Friday, September 10, 2010

"Best Laid Plans" Or The Diary Of A Crazed Cat Blogger

I hate holiday weeks. I especially hate weeks that contain more than one holiday.

 I experienced one of those weeks that I hate this week. Monday was Labor Day.  Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) was yesterday, I am Jewish. I had two holidays this week. I hate it.

I thought being out of sync on a holiday week only pertained to those working "traditional" jobs such as I had for over 26 years. You know those Monday  holiday weeks where the entire week you are confused as to what day it really is? Add to the mix  a newly retired ex-teacher husband who isn't returning to school at the first sign of autumn in the air, but is instead there to chat it up with me in the morning of what would be my normal "blog time" (I do sooo love you honey!), add two days of mass producing food for the Jewish Holiday, stir this recipe and  you get blogger combustion!

It really hit yesterday. A friend of mine on Twitter kindly pointed out to me...."Hey Caren, are you aware that you sent your Wednesday follow greetings on Thursday?" (This actually wasn't a direct quote but you get the idea). She had nothing but good intentions pointing out my faux paux. Duh. Fake blonde moment? Too much wine for the holiday? When I messaged her with my complete embarrassment we  decided to blame it on the wine. Nice try but I barely drink and frankly had none of the traditional wine for this holiday.

Today is Friday (I think). I woke up this morning later than I would have liked to (7am instead of 5 or 6am) on a blogging day. (I have a self-imposed deadline of my blog HAVING to be posted by 10am on my blog days of Mon, Wed, Fri) See? I am already is now 10:07am.

I had a product review scheduled for today's blog that frankly I wasn't comfortable writing about yet because I didn't have time to sufficiently use the product.

As luck would have it I discovered a piece submitted to me for a guest blog waiting in my inbox. Perfect!! I will move the product review to next week. (Turns out it will be 2 weeks because the person I am doing the review for is getting married this weekend,  she won't be back til September 20th and I have a funny habit of wanting the people that I blog about to be able to read a  blog about them when it is posted!) Pretty silly notion huh?

Ahhhh. "Best laid plans". I can't use the guest blog today because I need  photos of the cat featured in the blog.  The author of the guest blog is on a plane soaring back to Michigan as we speak. Hence no photos til late today (at the earliest). Helpful hint: if you are a guest blogger please include photos for the blogger to include when you submit your piece, it is a HUGE help! (smile).

End result? I have no blog scheduled for today. Just this ranting/raving disoriented blogger psychobabble.

I hate holiday weeks. Especially weeks with two holidays.

My husband just called. Train of thought interrupted AGAIN. (I love you honey!!) "Brakes are sounding like a garbage disposal. I need to take my car in"

I'm going back to bed. Happy Friday! Or is it Thursday?


  1. Caren, You’re being way too self-deprecating. :) But funny, dang! I know what it's like working at home. Weekdays blend into weekends. It really doesn't matter except that the world revolves around the 9-5ers! Otherwise, time is just a concept. I mean we are still 29 going on 30, yes? Anyway I've mixed up days too. (only never on Twitter! ;)...and for that remark, I probably will. Look for it soon on Twitter.

    P.S. I think you should write a humorous book. You definitely have it in you. And I’ll bet you have ideas. Go for it girl!

    Ann Dziemianowicz/Careers4YourCat

  2. he he - even your non-blog is funny. You is really having a bad holiday week! Nedt week has to be better for you - no holiday, unless you'd like me to search around - there most be a holiday in some country.

  3. Greetings Caren,

    My dad was just chuckling as he read your post, especially as he said, he identifies with what you wrote. However he may be real late as he kept thinking today was the ninth and not the tenth. Guess he has been burning the candle at both ends too long.

    I love the picture of your cat? sitting at the dinning room table.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    Miss Kitty

  4. So, I guess you wouldn't be the person to ask what day of the week it is, huh? I am so confused too. Confused, but happy!

  5. Ann, what a HUGE compliment! Thank you!!! It really means the world to me coming from you. Thank you!
    The thought of a book HAS popped into my mind a number of times. Believe it or not I cannot think of what I would write about. I guess if it is meant to be it will come. The key would be finding something that someone hasn't already done. I really don't know.
    Hmmm...maybe we should collaborate? (hint, hint!)
    Yes we ARE 29 going on 30! hehehe!

