Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Beary Good Stuff" Is Better Than "Beary Good!!!"

With Thanksgiving in the U.S. still fresh on our waistlines it is only appropriate that we continue our food fest and talk about some delicious products  from Beary Good Stuff which happens to be owned and operated by none other than Barb Kowalik (you know her best as the mischievous Nellie and Kozmo's Mom from  Cat From Hell) and her husband Dave.
You can visit her blog here!
A couple of months (or so) ago I was the incredibly lucky recipient of all of this!
The items we received from left to right:
Blueberry Garlic Jelly, Beet Horseradish Relish
and Tequila Jalapeno Jelly

Barb had quite the good luck streak going when she won prizes on BOTH of my blogs (Cat Chat and Dakota's Den). Neither she nor I could believe her good fortune! 

As a  (completely unexpected and  unnecessary, but MUCH APPRECIATED!!) "thank you" Barb sent me jars of deliciousness as well as a sweet thank you note:

 This was created by Barb!!!

Her thoughtful "thank you" note
accompanied the box of deliciousness!

She even gave Cody a treat!
Noooo! It isn't what you think!
No Feds will be coming here anytime soon!
It's fresh, homegrown CATNIP!

The item we tried and LOVED
was the Blueberry Garlic Jelly!

It is their #1 Seller!
We used it as a marinade for turkey breast
and it was delicious!

The next two items we haven't tried yet,
but trust me, we will....SOON!

The Tequila Jalapeno Jelly was new this past summer.
 Barb says that it's not too hot,
and that it  makes a terrific cheesecake!

The Beet Horseradish Relish
Barb said that this is an old family recipe.
She also says that It's not hot.

These items would all make unique Holiday gifts!
Some of my favorite gifts to give and receive
at the Holidays are "foodie" gifts!
The gift of food is a gift given with love!
They would also make wonderful hostess gifts!

To learn more about these and other products
that Barb has available, 
you can visit Beary Good Stuff right here. 

When you do, tell Barb and Dave 
that Cody, Dakota and Caren say hi!!


  1. Blueberry garlic jelly? I never would have imagined those flavors together!

    What a very nice gift :)

  2. @Angie me either but it is delicious!! It was great on turkey!! It was a super nice gift!

  3. My Mommeh thinks the Tequila Jalapeno jelly sounds delicious!

  4. I'm salivating here! What a great gift :)

  5. That's really a fantastic post ! added to my favourite blogs list.. I have been reading your blog last couple of weeks and enjoy every bit. Thanks.

  6. Wow! That looks positively yumalicious!

    Critter Alley

  7. That looks like some darn yummy stuff fur sure!

  8. Yum!! I'm especially intrigued by the Blueberry Garlic jelly, too!

  9. Oh yum, the blueberry garlic looks good to me! What a fun post. Cheers and happy caturday.

  10. Those look delicious! That was such a nice thought to send you a gift for her winning streak.

  11. How nice of Barb to send you such wonderful gift! Blueberry garlic jelly sounds very interesting. I've never thought about mixing blueberry and garlic together. I should try!
    And Cody got a great gift, too :-) Enjoy, Cody!

  12. Sounds yummy! My cats don't take to dried catnip, I wonder how they would like it fresh.

  13. @Daisy I know! Doesn't it? I hope to try it soon!

    @Katnip Lounge, you are my kinda girl!! :)

    @Cynthia you should try growing some this summer! I forgot where you live, wonder if you could grow it inside? Cody LOVES catnip but not as much as my Bobo used to.

    @Tamago I never thought of it either but I have to tell you when I basted turkey with it, it was heavenly!! Yep Cody was sure lucky as well and it was so nice of Barb to do that!

    @Eric and Flynn, yes it was BEYOND nice! I felt bad because she didn't have to do anything! She can't help it if she is just lucky lol! Since then she won again on Dakota's blog!

    @Kritters that Twitter, ohhh the blueberry garlic was amazing on Turkey!! So glad you liked this!

    @Catsparella it was delicious!!

    @Brian it definitely is!

    @Pat "yumalicious" I love it!

    @Priscilla it definitely was!

    @Juice thanks very much! Nice to have you here!

    @Caro like I told Katnip Lounge, you are my kinda girl!

  14. I didn't know they sold those jellies. What a great gift that was. They are the best. We might have to try some of that. Sure glad you told us about them.

  15. Wowwie! Zowwie!
    Mes so happy yous liked the Blueberry Garlic Jelly! We has made over 200 jars of it this last summer (at 7 jars a canner load). The #2 seller is Strawberry Jalapeno BBQ Sauce and tied for #3 is Tequila Jalapeno Jelly and Margaritia Jam. Me thinks they would all be #1 if Mommy quit working and her and Daddy just canned.
    Thanks yous so much for the review!
    Nellie (& Mommy)

  16. OMC now that's enough to make me want to live in the US - or at least within reasonable posting distance.

  17. @wockley, they sure are!

    @Au and Target, I know...I always feel so bad for everyone who is too far away :(

    @Nellie OMC we LOVED IT!! We are still waiting to try the other two but we know we are going to love those too!!!!!!!!! We so appreciate anything homemade with love!! We love ya!

    @Marg oh we hope that you do! We know you will love it!!!!!

  18. wow... that looks amazing and delicious! Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  19. Caren I thought we had written before. Yes we did receive our SureFlap but we haven't installed it yet.

  20. We're salivating at the yumminess! We're heading over to visit her.

  21. MeWowZa...purrsonalized, handmade gifties are the bestest! Teri said she likes to put jellies like that over a block of cream cheese and then spread it on crackers.

    Oh, we got the Turbo Sweeper and it's great for vacuuming up the litter we guess we scatter round the boxes...that's what Teri said anyway!

  22. Those flavors sound interesting, and I have to say I have never heard of any of those combinations before. How nice of her to send that.

    I wanted to thank you for your wonderful comment on my Why I'm Thankful for My Cats post. It meant a lot, and was deeply appreciated.

  23. @Julia you are welcome! :) I hadn't heard of any of these flavors either but I have to say they are genius!

    @Teri thank you for sharing your delicious idea with us! Yum!! you are making me want some right now! lol! Glad you like the sweeper...stay tuned all...another give-away is coming next week!

    @Layla I am too!!! I have to stop reading these lol

    @Tucker, if you did I apologize because I don't remember! It could easily be "my bad"...I suffer from CRS "Can't Remember Sh_t" lol.....if you did I am sorry!

    @Amin it most definitely is!

    @Helen, Darcy and Bingley, it is!

  24. Oh my Cod! Who knew? The Human is going over there RIGHT NOW!

  25. Blueberry garlic? Sounds intriguing. And delicious!

  26. my husband would love the jalapeno jelly!!! thanks for sharing