize for the poor photo quality.

I chose this print for obvious reasons! 
1) I am the walking QUEEN of insecurities
2) The cat on the print is Cody's TWIN!
I couldn't be more thrilled that I won it! I do need to go and purchase a frame and will do that soon!

Here is another photo of the same print in a different color, but this photo is from Tiny Confessions (as is the first photo), so the photo quality is purrfect.

Aren't these just the CUTEST!?

The prints are available in a variety of formats and sizes.

From For Love Of A Dog: Our art print arrived very quickly, carefully packaged in a high quality plastic sleeve and non-bendable mailer.  It is an 8x10 inch print of an original painting with a white border.  

The image itself measures 7.75" x 9.75" and is printed on professional quality archival matte paper with archival pigment ink.  Plus, it includes the artist's original signature.  Retail price is $20 plus shipping.

To purchase visit Tiny Confessions on Etsy

 From For Love Of A Dog: Christopher Rozzi is an artist, writer, and comedian living in New York City.  Tiny Confessions are his way of combining comedy with art. His new book Tiny Confessions: The Secret Thoughts of Dogs, Cats and Everything,  will be released May 7, 2013.  Published with Perigee/Penguin, it is available for pre-sale at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Indiebound.

This  print is another that will be added to my collection and will be proudly displayed on the wall in my office. I couldn't be more thrilled with it!

Guess what? TWO OF YOU FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD will have your choice of an 8x10 print  from the Etsy Tiny Confessions shop.


IMPORTANT! Any comment left WITHOUT this information will NOT count as an entry.

The winners will be chosen by The give-away is open NOW and will CLOSE ON MONDAY MARCH 4TH AT 5PM. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6TH.


In full disclosure: I was not compensated for this review/give-away. I won a print from a contest held by For Love Of A Dog. I chose to quote For Love Of A Dog (with their permission) because I agreed with EVERYTHING that was stated.


  1. Ooh ooh ooh! Am I first?? Okay, I want the black kitty saying "I secretly root against your sports teams" HA ha ha! It would make the Human sooooooo mad! Sorry I've been so bad at visiting's the layzee Human's fault, of course.

  2. We LOOOOOOVE Tiny Confessions and just HAVE to enter!!!

    Ok, so we looked at ALL of them and the one that Glogirly really wants is the tuxedo cat saying, "I am concerned about my own unstable behavior" with the green background. I tried to talk her into an orange tabby, but it was a no-go.

    : ) Katie

  3. MOL I love the sentiment and the cartoon cats!

  4. It was difficult trying to pick just one print but after much going back and forth, we decided on - Havanese 8 x 10 Print with a green background : "When I look at you, I see a giant, walking treat". :p

  5. Cody, I did have a look !
    All prints are Pawsome ! Love it ! Especially yours ...absolutely look like your Twin : )

  6. That is a great print. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. They're adorable, Caren. I won't enter the contest, but will wish all those who do good luck!

  8. They are really cute. One of my cats does not get off on cat nip at all. Weird!

  9. Woof! Woof! They so cute. We saw them on Sue's blog. LOVE to join the giveaway. We visited etsy site and definitely we like the Golden Retriever print. Golden Thanks and crossing my golden paws I win. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. What a wonderful post and that is a wonderful drawing. We won't enter either, but wish all the other great luck in being selected.

  11. We would like the German Shepherd one that says, I am attempting to balance being both a family-friendly.....' I want to give it to a friend.

  12. We love the one with the black and white Dutch rabbit 8x10 with the green back ground,xx Speedy and Rachel

  13. I love this giveaway, Caren! Piper and I would love a chance to win:

    All my cats have awesome names!

  14. Wes loves his work! Yous has a great piece of art!

  15. I want the cat portrait that I says I do not share your insecurities.

    Cecily R Bornemann

  16. They are lovely! We would like to enter, and our favourite is the American shorthair (the ginger cat) on the green background which says, "I like to pretend that the litterbox is my own rent controlled studio".

  17. Love these things - I looked at all of them and it's a tough choice... But I like the Pit Bull one that says "I am more delicate than my height and weight might suggest."

  18. Heh heh. I like the grey tuxie but I like the saying on the Maine Coon about catching the red light. I see she says she can put which saying you like with whatever cat you like.

  19. Oh wow there were some excellent portraits. We fell in love with the tuxie kitty (it was titled Black Cat for Darla) and the saying was "I am concerned about my own unstable condition".

  20. They are so cute and a tiny confession, Penny loves them! :) And than you for your support and comfort on my site, or should I say, Penny's site :)

    Penny's grateful human,


  21. I love the grey tuxedo cat which looks like my Enzo. I love the saying,"I chose to show my emotions through wild fits of lying around."

  22. I love the grey tuxedo which looks like my Enzo. I love the saying, "I chose to show my emotions through wild fits of lying around."

  23. Cloon's Human: We love his work! We would like to enter please and love so many different prints but would have to go with Jen's Cat because of course it looks like Clooney and has tons of meaning as well! Awesome giveaway Caren, thanks again!

  24. 'We' Love the 'Jen's Cat' print in green that says "That mess I made is my way of thanking you for my awesome name". Considering I named one of my guys after a dog's behavior-it's perfect :)

  25. Giving it another try! And oih my god so much choice!
    I choose "Jen's Cat: The mess I made is my way of thanking you for my awesome name". That one is brilliant!

  26. I'm still laughing after reading all of those! So so funny. If I'm lucky enough to win one, it would have to be Striped Cat: "I chose to show my emotions through wild fits of lying around." Hilarious. Thank you!!!!