Friday, October 29, 2010

Today Is "National Cat Day!!" And Mom Loses Her Mind...AGAIN

"National Cat Day" is celebrated on October 29th and was founded by Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Paige to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued each year."

"Thousands of years ago cats were worshipped as Gods, cats have never forgotten this" by Colleen Paige.


Well I can't believe that Mom is going to put up this video. She has no clue what she is doing. She got a new Kodak Mini Video Camera Model Zm1 and this is her first (and incredibly sorry attempt at taking a video of me)

Mom gets easily frustrated. She opened the camera and the instructions are mostly in Spanish and French, hardly any English!

After an hour of Mom trying to figure out the camera and writer's block beginning to set in, Mom went from determined "techie" to "woman who has no clue about technology getting ready to crash and burn"

She proceeded to call Kodak's support number to no avail.

 While holding for an eternity Mom was consuming coffee like a banshee and was on the verge of a major meltdown.

 And then..."he"....answered.

I am saying "he" because Mom couldn't make a word out that the young man said when he answered the phone. Mom waited for the mumbling man to finish his opening spiel and then it was off to the races.

The call went something like this:

Mom: "Where is the on/off switch? I have never seen any camera without an on/off switch? How do I know if the phone is charging? Where are the instructions? How do I know what any of these symbols mean?"

Me: (staring at her in disbelief) "geeze, lay off the caffeine lady, come up for air, we know you learn by doing but let "unintelligible man" mumble SOMETHING to try and help you."

Support: "May I have your name please?"

Mom:  (becoming increasingly more frustrated and hysterical): "Do I charge this with the video camera on or off? How do I know if it is on? Where do I turn it on? I have never seen anything like this! Where are the instructions? Why is there NO on/off switch"

Support: "can you please read me the serial number?"

Mom: "how is anyone supposed to read this number? The numbers are so small I can't read them. I don't know... CD00 blah, blah"

Me: (paws over my eyes shaking my head from side to side) "Listen brainiac, YOU wanted this camera. YOU liked it because it was incredibly cute,  the size of a credit card and its super thin. Now, deal with the fact that you can't read the numbers, get over it"

Mom: "why don't the symbols on the camera tell you what you are supposed to do with them? I can't figure this out! I have a blog to do tomorrow and I have no idea what I am going to do!" (hyperventilating)

Support:(laughing) "once you play with the camera you will figure it out"


Mom: "What???!! Once I "play with the camera I will figure it out??!! Are you kidding?"

Support: "If this wasn't helpful let me please give you the website address for support, it is  blah, blah, blah, blah, blah"

Mom: "I was just there, it was no help. Thanks...I will figure this out. Bye"

Support: "Ma'am let me give you your case number in the event you call back"

Mom: "I won't be calling me! Thanks! GOOD-BYE!"

So, here is my Mom's pitiful first video....please ignore our stained carpet, it is from the Stone Age...there is no amount of carpet cleaner in the world that can get rid of these embedded stains!

Anyway, stick with us, the videos WILL get better!

HAPPY NATIONAL CAT DAY! Adopt a homeless kitty!!!

Love and kitty kisses, Cody


  1. Cute video! The Mum says that if you get an editing programme like Windows Movie Maker, you can eidt your videos to make them look better.

    The Mum is no good at taking videos and edits ours heavily.

    The Mum did find this youtube video that may help

    Happy National Cat Day!

  2. @The Paw Relations thanks so much for your input.

    Actually the editing would be the NEXT step, frankly I have to learn how to properly WORK the camera first! lol. I honestly have no idea how I even uploaded it.

    The guy at Best Buy said that this camera will probably always take rather "grainy" video (didn't know that before my husband bought it) isn't a major laid out video is probably a step down from a "Flip".

    I will watch the video you provided and I really appreciate your taking the time to comment and to try and help! lol

  3. Good job on the video. Don't you just love all those complicated instructions that come with any new gadget you buy. M goes nuts too trying to figure things out. There is no such thing as "on/off" button anymore. We are laughing so hard from this post cuz it's so very true.

