Friday, October 8, 2010

Animal Care Network Sponsors Low-Cost Shot Clinic This Saturday In Pontiac, Michigan

 The Animal Care Network (ACN) announces a low-cost vaccination clinic, which is expected to be the largest of its kind in the state of Michigan. ACN has a goal of immunizing 1,200 animals!

"Lola" Available For Adoption
This low-cost clinic takes place on Saturday, Oct. 9, from 10am to 2pm at Center Stage, located at 536 N. Perry St. in Pontiac.

Distemper / parvo shots are available for dogs aged six weeks and older. Feline distemper CVR shots are available for cats aged 6 weeks and older. One-year rabies shots are available for eligible dogs and cats aged three months and older. The cost for immunizations is $10 per animal.

"Roxy" Available For Adoption
"In this recession, more people are reaching out for our assistance and for inexpensive options to keep their pets healthy. These vaccines are worth their weight in gold," said Pam Porteous, ACN Manager. Local veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians will be on-hand to not only vaccine, but to also educate the public on what vaccinations EVERY dog and cat needs!

Residents of ANY city are welcome to come get their dogs and/or cats immunized.

"Sadie" Available For Adoption

For more information on this low cost shot clinic, 
 Please contact Pam Porteous at 248-678-2756
 For media inquiries,
 Contact Lindsay Warren at 248-444-7032


Founded in 1994, the Michigan Animal Adoption Network is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization for animal rescue in the Metro Detroit area. MAAN frequently engages in special promotions and fundraising efforts on behalf of the animals. MAAN continually strives for new and different ways to educate the public, to raise money to continue its street rescue efforts and to find loving homes for homeless pets. To date MAAN has placed more than 4,500 dogs and cats through the Adopt-A-Pet program and visited over 90,000 addresses to offer assistance through the Animal Care Network. These programs recently received national recognition from Linda Ellerbee of Nickelodeon News.

For more information please visit
 The Michigan Animal Adoption Network's website:




  1. This is definitely a piece of good news. Imaging how many dogs and cats can be benefited from it and how many pet owners won't feel there is a burn in their pockets anymore.

    The most important thing is our beloved pets' health is taken care of.

    It's an excellent move by The Animal Care Network (ACN).

  2. Ever since we moved into our new apartment, we had to get rid of our cat. I miss her so much. She would do things to just show how much she liked me and my wife. She would know we were having a bad day, and would come up in our lap and nuzzle us and bring us her favorite toy. No not to play with her. She knew it brought her joy, so she tried to share that with us.

  3. So many sweet ones, it's lovely to see so many adopted. Sending purrs to the ones still looking for their forever homes.

  4. Oh my stars! I would take home Lola and Roxy in a quick minute if I could!!!

  5. @Priscilla you are so right! Michigan was (and still is) particularly hard hit by the economy in the U.S., thousands upon thousands (like myself!) lost jobs and still haven't been able to find work. It is a wonderful gesture of love for our animals!

  6. @King Of Crap, your comment just tore my heart out. How long ago did you move? I feel so bad for you. Yes cats have a sixth sense and seem to know when we need love the most. Your cat sounded soooo special and I pray that one day you and your wife will be able to get another

  7. @Inigo, yes aren't these just the most beautiful kitties! I am happy that a few were adopted as well and hope the others find their furever homes.

  8. @Rabbit, wouldn't that be too cool to have a pure white kitty and a pure black one? Hmmm...maybe they will ship???? :)

  9. We are so hopeful that more kitties will find forever homes. Mom would take more in if she had the monies and the physical room for more. She definitely has room in her heart for more. But we are at "catpacity" now.

    Oh - and we have two pure white kitties and two pure black kitties at our house!

  10. Clarissa I hope the same. I know what you mean about wanting to take in more if we had the financial means and "catpacity" to do so....(I love that word! lol)
    I am in a condo and can only have 2 pets. If I could have more I definitely would!
    Ohhhh I love when people have pure white and pure black kitties!

  11. That is really a good thing and I hope they get lots of purrticipants! Hooray for Felix and Purr Purr, that is a great bit of news to start the weekend!

  12. Brian thanks so much! yes it is!! I am still waiting for your info to ship you your Clean+Green!!

  13. Hey, love your blog. I just became your newest follower. Have a great weekend. :-)

  14. Hi Brooklyn! I am YOUR newest follower too and thank you!!!

    I just left you a comment, love your blog as well and I am very happy to meet you!

    Thank you!!

  15. What a great idea...there should be more clinic like this. I really hope a lot of people come out for it!

  16. I think it is a great idea too Angie! Yes there certainly should be more clinics like this! I hope they get a great turn out too!

  17. Caren, once again you bring voice and visuals to these precious fluff balls so deserving of forever homes!!! Ms Z.

  18. We have clinics like that here to help cut costs on spaying/vaccines etc. Great that your shelter offers these too. Purring for all the cats to get adopted.

  19. @cats of wildcat woods, I love hearing when various places offer these services. Makes me smile! :)
    Helping you purr for the kitties to be adopted!

  20. Intresting blog .Cat lover here.

  21. @nesstyy nice to meet you! Hope you will stop by again and thank you!

  22. Hmm, too bad I'm in Australia haha

  23. @Ruth, maybe Australia will jump on the bandwagon and get some low cost clinics as well!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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