Monday, March 19, 2012

Meowy Monday- Real Housecats Of The Blog-O-Sphere

Hi everyone! It's Cody!

While Mom was busy putting on a wedding shower for my human sister this weekend, I was busy making a cameo appearance on probably the hottest new craze on the blog-o-sphere, "meowlity TV, REALITY TV for kitties, the Real Housecats Of The Blog-O-Sphere produced, directed, created and executed by "Glogirly" and starring her diva-like Tuxedo kitty, "Katie".
See me? I'm the handsome
gray tabby, fourth kitty from the right!

Mom is convinced there must be something in the water in Minnesota because two of the most avant garde, hysterically funny bloggers that put her in hissy laughing fits, Angie Bailey of  Catladyland and the previously mentioned Glogirly,  (Debbie Glovatsky ) reside there.

Angie's talents are put to use through "lol-worthy" captioned photos of her cats, Saffy, Cosmo and Phoebe and Debbie's talents shine in unprecedented,  off-the-wall, meticulously executed,  Oscar-worthy videos that star a clowder of  cats that reside in our hearts and on the Internet.

Take a look at her latest video:

Told ya it was funny!

Would you like the chance to have your cat appear in one of Debbie's videos?

Find out how to be considered for this honor,  right here.

While you're doing that...I have some big time phone calls to make to some agents in L.A. I take my public relations job that I have as a "Real Housecat" quite seriously don'tcha know?

Ciao CHOW...better yet....KIBBLE......


  1. Cody, that was PAWSOME!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for the great press.
    The thing is, Glogirly's head is getting so big with all the compliments, that she's not going to be able to fit through the door anymore.

    How will I get my noms???
    ; ) Katie

  2. @Glogirly and Katie, soooo glad you liked it!! Mom said if she hadn't been so darned tired she could have helped me write it better! She is sorry!!! She has been so busy with the shower that that is why she hasn't been visiting everyone regularly either.
    Oh and about the noms? Get a bigger door!! MOL!

  3. Cody, can I have your pawtograph?

  4. Oh Cody I just bet you were FABULOUS in your cameo! We wish we could SEE the videos but unfortunately, Mom's ancient antique computer can't accommodate them. I'm glad the "series" is so popular - just think - you'll have a bigger bunch of fans than you already to!!! WOO HOO!!!

    Kitty High Five

  5. Hey Cody my man!!! Good to have more catosterone in the Real HouseCat house. :))) Give those diva girls something good to look at! Want some more nip, buddy? >^,,^<

    Sorry Caren, Austin is getting a bit above himself these days ;) Such a funny video. I agree Debbie is brill. x

  6. Awesome video, concatulations! =^.^=
    it's so cool!
    Luna - wE LOVE LUNA

  7. WOWEE you're a STAR Cody!! You are the pawsomest one in the bunch!! Tell Mom hope she is R&Ring after her busy weekend!! Hugs,Rosie

  8. MOL!!!

    You rock, Cody!!!

    I bet you'll soon walk on the red carpet in Catllywood!

  9. This is PAWSOME!!! We'd give it two thumbs up...if had thumbs!

  10. How FUN!! This one is definitely worth multiple views! :)

  11. Hey Cody, it's about time you started doing your job. MOL. I've been doing all the press up til now. Oh yeah, the shower made your Mom too busy until now. Tomorrow the woman from the paper is coming to innerview me. I can't wait. TW is gonna be busy cleaning house today.

  12. Dear Cody,
    Me hopes yous was nice to your guests for the shower! Me thinks they would gush over a handsome Mn Cat such as yourself! Me really enjoyed being in the video and working with all the other cats! But me kept missing yous! Me hopes yous not mad at me!

  13. Awww lovely Cody! What a gossip kitty you are! Oh this is brilliant, brilliant!! Me and Charlie are really loving this series!! We love the private tunnel! LOL!! Take care

  14. Nice going Cody. You are a true star. The video was terrific. Well done. Take care

  15. Thats a lot of fun and hey its cool to have a star for a friend.. HUgs GJ xx

  16. You are a very famous star now Cody. We loved the latest episode.

  17. Cody, you are famous!! already were famous!!
    I can always say.....I knew you when!!

  18. @Shawn I'm not famous! MOL!! You can send a photo in of your kitties and maybe you can be "famous" too!

    @Eric and Flynn we loved the latest episode too but we will never be as famous as you!

    @Benny and Lily she cracks me up too!

    @GJ you are a star too!

    @Marg it is Deb and Katie that are the stars!! She made the video!

    @Brian so are you!!

    @Old Kitty you always make me smile!! We love the videos too, Deb is super talented!

    @Nellie my Mom felt as if she had been hit by a truck after the bridal shower she did for my human sister. Mom is so behind in her blogging work that she didn't even help Dakota with his! She couldn't even come around and visit the blogs but hopes to in the next day or so. Mom was so stressed today and so sleep deprived that she was crying!! :( Noooo I could never be mad at you Nellie! xoxoxo

    @CK well...let's say, if you want a PR job done RIGHT...just sayin!!!!! lmao!!!!!!!!! Good luck with your interview! Can't wait to read all about it!

    @glamkitty they most certainly are!

    @Clarissa MOL!

    @Eva and Priscilla "Catlywood" I love it!

    @catspoiler awww thank you but all of the kitties are too fantastic! Mom is EXHAUSTED and has so much to do with the blogs that had to go on the back burner. She is quite stressed right now but what else is new? MOL!

    @Luna thank you!! Send your photos in and see if you can be in the video too! xoxoxo

    @Austin/Carolyn "catosterone!!!" CATABULOUS!!

    @Sammy tell your Mom to get out of the dark ages!!! xoxoxo

  19. Thanks for the shout-out!! How fun to find another silly Minnesota girl!

    This video is fantastic -- I love everything about it. :)

  20. Pawsome. There must be something in the Minnesota water!

  21. We watched it htis morning and it's PAWSOME!