Monday, September 13, 2010

Cat Blogger And "The Beast"

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I haven't forgotten about you, "you" being my loyal and deeply valued readers of Cat Chat!

  You are probably saying "What in the Sam Hill is she talking about, not forgetting us?"

I post my blog on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It is Monday no blog. Just another rant (I promise this will be a brief one!)

My husband's laptop (for purposes of this blog it will be referred to as "The Beast" from this moment on) is on the fritz. It contracted a virus last night which after having spent from 9pm til 2am having a cell phone glued to my ear speaking to Microsoft, it appears to be fixed.

However we had to remove our anti-virus software. Between going back and forth between Brighthouse, Road  Runner and  the big red "M" (I am so aggravated I am not even going to mention their real name), the new package we have installed is not functioning properly. (I am eagerly awaiting Road Runner's call as we speak, I can hardly wait to spend another 5 hours on the phone feeling I am in the new, certain-to-be-a-hit NBC TV show "Outsourced").  This also took place between 9am and 2pm today (lottery players notice a pattern here? Grab your pens and paper and play 920 or 290  in the pick 3! When you win, please remember me!)

I blog from my husband's laptop. I can see you all scratching your heads saying then how am I typing NOW? Carefully, very, very carefully. I am on my antiquated desktop which hums and clicks as if it is going to explode at any moment and takes a good 10 minutes between sentences before it allows me to type ANYTHING.

Your reading my blog means the world to me and I wanted to pop on my time-bomb ticking desktop and at least say that as soon as things are repaired Cat Chat will be purring along once again!

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  1. I (as in Mum on koko's account, coz I'm just that lazy) wondered what all that clicking was, the gears in your computer. You know if it's really really old, it might be steampunk. Which would make you even cooler than you already are!

  2. Oh, Caren, I feel your pain as I have been "there" more often than I can count. After watching my computer freeze, shut down, and not take any compliment *er* comments from anyone I took action. I got rid of a lot of widgets, removed myself from Pets Blogroll (a huge website full of lots of bloggers), and removed my membership with The Blog Farm, I can say (fingers crossed) that my computer issues are over...hopefully. If you read my 9-11-10 posted entitled "I've Been In A Pickle" you will realize that you and I are soulmates but in the very worst way!
    I found to be a savior and as of Friday I am going to create a shrine in my computer room in their honor. I may install Roadrunner too since you are singing their praises (sort of) too. Viruses are everywhere and they can infect us without warning!
    Good luck!

  3. Hope you can tame that wild Beast!!

  4. Kokoro you are sooo funny!! What is "steampunk?" Am I so old and out of it that I don't know what it is? Thanks for giving me a MUCH needed chuckle!! Thank you!

  5. @The Teacher's Pets-Ohhh you poor thing!! I have got to go into your blog and look for the post that you have mentioned.
    I actually think the problems occurred as a result of my husband going who knows where on the Internet! The virus was tied to HIS name and not mine (thankfully!!) Who knows what he did!
    What is I have never heard of it?
    I am trying to remember if I am on Pets Blog Roll too...not sure, I will have to check.
    I am honored to be your "soul mate" but couldn't someone just give us a break?? Geeze!!
    Road Runner is affiliated with Brighthouse who is my internet/TV/phone provider. My email is with of today I have a NEW EMAIL for my blogging friends/cat chat which is
    Working with the people at Road Runner has been as good as they can make it. They are so helpful. The problem has not been completely fixed they just put a temp "block" on so I could access the internet tonight til they can call me AGAIN tomorrow morning :(
    I am going to try and read your "Pickle" post tonight, if not I am definitely going to read it tomorrow!

  6. Careers 4 Your Cat, you always make me laugh as well!
    For tonight the "beast" is temporarily tamed. They put a temp patch on for the night to enable me to get on the Internet at least til tomorrow.
    They are calling me early tomorrow morning to try and see if they can get their antivirus program to work properly on the laptop.
    More phone fun tomorrow!
    Thanks for stopping by to everyone!