  4. OMC Mario thank you! You think I could have thought of something else to say other than "Happy National Cat Day!" a zillion times? MOL!
    OMC the thing was there were hardly ANY instructions, let alone complicated ones! I like "step by step" things with explanations of what symbol does what and this sure doesn't have it!
    I am so glad that you and M enjoyed it!

  5. Oh Caren!!!! I loved your sweet video!! Cody is adorable...and Dakota is precious!! I am afraid I would have thrown that video cam in the toilet...after all the crap you went through!!! Anyway...I will celebrate this day...and really pamper my babies(hmmm, probably not possible)!! Thanks again, with love Mary Jo!!

  6. Mary Jo you know you are waaaay too nice!! We won't be seeing THAT video on "Ellen" anytime soon lol. Thanks for the kind words about my boys!
    Yeah I am video camera challenged (among many, many other things!) I will work on it.
    HAPPY NATIONAL CAT DAY! Kisses to your kitties!!! xoxo

  7. Very cute video and Cody is so cute! Oh, congrats on having a new high tech gadget. I can see the fun has already started, LOL!

    Good job on the video. You're so clever, Caren. I wouldn't have known what to do if I were in your shoes and my only resort is to get either my husband or Rosie to help. I just can't imagine if I've something with NO on/off button, what am I going to do with it? LOL!!!

    Looking forward to seeing more videos of Cody and Dakota, too.

    Happy National Cat Day!!!

  8. Oh, what a sweet little bitty kitty! I tried emailing, and it bounced back ...? Anyway, 2 things: 1) LOVE the idea of using onions and corn to decorate the pizza! And 2) are you coming to Ann Arbor on Monday night to see Joan Nathan at the Jewish Book Festival???

  9. Cody,
    At least your mum only took your video and not dress you up for Halloween! har har har....too much caffeine makes the hands unsteady, Aunty Caren. We have this fantastic DSLR that also takes excellent video. Oh, but Mama had some training at school and uni (and once dated a cameraman...har har har). purrr....meow!

  10. Good job on the video!! Happy National Cat Day!!!

  11. Priscilla thank you!!! Nooooo you aren't going to be seeing any more videos anytime soon lol!! I have to give myself a break or I will lose it! lol. Well there IS an on/off button, it just isn't designated as such.
    OMC my husband is even LESS technologically adept than I am! Everything I have learned I have taught myself. I have no one to teach me! In that regard I guess I am doing fairly well!
    Thanks for the National Cat Day wishes!

  12. Yenta Mary thank you!! Don't forget the green pepper as a stem!!
    What email addy did you use? If you used my AOL email that is why it bounced back...please don't tell me that road runner bounced back (or if that is the one that bounced back YES TELL ME!) I am having HUGE problems with the AOL mail and that is why I have a second email addy now through Road Runner. No one has mentioned Road Runner bouncing back. If you want to email me the one that should not bounce back is (Please let me know which one you used)
    No, unfortunately we aren't going to be able to make it to Ann Arbor Monday night...I wish we could but we can't!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Email me!

  13. Cat In Sydney I have one thing to say "SHOW OFF!!!" lmao!! (kidding!!) Ok what in the heck is a DSLR? You are speaking to someone who is technologically challenged!
    I would have loved to dress Cody up but he doesn't enjoy it so I try to spare him :)

  14. Catsparella, you are waaaaay too nice but thank you!!!
    Happy National Cat Day to you too! (nose taps to you!)

  15. I think it turned out great! Happy National Cat Day!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. Funny read Caren..glad you figured out your new camera!

  17. Pawsum Cat Day posty!

    *whispers* no go hides da coffee machine frum ur mom.

  18. I would laugh but that sounds SO much like me! It's funny, I have a techie job but personal electronics are so baffling. Thank goodness Cats are so user friendly or I'd go mad.

