Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ho-Ho-Ho! Treat YOUR Cat with TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats for Christmas! A Give-Away!

Hi every kitty!  It's Cody! I know that during the holiday season you are putting your paws to paper and writing your humans or Santa a special list of gifts that you would like for Christmas, because we all know that you have been extra good, right? Even our pawrents, 2-leggers, or whatever you call the people you live with, make a list of things that they can pawchase for us, as well they should!

A new survey conducted by TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats shows that nearly half of cat owners (46%) go the extra mile this time of year to buy their cat the perfect present to put under the tree!

But...did you know?

TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats polled 2500 Americans via online omnibus survey to find out how many cats would meow with joy over their presents this holiday season. Here are some results:

  • 48.7% of women are more likely than men (42.6%) to consider their cat when buying gifts during the holidays.
  • But...MEN SPEND MORE! 38.3% of men spend $11-$20 on their cats and women spend $6-$10!

Most 2-leggers  buy toys for their kitties but for many kitties, the purrfect gift would be treats! TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats is the leading cat treat on the market and are the purrfect way to remember your cat for the holidays!

How do I know this? While I can't eat treats (due to my allergies), my Grandpa Bobo COULD and DID, all throughout the 18 years of his life!  His FAVORITE treats were, yep, TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats!! That is why Mom and I will always feature TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats on my blog. It is OUR way of honoring and remembering my Grandpa Bobo! Mom always told me that Grandpa Bobo  was just CRAZY for TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats, and just seeing the packages makes her smile because they remind her of him. So, we are speaking from experience my kitty furiends, and Grandpa Bobo is smiling from the Rainbow Bridge, happy that he can share his favorite treats with MY furiends!

Along with treats, TEMPTATIONS® came up with gift ideas for finicky felines. you can check out the wish-list generator on TEMPTATIONS® Facebook page, By answering a few simple questions about your cat's personality, the wish-list generator will produce customized gift ideas that will make even the most fickle feline purr with delight!

Ok back to the treats! TWO lucky kitties in the U.S. and/or Canada are going to win a stocking full of TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats, coupons and cat toys!! Just like mine!

TO ENTER: Just leave a comment telling me why you deserve treats for Christmas! (If you don't tell me why you deserve treats when leaving a comment, you will be disqualified)

Also please leave a way for me to contact you should you be one of the lucky winners!

ENTRY DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 19TH AT 5PM EST. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20TH! And...when Mom contacts you telling you that you won, the faster you get your address to her, the FASTER you will get your stockings! TEMPTATIONS®  assured me they will get them to you BEFORE Christmas if Mom and I hear from you in a timely manner!


About the TEMPTATIONS®  Brand
TEMPTATIONS®  are America's favorite cat treat, with 20 flavor varieties, many that offer health benefits specific to cats' needs. TEMPTATIONS® have a one of a kind, patented treat that's crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. TEMPTATIONS® Mixups items were awarded Product of the Year in 2011 Consumer Survey of Product Innovation. Look for TEMPTATIONS® treats for cats where pet food is sold. For more information, please visit:

About Mars Petcare US
Mars Petcare US is the U.S. operations of the world’s largest petcare company at the privately-held Mars, Incorporated. Mars Petcare US produces some of the world’s most beloved pet care brands, including PEDIGREE® Food for Dogs, CESAR® Canine Cuisine, SHEBA® Food for Cats, WHISKAS® Food for Cats, THE GOODLIFE RECIPE® Brand and TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats, as well as exclusive brands products for some of the leading retailers in the U.S. Headquartered in Franklin, Tenn., more than 2,200 Mars Petcare US associates make, sell and distribute its high-quality pet food from 15 manufacturing facilities located in communities across the U.S. For more information, please visit

TEMPTATIONS® Cloud Design is a trademark. 

In full disclosure: I was given two stockings to review, and  TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats is going to give one  stocking to two lucky readers. I will be sharing treats from my stockings with kitties that win prizes on my blog and with kitties that I know pawsonally near my home. I know in my heart that would make my Grandpa Bobo very, very happy!