  7. Oh dear, I just hope you will tame the beast ASAP as we do miss you a lot. You know how much we enjoy reading your blog, so please tame that naughty beast!!!

    I don't like my computer given me problems at all especially when I'm doing my blogging. I would get into a panic when it happens. That's the time I feel world has come to the end...Luckily, Rosie and KK are good at tackling the problems : ) I consider I'm the lucky one who has both of them, LOL!!!

    Hope those people can really help you out from the problems and hope your husband's computer behaves itself...

  8. Oh Caren, we can sympathize with you. We experienced problems quite awhile ago, and spent almost 2 weeks without my computer. Yes, we still had the use of D's in the basement, but his chair is very uncomfortable for M to sit in, plus his dosen't have some of the things on it M likes to use. It was a BIG inconvenience. When the puter is on the fritz, it seems like your entire life is on the fritz. It's even more frustrating when you have to use it for a job too.! Don't worry, we'll all still be here when you get up and running again.

  9. Greetings Caren,

    The first thing that popped into daddy's mind was get a Macintosh and you will never have to deal with Microsoft, but then my brother works for Apple. I can understand in part your frustrations since I give daddy company in the middle of the night when he is trying to figure out some HTML code that went wrong because humans are dumb.

    We hope that you can get it all worked out soon and just know that when ever we stop by it is the picture of the cat at the dinning room that makes us laugh, but mostly I am envious because now I want my own space and chair to.

    Best wishes,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  10. Isn’t it amazing how much “withdrawal” you go thru when your laptop is on the fritz?

  11. Oh yes Priscilla it DOES make you feel like your world is coming to an end! Road Runner is supposed to call between 8am and 10am this morning. I hope everything will be resolved then!

  12. Pirulo Furry thankyou! I truly appreciate that! xoxo

  13. Mario YES you hit the nail on the head! I have so many things saved in my husband's computer and mine is so very, very old, there is nothing saved that I boots me at every moment, freezes, SO understand! Send "M" my love, I KNOW you both understand! Love to you too Mario!

  14. Miss Kitty you sooo made me laugh! That cat at the dining room table is my Cody! lol! He is a silly boy!
    My husband prefers Mac too...I never had one and my only experience is with windows based systems. All of my jobs had windows based computers and I am just not adept with Mac. I have heard they are less likely to get a virus though.
    Thanks for your patience and for the chuckle, so for you I just have to post a giant photo of Cody in that chair! lol

  15. Hilary OHHHH YES! When Road Runner told me they wouldn't call for 24 to 48 hrs I said "Nooooooo!!! I need my computer!!!!!" That is why they installed a basic virus program until they can configure the main one they installed. Thanks for understanding!!

  16. OUr connection has been down and so we're slooooow too. Very annoying. Thanks for visiting us. Meow from Malaysia!

  17. Au and Target, you are welcome!
    I have a dear friend in Malaysia (Priscilla who left a comment above) who has an incredible blog about her Sheltie...Malaysia appears to be a gorgeous country with wonderful people like you and Priscilla...oh and wonderful cats too!
    So you KNOW about the computer woes too!!! I am so sorry!
    Thanks for visiting my blog as well and for commenting!

  18. My dad's laptop died. It was only $400 when we bought it and it is 2 years old. We were told it will cost $200 just to look at it. Definitely a disposable society! Fortunately, I blog on my mom's computer.

    Thanks for the nice comments about the music on my blog. "Disney Girls" is mom and dad's "song."

  19. Yoda oh noooo! Thanks for the "heads up!" My husband just got his in February...too new for this silliness!
    My desktop will be 5 yrs old this year so I am hoping for a new laptop for my birthday in October.
    You are welcome! What a great song for your Mom and is one of my all time favorites!

  20. Teva and Isabel told me to tell you to get a Mac.

  21. @alonewithcats, I am starting to agree with you...but I have always been a "Windows" girl...not so sure now. Just spent FIVE HOURS on the phone with Dell last night...and over $200....I am fit to be tied
    Thanks for reading and for commenting!