  6. Mario you are so nice! Thank you! So happy to make you laugh!!!
    Yes there IS a holiday next week too (for those of us that are Jewish) but thankfully it is on a Saturday so it shouldn't goof me up too much! Thanks as always for reading and for commenting!

  7. Miss Kitty too funny about your Dad! Yes he is having the same problem as me! lol
    I am so glad that your Dad got a good chuckle from this!
    Yep that is my Cody sitting at what used to be my drawing area. I draw but am awful about keeping up doing anything with it. I need to get cracking!
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting and please send my best to your Dad!

  8. Hilary Oh YES I know you can relate! lol!!!! Yes I should have added that I am happy even if I feel like I am losing my mind lol!
    Thanks so much for reading/commenting!

  9. Caren,
    As always you did not disappoint. Hilarious. And part of the reason...I do the same thing with holiday weeks. Throws everything off course. And when hubby takes a day off, not much gets done. Then again, I'd rather spend time with him than do housework. ;) I wonder if cats get confused with the holiday too? ;)
    Be refreshed,

  10. Dawn, THANK YOU! Once again it means so much!!
    Oh I hear you about the housework!
    Interesting thought about wondering if cats get confused too!! Now you have me thinking!
    Awww I especially need your motto "be refreshed" right now!
    Thanks much for reading and for commenting!

  11. We're cats. Days of the week mean nothing to us ;) We WOULD like to hear about what kind of food we'll get on these holidays...

  12. Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr, lol! In Cody's case nothing different due to allergies...but...some kitties get roast or "brisket", chicken and fish!!

  13. Hi Caren,
    Thanks for sending this link to me - you had me totally cracking up - I was mixed up all this week. I couldn't imagine celebrating another holiday this week - definitely feel your pain. Hey, for not having a blog post today, you've blogged rather well... :)

  14. Hi Kiesha!!
    I am so glad you enjoyed it! Glad to make you laugh!!
    Thanks so much for reading and for your kind words!

  15. Love the garbage disposal!! Just descriptive enough to hurlayou out of whatever dream-land you're floating in!! so much for the holidays :) -Ms Z.

  16. Hi Caren, I completely agree with what you said as I'm actually quite confused with the dates and days recently.

    Our muslim friends are having their Hari Raya Aildifitri (Muslim New Year), it officially started from Friday to Monday but as it's the majority race of this country, a lot of people are giving themselves a long stretch of holiday; to make everyone even happier is, the school is having their fair share too and the students have 2 weeks off. You can imagine how many people are actually working and how many are having their fun!!!

    I'm confused now! what day is today??? I don't like it either...

    Great post with great thoughts!!!

  17. Priscilla Hi!
    Isn't that interesting that the Muslim New Year and the Jewish New Year coincide on virtually the same weekend? I love it!
    So you totally understand!!!
    I love the idea of celebrating the entire weekend! Wait! What did I say? I take that back lol!! I would be even more confused!!!
    Don't worry soon we will have a "normal" Monday!
    Thanks for reading and for commenting!

  18. I really hope you wrote this non-blog on the right day, because I'm reading it on Saturday- JAJA.
    I do LOVE holiday weeks because that means I have Mom at home all day, one more day. About what day is the rest of the week, I don't care, every day is a good day to sleep :)

  19. Oh, and thanks for your visit to my blog. I'm a mancat, so you can call me handsome as many times as you want.

  20. Ha Ha Pirulo!!! Now I forgot what day I wrote it! Oh yes!! I wrote it on Friday!!!!!
    Thanks for reading/commenting "HANDSOME!"

  21. Hi Caren -- Thanks for your comment on our blog. We've added Cat Chat to our blog roll!

  22. Hi Quasi! You are welcome and thank you soooo much!

  23. Shana Tovah Caren. Did you make chicken soup and gefilte fish? I love chicken soup and gefilte fish. (hint, hint, hint).

  24. Pumpkin are you an "MOT?" lol!!!
    Shana Tovah to you too!
    Nope didn't make either! Ohhhhh I know a kitty who loves gefilte fish!!! YOU!!!