Monday, October 25, 2010

"The Familiars" Written by Adam Jay Epstein And Andrew Jacobson

CAT CHAT is pleased to present THE FAMILIARS, "the first in a series of adventures for the animal companions of magicians in the land of Vastia."

What exactly is a "Familiar?"

They are "the animal companions of wizards and witches or any spellcaster. It was common knowledge that familiars assisted their humans in tasks both remarkable and mundane. That they possessed magical powers of their own was known only by those who had a firsthand encounter with a familiar"

It features Aldwyn, an adorable Tuxedo kitty who is "street smart" after living the life of an alley cat. After a series of mishaps, Aldwyn meets Jack who is actually a "wizard in training".

There is also Kalstaff who is Jack's wizard master mentor, and two other novice wizards who have their own familiars, Skylark, a blue jay and Gilbert a tree frog.

"The Familiars" is geared toward children ages 8-12.

You can visit
 "The Familiars" authors online at

"The Familiars" will be produced for film by Sam Raimi and Sony Animations.


  1. wondering then... Am I my Mama's familiar or muse? Must buy book. purrr...meow!

  2. @cat-in-sydney, you will have to buy the book to find out! :)

  3. I'm much much MUCH older than aged 8-12, can I read it too?

  4. lol Priscilla! You can read it to Eva...oh wait! You can't! She isn't 8 yet! old is Mika? lol

  5. Oh no, although Mika is younger than me, he's still much older than that required teeny-weeny age, sigh!!!

    Well, save a penny then : )

  6. Looks like a cute book to read. We don't has any young people around anymoe, but M and I would proably enjoy it.

  7. Mario if you like wizards and magic then you and M would enjoy the book! I don't have young children either...actually I think some of the language used in the book was rather sophisticated for younger children, even some of the 12 yr olds

  8. oh and I forgot Mario, you look similar to the kitty in the book so you would really enjoy it! :)

  9. That looks really cute! My daughter would have loved that book when she was younger :) There really are so many great kids' books out now. Thanks for the review!

  10. Angie thanks!! Yep there are a lot of good children's books now. A dream of mine has always been to write one! :)

  11. That sounds like a wonderful book. I'll have to add it to my reading list.

    Thanks for the recipe ideas for Thanksgiving. They all sound good to me. And I think by Thanksgiving Daddy will just be thankful to have something besides a green salad to eat. Green Salad seems to be the only thing my Mom will fix for him to eat these days.

  12. Alasandra if you like magic/wizards you should enjoy it!

    You are welcome about the recipes...I collect recipes and I cook A LOT feel free to contact me for more...most I just make up. You are welcome to email me!


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