Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book Review: Hannukatz Saves Hannukah (Well, at least for the Moskowitz Family) by Terry Abrahamson And Hannukatz The Musical!! World Premier On Stage!!!

It's that time of year again. Actually it has been "that time of year" since about August....when holiday decorations started to adorn retailer's shelves...and by "holidays" I am not talking about Halloween or Thanksgiving....I am talking about the December holidays of Hannukah and Christmas.

Community pools had yet to be drained for Labor Day, Halloween candy hadn't even been handed out, Thanksgiving menus weren't even a glimmer in our eye and yet "when what did my wondering eyes did appear? " holiday decorations! The retail blitz had begun. It is the official kick-off of  "Gimme Time!!"

The first of the holidays that will appear this December is Hannukah (the first night of Hannukah 2011 is December 21st, got your shopping done yet? No? Better get crackin')

One thing I strongly urge you to add to your "eight crazy nights" is "Hannukatz Saves Hannukah, (Well, at least for the Moskowitz Family)" the zany, off-beat and hilarious book which was written and hysterically illustrated by  the equally zany, off-beat, hilarious (and brilliant in an avant garde kinda way) Terry Abrahamson. This book addresses the problem of commercialism and greed in our kids  in a wry, witty and fun way.

Meet The Moskowitz's:

Mom "Sylvia" "Syl" to all who know her well who "sold obsolete Roll-O-Files where people used to store phone numbers before cell phones and computers" ('nuff said)

Dad "Gilbert" "Gil" to all of us "who dreamed of creating a new Kosher food called Chish (1/2 chicken and 1/2 fish) which would enable him to make a fortune.

The Kids "Emily" and "Josh" who "you always knew what holiday was coming when Josh and Emily put on their "I Hate Hannukah Shirts" which they wore because their parents couldn't afford the really, really "cool" gifts that they really wanted. I think we all know a few "Emily's" and "Josh's" (evil snicker)

"Josh" illustrations by Terry Abrahamson
In my opinion they both needed a good "potch on their tuchas" that is until the arrival of the main character...

Hannukatz! (a cat wearing sunglasses and as he calls it a "Meowmulkah", that possesses the wisdom of the ages and is one cool cat!) Read how he teaches Emily and Josh (in his own inimitable style), that "Hannukah is not the Jewish Christmas" and that the true meaning of Hannukah is not evidenced by how expensive and hip the gifts they  receive are.

You will also learn in this wonderfully wacky book:
  • the story of Hannukah as only Hannukatz can tell it
  • how the miracle of the "eternal light" inspired the Beatles song "Eight Days A Wick" 'er "Week"
  • and....if Emily and Josh will let go of their greed and if they will REALLY learn the true meaning of Hannuka.



4139 N.Broadway, Chicago, Illinois



GROUPS: 773-327-7077

  So, after you have enjoyed your latkes and  after the candles from your Menorah have burned out (which nowadays due to the cheap candles that are made it takes about 30 seconds), and the kiddies are tucked into bed...enjoy a laugh from Hannukatz!

From our house to yours as Hannukatz says "Happy Hannukah to all and to all, a good light. Well...eight lights, actually"

As Terry Abrahamson says "Rock on, kids. Thanks for reading."

To purchase "Hannukatz Saves Hannukah" visit or write to ISBN 978-0-578-06664-6

Terry Abrahamson Author/Illustrator of Hannukatz Saves Hannukah
About Terry Abrahamson:
he won a Grammy writing with Muddy Waters, wrote the Boston Celtics fight song recorded by George Thorogood, wrote for Oprah Winfrey, has a book of his Blues photography "In The Belly Of The Blues", in the permanent collection of the library of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, created Chicago's adult musical comedy review KAMA SUTRA...and many, many other accomplishments too numerous to mention!


  1. I love the Hannukah story. Story of faith and steadfastness against all odds. The book looks like a hilarious read and wacky indeed!

  2. Love how it's the Kitty with the shades who teaches the true meaning of Hanukah! Yay!! Thanks for the info and review of this fun book! Take care

  3. Dear Caren and Cody,
    Hannukah is not the Jewish Christmas? me needs to read that book! Mommy really wants to has a look at that ones. Thanks for telling us about it.

  4. @Brian thank you! Terry is my cousin!!!

    @Nellie well, I kind of look at it as being the "Jewish Christmas" lol! The book is pretty wacky! You will like it! It sends a good message! xoxoxo

    @Old Kitty, yep! That is one COOL cat! Hugs to you and Charlie!

    @Caro thanks soooo much! Yep it is definitely wacky but has a good message! I am wacky so wacky is good! :)

  5. @Benny & Lily no surprise! You guys are crazy like me! :) Glad you liked it!

    @Amin you are welcome!!

  6. Very cool Hannukah story, that book looks fun.

  7. lol...this sounds like the best story, even for those who don't celebrate Hanukkah! And Caren - your cousin? How cool is that!

  8. That sounds truly wonderful and crazy - oh the fun you've got access to :))
    P.s. The news has arrived on GLP!
    Hugs from crazy cold Greece (oh I so feel for those poor feral pussies)

  9. Love the idea! :-)
    And the fact that Hannukatz wears a tie-dyed shirt!

  10. @Langley thanks much for stopping by! The story IS fun AND has a message! Hoping many will check it out!

    @Cat and The Coffee Cup that's cause he's "cool like that!" lol

    @Gods Little People thanks for the heads up!!! Will try and get over there to read it tonight (it is about 10pm now and I have to work on a blog post for my dog's blog) I am such an awful procrastinator lately. I should be ashamed!!! Thank you! xoxoxo

    @Kim you are exactly right! Yep, Terry is my cousin (through marriage), he is as zany as this book, he is an extremely cool dude! lol

  11. It does look wacky and it sounds so wacky!!!

  12. This looks so funny, I love the Hannukatz. Very creative!

    Have a great weekend, Caren! :)

  13. OMC, that sounds like so much fun! We love the Hanukkah story, and gthis just sounds wonderful. :)

  14. @Priscilla it is fun!! Has a good message as well!

    @meowmeowmans this is a hip Chanukah told by a super hip cat! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm!

    @Julie thanks so much you too!!

    @Michelle, it is!

  15. @Caren, did you find the email link on TabbyCatClub's blog? It's on the left, just above the description of what a tabby looks like.


    Marilynn & Grace

  16. There's no holiday that is not immediately improved by the addition of a Kat.

  17. Other than boxes books are the best. Sounds great!
    Did you get the badge for the Tabby Cat Club and information about our first event? So happy to have you a member!!! Email me if you didn't get it as it was sent yesterday:

  18. @Gracie Hi!! Yep I got it! I have it proudly displayed now! THANK YOU! I just ADORE tabbies and am THRILLED that Cody and I are a part of such a great group! Thank you! xoxoxo

    @spitty, you got it!

    @Julia it is! :)

    @Marilyn and Grace thanks so much! I'm all set! Thrilled to be with all of you!

  19. Wat a great story! We were thoroughly entertained!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  20. Well you've got us hooked! Now we want to read the whole book! It looks hilarious and fun. Thank you for a great preview!
    : ) Katie & Glogirly

  21. Nice blog, jeep up the good writing.

  22. Looks like fun. I've never been to a Hannukah party.