Love, Cody


  1. Dear Cody,
    I LOVE treats. If my mom would let me I would eat them 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. I sit on the counter and knock stuff down, then she asks me for a kiss. First I tap her face with my paw and then I give her a kiss. Bingo....treats are mine. Thanks for the opportunity for the humans to win treats for their furkids. You rock!


  2. Those mousie reindeers look very nice. My Gigi would love them :-)

  3. Hi Fureind Cody,
    My name is Pearl. I would love to have some Temptations treats. My human is having a hard time this year and says she can't afford them often. She is looking for something called a job...she should catch mice! That's a great job. She is always happy when I catch them. ;)
    I hope I win some Temptations. I haven't had in a while.

    Thanks Cody!

    PS I don't have an email but my human does...its

  4. So human men spend more on kitties than moms do, that's good to know. We will be giving a copy of our wishlist to dad.

    We, the members of The Kitty Krew, deserve treats cause our mama has been so busy with all the kittens she might forgot to go shopping for us. Probably not,we know she loves us, but just in case we need a back-up plan for goodies.

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  5. Good luck with the giveaway Cody. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Cody you're one lucky cat! Temptations treats are my mostest favorite in the whole world. I like the tuna and salmon ones the best! I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I don't have to do ANYTHING to get a treat except give my Mom (or my Dad) "THE LOOK"....they open that bag and give me some.....all I have to do is hear that bag crinkling and I'm ALL OVER IT! Tee Hee

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  7. Of course, we deserve treats. We are such good kitties and don't ever do anything norty. Just ask our Mom. So we would love to have some new treats. Take care and thanks for having this drawing.

  8. Oh Cody we are so sorry you can't eat Temptations because of your allergies, they are yummy to our tummies.

    Well we deserve treats because I (Scylla) have not peed/pooped in the house in months, only tore up the weather stripping a little bit and only hissed at Tuiren once. Socks deserves treats because he is always good. ~Scylla & Socks, The Cats

  9. Dear Cody, that looks fun. You mama looks so purrty with your grandpa!
    We deserve treats because work very hard to keep Mom company and cheered up. Dad doesn't get home but every 5 weeks. Sometimes he talks to us on speakerphone and then we get a treat. He tells mom. This would make it special for Christmas, because its just us & Mom. Dad will be trucking.
    Love, Maggie, Grizelda & Chloe Jo

  10. We will pass on the treats things but we sure will cheer for the winners!

  11. Cody - our kitties are very blessed and not wanting for anything, so normally we pass on these giveaways. However, when it comes to Temptations, that is another story!! Our sweetheart, Mia, is the pickiest kitty on earth when it comes to food and treats and this is the one thing she goes CRAZY NUTS over!! So, if we could win this for her, she would be one very happy kitty!

  12. Dear Cody,
    This is a wonderful giveaway that I would love, no NEED, to win. Despite me being on a "diet" (yeah, the crackpot vet said I'm fat and need to lose a pound or TWO) I totally deserve treats. Totally. Why? Because I've been living under the same roof with a food thief. Waffles TOO is CONSTANTLY eating MY food. It's gotten so bad that Glogirly has resorted to covert tactics to get me my food... and it rarely works. So, bottom line is I'm starving.

    Withering away in Minneapolis,

  13. I would love some Temptations treats. We love them over here. I deserve them because I'm a cat, of course. Do we need another reason? Well, then, because I've been a good kitty this year. Well, I've been good today. Well, OK, I've been good for five minutes. That's right! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs. *Fluffs tail* Oh, you can email me at gmail.

  14. Dear Cody,
    I deserves treats for being me! (of course)
    And Cody, mes gots a email from (the duck treats the hairy slobbery sisters reviewed) and Mr Martin said, "We do have a Freeze Dry duck meat and duck liver treat that the cats would love!"
    Yous should asks for those treats!!!

    1. Nellie thank you! We saw that review, we just did't comment that day (I think)...I have to be careful because often chicken broth is an ingredient in even duck and others.....I AM going to go to their website and check them out though. Thank you for telling us!

  15. Yay and lucky you! Yes, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :) What can I bark? Anyway, because I'm such a wonderful dog, I shall promote this pawsting, sorry, posting, via the various social networking sites. Arf! Arf!

