Monday, November 28, 2011

"Mini Me" Monday

Cody approx 8 wks old
Check out those "Yoda" ears!!!
Have a Magnificent Monday all!


  1. So adorable, how could it be anything but "love at first sight"?

  2. You grew into your ears didn't you Cody? lol.. cute bubby pic :)

  3. Cutie Cody!!!

    We love your 'Yoda' ears, they look smart and wise!!!

  4. Awww Cody!! You look so cute and tiny! Awwwww!!! Take care

  5. @Benny & Lily awww thank you!

    @Old Kitty he was a little tiny thing! He used to have the cutest walk. He would strut through our place like a little tough guy, totally fearless and cocky. It was sooo cute! xoxoxo to you and Charlie!

    @Priscilla yes he IS my "wise" boy! :)

    @AlittleSprite yes I did! Mom didn't think I EVER would! MOL!

    @Diane thank you! So true! He just burrowed into my lap and then crawled up my chest, he STILL crawls up my chest whenever he sits with me. That was the clincher. He was a major cuddler from day one. Even the vet says he is a "cuddler"

  6. Soon he'll fly away like Dumbo. Watch out!

  7. Aw, Cody, yes, you had big ears. But you've grown into them beautifully. You certainly were a tiny bit of a thing, though! So cute!

  8. L O V E!! Seriously, shouldn't kittens stay that size for a while longer, lol! No wonder you fell in love Caren ;-) Those ears are magnificent! We're so enjoying Ellie at the moment - she's just turned 8 weeks and she is an AWWWW a minute! Today we had a glorious day with sunshine, warmth and no wind at all. It was such a perfect day to let her have some out time with the bigger cats. I left her for a while with them and when I came back I found her snuggled up with the emaciated girl that walked into our garden some weeks back. Ellie was vigorously washing Jessie (skinny girls name) and Jessie just sucked it all up. So funny, it should really have been the other way around, but it was such an adorable moment (wish I'd had my camera nearby). Anyhow... kitten Cody is just precious!

  9. Cute Cody, no wonder Mom fell in love with you with that face and yoda ears. And now you're a handsome mancat.
    xoxo Kassey

  10. *in my best Yoda voice* "mm like it we do!!" :)

  11. Cody, those ears are bigger than your whole body... you were so cute (and still are!) I wish Marc knew alex as a baby. He got him around 1

  12. I had Yoda ears when I was a kitten too. In fact, "some" humans think I still have them!

  13. @Hilary lol I know! Awww thank you! Mom used to say the same thing that you said when she had my Grandpa Bobo. She found him when he was six months old and she never knew what he looked like as a kitten :( That doesn't matter though, what matters is NOW! xoxo Love, Cody

    @Kitcaboodles lol thank you!! Sooo cute!

    @Kassey lol, yep she LOVED my ears! Awww thank you for saying that I am handsome! Mom was cooing over my white tummy last night :) xoxxoxo

    @Gods Little People, you are so right that I wish they stayed that size longer. Kittenhood passes so quickly! That was a precious story about Ellie and Jessie. I am thrilled that Ellie is thriving! How could any kitty NOT thrive under your watchful and loving eyes? xoxoxo

    @Fuzzy Tales thank you! Mom always says I am small in stature and bones but I have a big belleh!!! lol

    @Pup Fan lol!!! Thank you!!!

    @Sharon Wagner, no worries, he grew into them! :)

  14. @Sparkle you silly! You don't have Yoda ears!!! You are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! You are one of the most beautiful cats that Mom and I have ever seen! Love, Cody

  15. "Yoda" ears !...MOL
    You were too cute, Cody !!!!!
    and I always luv you my friend : )

  16. You know, those earss kindof make you look like a Squirrel too!
    BTW what do you charge for your commission on sales?

  17. Ears? We thought it was a radar installation...hee hee!

  18. awww haha Bullet had to grow into his ears too.

  19. I don't know about the Yoda ears, but is that a halo above Cody's head? lol So cute !

  20. Oh Cody! You are soooo cute!! I love your Yoda ears! You look like a curious kitty :-) I hope you have wonderful Monday, too!

  21. What a little cutie you were Cody and with a great set of frootbats.

  22. SCREE! Cute overload! I have a picture when I was younger with a soccer ball. What's the chance of us both having soccer balls.

  23. cute! great frootbats, Cody! :D

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  24. @Cara lol!! They sure are!

    @Cathy Keisha since we get "second hand toys" they must have had a HUGE SALE!!! MOL!!! xoxoxo

    @Fin "cutie toot" I love it!

    @Eric and Flynn GIANT frootbats! lol

    @Tamago yep I sure was, actually I still am! Mom prefers to call it "nosy" MOL!

    @CaroSCAT awwww a "halo" too sweet!! Sometimes!

    @CRichman I don't think that Bullet has yet! MOL!!! (kidding!!!!) xoxoxo

    @Katnip Lounge, "radar installation" OMC you have Mom cracking up with that one!

    @Nellie roflmao!!!!!!!! A "squirrel!!!!" No wonder Mom adopted me, she LOVES squirrels!!! Commission? What commission????!!!! Mom hopes you sold A TON! xoxoxo

    @Mr Puddy awww thank you and you KNOW Mom and I will ALWAYS love YOU TOO! xoxoxo

  25. Aww, what a sweet baby!

    By the way, did you get my email?

  26. Oh dear Cod, Are you trying to KILL the Human? I mean, she's just one big puddle of squee--who will open my cans NOW??? Huh? Huh?

  27. Yo Yoda Cody! Who would have thought that Yoda could morph into di Caprio....You're so handsome Cody, then and now. purrr....meow!

  28. Oh Cody, look how cute you were when you were just a child. Love the picture.Take care.

  29. Adorable! Hard to believe our babies were ever that small, isn't it?

  30. I love that little Yoda. May the furs be with you!

  31. Oh Cody - what a cute kitten you were. That ball is bigger than you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  32. @Hannah and Lucy lol!! Thank you!! It actually wasn't...I think it was the camera angle, it is a small ball! xoxoxo

    @Brian "may the furs be with you" I love it!

    @Deb I am glad you said it in the present tense...cause I AM! lol Thank you!

    @Ingrid oh I know!!! I wish they could stay that size just a little longer, don't you?

    @Marg "when I was just a child" I love it! I am a full-fledged "mancat" now! :)

    @Cat-from-Sydney "morph into DiCaprio!!" lmao!!! Fantastic!

    @Spitty OOPS!! Sorry big guy! If you need help w/the cans, just meow to my Mom, she said she will be over in NO TIME! :)

    @Tucker yes I did! I thought I responded? Grrrrrrrr....I know I did! Maybe it went into your spam?

  33. Such a creative idea!
    Cool picture!

  34. Pretty much a baby-anything is cute, of course... but there is NOTHING sweeter or more adorable than a kitten... as Cody demonstrates here, "purrfectly". :))

    (Hey, if not on the "Cat Chat" page, where else can we be so bold with our feline biases, right? ;D) Much love to you both, Cody & Caren! xoxo

  35. @Luxington thank you!!

    @GlamKitty soooooo true!!! Much love right back at ya! Thanks for making my night! xoxoxo

    @Repositorio, thank you!!

    @Luna thank you!!

  36. Oh my gosh, so precious!! I love the Yoda ears LOL. This makes me want to reach through the screen and give mini-Cody a big hug. :)

  37. Awwwwww...I wish I could've seen what Link looked like as a kitten. This picture is so darn cute!

  38. Aw, how mom of you to pull out the baby pictures! I bet Cody is embarrassed now. Cute, thanks for sharing.