Friday, September 3, 2010

Abandoned Animal Rescue Of Michigan

Abandoned Animal Rescue of Michigan (AARM) is a no-kill pet haven that has been operating throughout the greater Detroit metro area since 2004.  AARM is an affiliate of Guardians For Animals (GFA).  Our founder is very proud of this affiliation and always points out that "we are all doing the same work and are in this together." 

Our mission is to help homeless or abandoned animals by giving them medical care, a safe place to rest their weary heads while enjoying good meals, and a chance to finally find the warmth of loving companionship. Our rescue efforts focus primarily on cats and dogs.  A selection of our cats that are available for adoption are in the Canton, MI Petco.

To this day, there is virtually no counting the number of animals AARM has saved and found new forever homes for. One such cat, Sweetie(currently in a foster home), walked up to the Palace of Auburn Hills and proceeded to “explain” through a complicated combination of voice and body language that she was home and demanded to know why she wasn’t being let in. Thankfully the security staff called AARM, allowing us to save this sweet, stubborn purrer.
 Sylvester, an AARM super star alumnus, is exceedingly fortunate to be alive at all. Brought into a vet hospital, scared, bleeding, both hips broken, AARM stepped up to the plate, with the help of GFA, to fix his hips. A few short months after his recovery, after diligent work to restore his faith in people and reduce his fear of wide open spaces or loud noises, Sylvester gladly jumped into the arms of his forever parents, purring and head butting the whole way.

AARM has many vital volunteer positions open, from hardworking cage cleaner, adoption event volunteer, dog walker, or foster home, to communication and fundraising positions. AARM also accepts donations, which can be left with cashiers at the Canton, MI Petco.

I would like to thank Abandoned Animal Rescue Of Michigan for appearing today as a guest blogger. The work they do to help save the lives of so many animals is greatly appreciated. May they and all of the readers of "Cat Chat" have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!


  1. Thank you so much for writting about AARM!! They really do deserve all the help and praise they get, just like every other rescue that's out there doing their good deeds!

  2. I thank YOU!! I try whenever I get the chance to feature various rescues because they are ALL Angels with the hard work that they do on behalf of all of the cats and dogs in the world! With this weekend being Labor Day weekend they are a prime example of the hard work (more often than not with no pay) of the hard working animal advocates throughout the country.
    Thanks so much for being a part of Cat Chat!

  3. ....Bravo to you for writing about AARM....I'm much too far away to be of any help or do anything, but it is nice to know that there are good people out there and caring organisations and that at least some of the unwanted and homeless animals out there have a chance at finding human love and kindness (and a warm place to sleep, food to eat, etc). I wish them all the best of luck and pray that they find the help they need and homes for the cats and dogs. Kind regards, Cat (Weezdabadcats)

  4. And people wonder why I recommend your blog! :) Silly people!

  5. Cat thank you so much for your kind comments! Actually I didn't write today's blog, Abandoned Animal Rescue of Michigan did, but I am honored to feature them today. Hmmm, maybe you like it so much because I DIDN'T write it? lol!! Seriously they are to all be commended for what they do for animals who cannot speak for themselves. I am honored to showcase them here today!
    Thanks so much for reading, commenting and caring!

  6. @ C.Hipke, you are much too kind! thank you! It truly means the world to me! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

  7. I follow them on Twitter and it's heart breaking to see the number of anipals looking for homes.

  8. Mario you are such a kindhearted kitty to follow a rescue that isn't located where you live. I always say you are a total gentleman and your comment is more proof of that!
    Yes it is so sad about all of the "anipals" needing homes in Michigan and all throughout the world!
    Thank you for reading and "Meowing" Mario!

  9. You were so nice to introduce us to Sweetie and Sylvester and AARM! We can't begin to thank all of the wonderful people who keep our animals healthy and happy.

    Glad to see you on Twitter!


  10. Father Tom thanks so much for reading and for commenting!!
    I am thankful for meeting AARM!

  11. We need more organisations like AARM and hope the furkids can find their furever home as soon as possible! They deserve a good home with people who love and care about them.

    Well done, Caren!!! You're an angel!!!

  12. Ohhhh... Sweetie sounds SO sweet. We hope she finds a great forever home.

  13. Priscilla you are so right! I thank you as well but I didn't write the piece they were a guest blogger and did a wonderful job!
    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  14. Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr, yes sweetie does sound sweet and I hope they all find furever homes!
    Thanks for reading and for commenting!

  15. I know where the Palace is. wonderful for both you, Caren and the AARM! Thanks for posting this. ~^..^~

  16. Thankyou MadameM! It is AARM who deserves the credit, not me! Thanks for reading and for commenting!

  17. Hi Caren: Thank you for visiting our blog today and for your kind words. I Love reading animal rescue and you seem to be very involved. Both my pets are "rescues" Stella the dog spent three months in the slammer and I couldn't leave her there. Our kitty Ali Zophia just needed a new home and we got along fine until I brought Stella home! What would we do without them?

    All best wishes in your work and I will put you on my friends list and hope you do the same for me.

    Jo, Stella and Ali Z

  18. Hi Jo! Oh yes I AM a follower of your blog! I had written that on the comment! Thanks for adding me on yours as well! You should show up on the blog roll of the blogs I am following. I LOVE the music on your blog as well!
    I noticed Stella is a am I!! lol
    Oh you poor thing spending 3 mos in a rescue and your sister too!!
    My Cody is a rescue kitty but he had it easy. He was only at a foster til he was 8 wks old. We have a Sheltie as well but he didn't come from a foster because there are no Sheltie rescues near our home.
    Best wishes in your work too and I thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  19. It is good to know that there is AARM for animals. Providing home for homeless animals and taking care of them by giving medical care, giving nutritious food, and safe place makes them feel loved. Good job!