    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx

  16. Don't enter us but wanted to say how much we loved our Temptations stocking and urge everyone to enter. We gave away three at our recent giveaway. The stocking is nice quality and can be re-cycled next year.

    1. Yep Layla we saw your give-away :) We chose to give our third (since they mailed me two) to a dear friend with six cats and 2 huskies.
      Temptations will mail 2 from their location and yes the stocking is superb quality and can be recycled for MANY years to come.

  17. Dear Cody,
    It's your brother from another mother, Eugene here. I feel bad for you not being able to eat Temptations because they are my absolute favourite! I would eat them day and night if Mom would let me. Mom hasn't even bought my Christmas present yet so maybe you will be my Santa this year?
    Love from your twin,
    Eugene xo

  18. Cody I know I deserve treats because I've been a good girl all year (uh huh I have Mom!) and Santa would want to reward me for being so mindful and caring to all of my brothers and sisters (Mom what are you looking at me like that for?). Yes, well never mind her, I have been good and I know Santa would want to reward me with temptations because they are my VERY favorite treat in the whole wide world.

  19. Hey, hi, yes, you.. I'm Jack. I hear you have treats for me. I want them. I want all of them. My mom is really nice and all, but she is incredibly stingy when it comes to the treats. I barely get a package all to myself, I mean there are seven of us here. If I win, I'll eat them al2415l8699999999999999999999999999999999999999

    MUFFIN, shush, I'm trying to get *us* treats.. lots of them.

    Jack (posting with my mom's account cause while she's really nice and all, she doesn't like it when I surf the net. Something about corrupting me.. although I'm not quite sure what that is..

  20. I would like to win them because I am the cutest kitten in the house. That's what Mom tells me!

  21. We deserve treats because we are very good cats who never fight with each other and never mess stuff up and never whap the ornaments on the tree. (And if you believe that....hehehe.....)

  22. Hi, Cody—happy holidays to you & your family and thanks for your generosity! I deserve treats because, according to mommy, I am what's known as a "good boy"! Even though I had a tough kittenhood living on the streets, since adopting my mom I have never clawed the furniture, jumped up on countertops, or done my business outside of the litter box. I always do my best to be all sweet, cute, and precious for mommy, and she considers me to be an angel-kitty. So there you have it, my friend—I would be ever so grateful to win the Temptations; coincidentally, they happen to be my most favorite treat ever!!

    Yours in fur,

  23. Dear Cody,

    My kitty nieces & nephews deserve Temptations because they are all (all four of them) very good about taking their daily yucky medicines & treats are their reward. With so many medicines, they go through a lot of treats. Thank you for the chance to win!

  24. I personally don't know how much I deserve kitty treats, but I know that my three kitties do! One of my cats, Odin, just had his eye removed last week and took it like a champ! My other two cats are being very supportive of their old man brother, being nice to him and allowing him time to recover. Not only that, but all 3 cats make me so happy, so they definitely deserve treats for that!

    nlbourassa (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. I should win treats because I am extra good and I am stunning. Actually I do have enought treats. It's the toys I'm looking for. I'm sure I'll give the treats to Linda at A Call 4 Paws.

  26. My kitties deserve treats because they are the best! They are all well behaved, listen to their mama, they are all faithful companions of mine, and because they love TEMPTATIONS! I buy them several bags everytime I visit walmart or Petsmart or Publix or Bi-lo or Petco or Kmart... you get the picture.

    Thank you for another outrageously Pawsome giveaway!!

    Amy Orvin

  27. Me and Sammy deserve Temptations because we are very good boys. But we think the cats at PAWS (where we were gotcha'd from) deserve them even MORE, 'cause they can always use some happiness. :)


    Moosey (and Sammy)

  28. Oh, we love Temptations...they are yummy, yummy! We deserve to get lots of treats because we have been really good lately. Pooh was being a bad girl and was chasing Snookums away from the food and water until Mumsy caught her doing it and put out more food bowls and more water bowls. Pooh now thinks it is no fun to chase her away and is being good. Snookums and Patches are always good and deserve treats always. We are all getting along real well now and Mumsy is very proud of us. Hugs and nose kisses

  29. Well, Cody, I am not a treat-eatin' cat (I loves my regular foodz but treats? Meh, not so much!) but we are sure those little bags are going to make somekitty very, very happies!