  19. Beats the heck out of any video I have ever done..I love it! :-)

  20. lol...oh thank you for the smiles today! That is sooo true about those darn calls, and what gives with them asking for your name? Are they stalling so they can GPS you and block future calls?
    Great video! And Happy Day to you, Cody, and all kitties!!

  21. Nice catlady I am...didn't even know today us National Cat day. Thank goodness for my nutty friend Caren :)

    Nice tech support: "play with it." I wonder how much training he needed to go through in order to offer that sage advice... I love the video and the picture -- totally made me laugh in the middle of Starbucks! And I needed to laugh today!

    Thanks, Caren :) xx

  22. Awww Oskar you are only partial cause I live in Michigan! xoxoxo Thank you!!!

  23. @Cat-toure thanks but actually I haven't!! lol. Why do you think I just kept saying "Happy National Cat Day" over and over and over as I stared at the screen lol.
    Glad to see you visiting!

  24. Boris thank you!! I think you are "pawsome" too!! Happy National Cat Day! Kisses!!

  25. @Katnip amen about a cat not being electronic lol! You have a "techie" job? Ok where do you live? I am coming right over!

    @Boris...I forgot to tell you that was darned funny about hiding the coffee machine! MOL!

  26. @Admiral Hestorb trust can do a zillion times better! Thank you!

  27. @Cindy MOL, MOL! I know! Then they take about 20 min just to spell your name! MOL!! I guess it is only polite to get the person's name though. Thanks for the National Cat Day wishes!

  28. YAY Angie!!! When I can make YOU, the Queen of making people laugh, laugh then my day is complete and I am NOT kidding!! Thanks!
    ((((Angie)))) Hope it made your day better! Love Starbucks, love the skinny vanilla latte venti!
    Don't feel bad about not knowing it was National Cat Day...I don't think I found out til last week or the week before!

  29. Happy National Cat Day fur sure! Hey, I think you did great with the video!!!

  30. Hahahahaaargh!! You made me spit my coffee all over the keyboard :P I thought your questions to Customer (Un)Support quite rational - speaking as someone who needs instruction to open the packaging!

    great video and look forward to the Emmy award winning sequel.

    Happy National Cat Day :D

  31. I didn't know it was National Cat Day--a little too close to Halloween. But Great video. My dog was barking the whole time when she heard Dakota.
    Just wait until I get my new digital camera!Should be getting it on Monday and oh boy will my blog be loading with photos and videos!

    let's save those kitties!

  32. It beats the heck out of anything our mom has done too!

    BTW, we think there's someone "crazy" in the video all right, and it's not you or Dakota! MOL! (Just kidding, truly!)

  33. I could've written this blog but the woman culdn't have taken that video. She's had a flip camcorder for awhile and has no idea how to get the video on the computer and I'm very glad of that. MOL! We thought Dakota was a collie. That's what we know about dogs. Only that they have 4 paws and are usually noisy. HAH!

  34. Brian thanks!!! I put the camera away for now. That was enough for me lol. Happy National Cat Day back at ya!

  35. Carolyn YOU almost made me spit MY COFFEE! It is 5:50pm here and I am drinking coffee (AGAIN).
    OMG I forgot about how hard it was to open the packaging! Don't me started on that! lol
    Thanks so much!

  36. Christine, ok you show off!! lol!!!! You just go ahead and load those videos!! Knock yourself out! lol!!!
    So cute about your dog barking when she heard Dakota!
    Hey if you get the same video camera as me call me and help me figure it out!

  37. Kea did you mean our dog? If so...........HE is Dakota!! lol.....yeah he would be the crazy one!! Cody is the cat :)
    Or...maybe you meant Cody is crazy...he is too! We are all crazy!