  30. Dear Cody,
    Our dear humom outspends the men surveyed on our daily treats (our favorite meal of the day). She is so generous giving us the high quality treats we're afraid our treat cupboard will be bare soon. (Hanukah is past and Christmas is coming). Please consider our Humom - she deserves a break (her pocketbook too), and of course, we adore our rare Temptations treats! Catmas greetings to you. Humphrey & Bogart, the Russian Blues Brothers

  31. Dear Cody, your Grandpa was awesome,your Momma's hair was pretty that color too...sorry you can't devour this piece of crunchy heavenly morsel!! I am begging for a chance to win,because NOW I have a sister to share my precious little squares with and so I don't get to indulge all to my happy little self! I have enjoyed Temptation treats since I was a wee little lass of 4 months when Mom brought me home from the shelter. I can hear that bag crinkle from a mile away! Mom likes that they are crunchy and help fight plaque...her crazy dental hygienist genes never shut off ya know! Oh, and yes Auntie Caren...I will share them with Topaz should I be the lucky winner..I promise.Hugs to you and my paws are crossed Love,Rosie.

    1. Awww thank you! We think Bobo was pretty awesome too! Mom said thanks about her hair, it was actually her natural color (she is older than dirt).

  32. Dear Cody,

    I am 17.75 years old. For 12 of these years I have had to live with an assortment of stupid, smelly dogs. They first 2 tried to hump me and these new ones are at least a little scared but they do things like look at me and smell me and I hate it. The dogs get all the attention in this house and I deserve more. I share the house with my brother Nin. He is simple (he lets the dogs hump him), but he is a good friend. He and I would share this and not share with the dogs. This is why I think I deserve it. Bagheera aka Baggy

  33. Hmmm... Why do I deserve treats for Christmas... Hmmm...

    Well, I've been very good all year, I think. There was a little incident yesterday and now the peep's peachy-pink tee-shirt has three little holes in it - they're tiny, really - but other than that, I've been very good. Oh, and it wasn't my fault, anyway. I've got a sore eye and the peep was putting a wet, warm compress on it and did I mention, it was wet? Water is for drinking, not wearing! purrs

  34. Well, it's not so much that Tommie, Gracie, and Mickey Mouser deserve treats...
    We provide our cats with treats as part of their union negotiated contracts.
    We also admire them excessively, clean up after them, never turn over in bed if one of them is sleeping across our legs, and always feed them on time.

    Every night before bed we have treat sessions. Every cat shakes paws and Gracie gives kisses.
    They absolutely deserve treats!

    Thank you Caren and Cody!

  35. Interesting facts... would have thought women spend more...

  36. Well, we're not gonna enter cuz we're weird like you Cody and don't eat treats. Wait. YOU'RE not weird, you're allergic. WE're the weird ones. MOL! But we wanted to come say hi cuz the momma's been sick and hasn't let us visit for a few days. So...HI!!

  37. I am the most wonderful cat. since being adopted 3 years ago as a feral older male tabby, I have come oh so far in acclimating to domestic life. although no other human has seen me in three years, my beloved says I am the most loving cat she's ever had the privilege to serve. I snuggle up close against her each night to stay warm because we have to turn the heat down to save on the heating bill. I am currently seeking an advanced degree in Eating Food. In my free time, I like to nam and rough-house with Luther, my best bud. I am such a good boy!

  38. Some of these comments are really good and funny too!

  39. Dear Cody,
    We deserve to win the Temptations treats and the toys, because our meow-my says that we are the most wonderful, loving, non-judgmental fur-babies in the who-o-ole world--- and the best-est cuddlers, too!
    Bailey, Georgy, Annie and Mikey

  40. Dear Cody
    We deserve to win the Temptations treats and toys because there are now three of us, and we are going through food and toys like you wouldn't believe! And Mom is so tired of running to the pet store all the time that she said WE AREN'T GOING TO GET ANY EXTRA STUFF FOR CHRISTMAS!! Mom is such a Scrooge!
    love, Louie, Wilbur and Skootch