  38. Cathy I actually have a Flip too! I found it to be easier than this one (the actual taking of the photos) I remember uploading maybe one video with my Flip (I wasn't blogging at the time)
    I stopped using it because at that time I used AOL all of the time and AOL changed their software to make it incompatible with Flip cameras (of course!)
    The guy at Best Buy said the Flip is actually better than the Kodak that I got.
    I think you are waaaay more technologically with it than I am, I still have to figure out how I did it! lol Oh and everyone thinks that Dakota is a collie...he looks like one but Collies are waaaay larger....Shelties and Collies are 2 different breeds. Most people think they are one and the same. Both are noisy though but I think Shelties are waaaaay noisier! :)

  39. Caren,

    I wanted to post this comment through my google account, but the silly thing wouldn't let me.

    With that said, you are a wonderful awesome lady, and even if it's only been through the 'puter, I'm THRILLED to know you.

    Notice i said nothing about crazy in the list of your attributes. I'm sure you know why (i hate hearing "well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle..!") but...

    i'm sorry, i had to stop. i was laughing.

    Thank you for making me laugh today. And frequently at other random times.

    You should look into standup comedy. I'd support you! :)

  40. Caren,
    Well, at least you figured out how to do the camera, right?? ;) Happy National Cat
    Day to you too! That was some jump with that cat toy! ;)

    Be refreshed,

  41. Cristin that is soooo sweet! We are both "crazy" and that is something (among many things that I love about you!) Your warmth and enthusiasm come shining through!! We will have to meet in person one of these days!
    Thank you for your kind words!
    Hmmmm "stand up?" Naw...not me! But I am STILL looking for a job!!!!!!

  42. Dawn thanks!!! You too!
    Cody was rather boring in that video...he actually jumps much, much higher and he does it more frequently in a play time than he did then.
    Actually I don't think I figured it out! lol. The fact that I got anything at all was a total fluke!

  43. Good try for the first time - I just got one and will be trying soon to do one! I find the support techs unhelpful! Thanks for passing along my post today - I feature cats needing homes every Friday hoping someone will tell know how it goes.

  44. Hi!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting the Follow Friday 40 and Over Blog Hop!

    I LOVE your kitty!! I have 3 myself!

    I am now following you. Please follow me if you haven't already done so!!

    I would also like to invite you to join the Over 40 Bloggers Club!! Take a look and join in the fun!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  45. Java Hi! So happy to meet you!
    Yes I started following you yesterday, thanks for following me!
    I can't wait to hear more about your 3 kitties!
    I will check out the Over 40 Bloggers Club!!
    You have a wonderful weekend as well!

  46. @cats of wildwood, I am sure you will do a MUCH better job than I did! lol
    Thanks for the kind words!
    I always try to pass on info when kitties need a home!
    Thank YOU for helping the kitties!!

  47. Considering the drama, your mom did amazing! Awesome video..... Don't get down on your mom too much. Technical support is the worst!

  48. Hilary you are waaaay too kind! My Mom is totally technologically challenged, we just have to face the facts!! Love, Cody....tell Alex hi!

  49. Hi! Thank you for stopping by our blog and following us - we're following you now also! I just had a similar conversation with my hair dresser this morning, but it was about my cell phone. Now, I'm not a tech genius, but I'm also not a super novice either, and I think almost everything should be fairly intuitive - especially the basic stuff. So when I buy something (Samsung phone, I'm looking at you), I should not have to read an instruction manual to do simple things that everyone would want to do on their phone (or camera, whatever it is).

    Have a great weekend!

    Oh, and we thought your first video was just fine!!!

  50. Hi Ok! you are welcome!! Thanks for following me as well!
    OMC I have a Samsung Reclaim and at first I had trouble too....but....the book that came with it was much easier than the Kodak camera!
    Hope you have a great rest of your weekend and thanks about the video!

  51. Love it! Well, the video... the customer service, not so much. I can't believe your answer from "Support" was "oh, you'll figure out." That's both infuriating and hysterical at the same time!!

  52. HA! Loved the video. :)
    (PS--I think the dog is enjoying "National Cat Day" more...)

  53. Jackie thanks for checking it out! After I read your post today I KNEW you would like it!

    lmao! Yep! Dakota was really getting into it! lol